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Friday, December 08, 2006


Australian Post, Melbourne, Australia

Country and western singer Danny Endersen says silky-furred space aliens are helping him write music and lyrics about UFOs.

Danny, who lives in Oak Flats (NSW), claims the helpful humanoids have taken him on several starship trips during which they showed him remote planets and filled his head with ideas for songs.

One obliging ET even cured Danny's dog, Sam, of arthritis.

"Aliens have been in contact with me for much of my life," the 49 year old entertainer told me.

"The visits began when I was a kid, living at Mt Keira (NSW). Sometimes, when I was playing outside, I'd suddenly be surrounded by a red mist. It would glue me to the ground for minutes at a time and I'd be unable to move.

"When I told my dad, who was a miner, he said I had too much imagination. But I came to realize I was in touch with cosmic beings.

"They began speaking to me inside my head, as I lay in bed at night, telling me not to be scared as they were my friends. When I reached adolescence, the visits stopped. But then, in 1971, everything started up again in a major way.

"One night I was lying wide awake in bed when a red whirl of light seemed to explode from the wall toward me.

"I felt myself being sucked upward at great speed, then found myself in a huge room whose walls were banked with instrument panels. Disco-type lights were flashing all around me.

"I was standing there, scared out of my wits, when a being about seven feet tall, in a skull cap and greenish costume entered. Without moving his lips, he told me to sit in a very strange kind of a chair. Then he placed his hand over my eyes, and pressed so hard that it hurt.

"Before long, though the pain gave way to a beautiful, peaceful feeling and I knew I never wanted to leave that place. A moment later, I was back in bed.

"The clock on the dresser was so loud I had to pull the pillow over my head to deaden the noise.

"The pillowslip's contact with my skin was agonizing. I went and looked in the bathroom mirror and was shocked to see that my face was blazing and swollen.

"I began to cry uncontrollably. But I wasn't angry about whatever they'd done to me. Instead I felt humble, to be somehow connected with beings full of love and peace.

"Next day, under the shower, I noticed two marks on my chest that hadn't been there before. They looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics. I've never worked out what they mean and the aliens won't tell me."

Subsequent space journeys were pleasanter, Danny recalls.

"There was no physical pain," he says. "Instead I was put through what seemed to be an accelerated learning process.

"I was introduced to a vast range of beings -- some insect like some egg-shaped and others tall and covered with beautiful long silky hair, which they allowed me to stroke. Once they even showed me an abduction.

"They snatched a woman from a tribe living on a barren, rocky planet they called Monta. One of the silky beings explained that they planned to remove the hatred and aggression from the woman's mind. They dragged her, screaming and kicking, to an operating table, where they clamped a suction device to her forehead.

"Her expression was mild and peaceful when they returned her to the planetary surface. The aliens told me she wouldn't be making any more trouble for her people.

"During those voyages, the aliens talked to me for a long time, telling me how sad they felt about our cruelty to animals and the destruction of our planet.

"They sang and played gentle music to me and asked me to go home and turn it into songs, which I've been happy t do.

"The space beings have turned my life around, opening my mind to subjects I'd never even thought about before. And they're also capable of tremendous kindness.

"My old dog, Sam, was crippled with arthritis. He'd yelp with pain if anyone patted him. Much as I loved him, I knew he'd have to be put down.

"Then, one afternoon, while I was hosing the garden, I saw a mantis-like creature about 60 cm tall, coming out of Sam's shed.

"The big insect snapped out of view like a light going off and I rushed into the shed to make sure Sam was all right.

"He was more than OK. His coat was suddenly glossy and his eyes were brighter than they'd been for years. From that day, the arthritis has never troubled him."

Danny says the aliens behavior often puzzles him. "One night, about six months ago, I heard a strange noise in the backyard," he says. "There was a squealing, like a small animal being killed, then the flapping of large wings.

"I went out with my cousin, Vi, to investigate, but could see nothing. Next morning, however, we found a sticky brownish-yellow substance smeared all over the walls of the house. Nothing would remove the ugly stuff. But when we looked again next morning, it had vanished completely."

Hanging on Danny's walls are paintings of aliens and their spacecraft which, he says, "posed to have their pictures painted."

"The space people have changed my life in a very positive way," says Danny. "they're not only helping me write some great songs, but they're also protecting me and my home."

"I'm just one of thousands of people around the world that they're using as a way to spread their message.

Below is a song Danny says he wrote with the help of aliens.

UFO, I hear you calling,
UFO, when night is falling.
UFO, bring my baby to me.
Way up high in the galaxy
Comes a spaceship from afar,
So don't be afraid; just let them be.
UFO, I hear you calling,
UFO, when night is falling. UFO, bring my baby to me.
I have a lover from outer space
With golden hair and a beautiful face.
She visits sometimes at night
And we make love till the morning light.


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