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Saturday, December 09, 2006


By Tom Dongo

In this business I meet a lot of people from all over the world who have had UFO experiences. People sometimes go to considerable lengths to look me up -- and I'm glad they do. Even though some of what I hear I have heard many times before in different variations, occasionally someone comes along with information that really gets my full attention and response.

I recently met three people from Florida, two women and a man, who by the most unusual succession of "coincidences" went for an eight-mile roundtrip walk with myself and a friend into Secret Canyon. The hike itself was very nice, but I found myself frequently wondering what the whole purpose of this meeting was, because it was becoming clearer as the day wore on that some higher power had somehow arranged the whole thing. It's too long and detailed a story to go into here, but I have seen and experienced these orchestrated coming togethers many times before.

At times it is very eerie, almost uncomfortably so. The two women, from their visions, knew exactly what my friend Alan and I looked like before they met us. Not only that, they even knew our names, though they'd never heard of my books. One woman even had precise premonitions of what Secret Canyon looked like. Neither of the women had ever been in Secret Canyon before that day. (Incidentally, I believe that in the future, Secret Canyon will become one of the world's premier power spots even after Sedona is overdeveloped, as it is rapidly becoming.)

Secret Canyon, due to its remoteness in National Forest land, will retain its mysterious nature. I have scant explanation of what might exist there, but whatever "it" is, it is quite extraordinary. It is a long day's walk into Secret Canyon (minimum six miles round trip), but well worth it. Once you get to the mouth of the canyon you have to go at least one or two miles more to experience the effect -- and it is not always positive. One usually can't get into Secret Canyon in late December through March due to deep snow in its shadowy depths.

That day of the hike I was wondering what the real intent, purpose, or benefit of the get-together was. I found out, at least from my personal perspective, in the evening when we all went into Sedona for dinner. One of the women, a Polynesian originally from Tahiti, began to describe some of her lifelong UFO experiences. What she talked about was rather intense, and the information forced my mind to shift into high speed as I put together bits and pieces from hundreds of similar incidents I had studied.

She said that from early childhood she had had close encounters with UFOs and ETs, to the point where she often had painful difficulties with relatives and friends. They thought she was making stories up -- or was crazy. (I think she is consciously or unconsciously serving some meaningful plan by her involvement in all this.) She has had direct contact with a variety of human and humanoid extraterrestrials since the age of three or four. As a young child she was often taken to a room that seemed to be nearby by "government" agents who asked what the aliens had told her and what she had seen during these alien encounters. These interrogations occurred so many times that it almost destroyed her relationship with her mother, who would at times lock her out of the house because of her complete frustration over the whole matter.

Individuals like the Florida woman who have had these kinds of experiences now have lots of other people to share with and relate to. I have met many geographically isolated people who were completely despondent because they had absolutely no one to talk to about their ET/UFO experiences. I knew this Florida woman was not fabricating her story because I have heard it so many times before in slightly different variations. There are certain questions I ask abductees/contactees to determine whether they are suffering from some sort of delusion or are merely repeating something they read in a book. In nineteen years of interviewing people who had had paranormal encounters, I have run across only two I was certain were lying.

That evening in our conversation I got to the question I almost hated to ask her, one I had been putting off. I asked, "Have you had any pregnancies or fetuses disappear in the third or fourth month? She looked at me with a wide-eyed, astonished expression and I knew her answer. She exclaimed that yes, she had had three pregnancies disappear at between twelve and sixteen weeks over a long span of time. These were medically confirmed pregnancies, even though in one instance she hadn't had sex for several years. (Except for a short marriage, she had been single all of her life.)

I have heard all of this before many times. The Florida woman also has memories from an altered state of holding alien/human looking babies. They were hers. (In the last pages of my book, The Alien Tide, there is a painting by a Pennsylvania resident, David Huggins, of these human/alien hybrids.) The upshot of all this -- and it is the only conclusion that can be made in the light of overwhelming evidence -- is that our human race is being crossbred with a humanoid but nonhuman race of beings. Why?

Is this half-human, half-alien new race going to replace us here on Earth after some cataclysmic event befalls the Earth? I happen to think so, and I think we will find out soon. There is a remote possibility that their race is dying out and that this new race will replace them -- but I doubt that hypothesis. If you have any innovative thought on this, I would like to see them. This is an enigma that is not going to go away -- and it involves all of us.


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