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Sunday, December 10, 2006


By Lorne Goldfader

Alvina Scott is a soft spoken and very modest lady in her thirties who resides near the coastal city of Vancouver, BC. To the best of her conscious recollection she had a series of direct encounters with aliens beginning in 1985.

During 1985 Alvina was living on the outskirts of the city in a populated area only a few hundred feet from a hydroelectric power substation, on the ground floor of a three level apartment building. A small craft landed in the back alley near her window two hours before sunrise. Mass autosuggestion was apparently used on the drivers in the area not to park their cars nearby and to keep others in a sleep holding pattern so they would not wake up. As she was taken out of the window, Alvina was told that she was being placed into a black limousine; however, this automobile "took up two parking spaces and made a whooshing sound."

Alvina had a kidney problem at that time. The pain was so bad and the organ was in such poor shape that her own physician wanted to remove it. The "aliens" removed eggs from Alvina telling her that they merely wished to examine them. At a later date she discovered this was not entirely accurate. "They" also performed an operation on her kidney cutting between the cells and leaving no scars. An implant was left inside to ease the pain which later showed under ultrasound to the astonishment of the attending medical technician. It later flushed out through the urinary tract and was lost in the toilet. She was led to believe that the visitors were human looking but later discovered that they were the so called "greys" (large bald craniums, short stature, large wrap around eyes) who were projecting a telepathic illusion. She was able to recall the events consciously without the aid of hypnosis as a result of a traumatic miscarriage.

On the craft Alvina was shown full adult bodies which were grown from a fetal state in four days and were floating in tanks. She was told that they were cloned from the occupants to transplant organs and prolong their own lives. The bodies contained no essence or spirit. Alvina did not feel comfortable with this information and the response was that we do it to animals. During her first encounter Alvina had a discussion with a female who did not understand why we "spill or waste our seed, why we pollute our atmosphere, and treat our fellow humans with such disrespect."

In the second encounter which took place during my investigation, there were other abducted Earth humans, both male and female having their eggs and sperm removed. This took place in a much larger vessel in space.

The abductee was shown the products of conception, three children in all. One was human looking "with a badly misshapen mouth" and the other two were cloned grey twins who asked her to teach them everything she knows in case some time in the future they had to live among us. She refused to cooperate or acknowledge they were her own. After her experiences Alvina Scott became a part time minister, her religious beliefs and lifestyle completely changed and she quit eating meat.


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