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Saturday, December 02, 2006


This article was written several years ago but it relates to the present. In northern Montana another cattle mutilation has occurred. If you go to Linda Moulten Howe's web site, www.earthfiles.com, you can read about it.

UFOs, ETs and YOU
by Tom Dongo

In a recent column I wrote about cattle and horse mutilations, mentioning that the mutilations had ended several years ago. However, I recently discovered that they have not ended, but have recently resumed after a layoff of about three years. Included here is information from several interesting articles in the Rocky Mountain News, a large Denver newspaper.

I was given these newspaper pieces just after my recent article appeared in print. Because of these new developments, I need to point out again that cattle mutilations (or specimen gathering or research or whatever it really is) is not necessarily a negative thing. Someone, or something, is doing this for a reason, probably a good one. The government is not the perpetrator, although I am sure they have knowledge of who the perpetrators are, and probably the government is, in an indirect way, involved in the act itself. However, I am quite certain that the majority of the "mutes" are being done by extraterrestrial aliens. Ten thousand or so mutes in twenty years and no one has ever been caught in the act or charged with a crime involving the mutilations; you can be sure the perpetrators are not human or someone would have been shot by a rancher long ago or would have been languishing in jail for ages.

Most of the cattle, it seems, were picked up, mutilated, then dropped off near where they were taken from. In a number of eyewitness situations, a cow or steer was seen to rise straight up off the ground as if being lifted by some sort of "tractor beam." They were bawling loudly and literally vanished after rising a hundred yards or so into the air. During the height of the mutilations back in the late '70s a Montana sheriff was told by some government agents what was actually behind the cattle mutilations. When he was later interviewed by a UFO researcher, the normally stoic sheriff, in a state of extreme anxiety, said to the researcher, "You don't want to know any more!" -- whatever that meant. It was at least a good indication that nonhuman aliens were the culprits.

It was, I believe, in Wyoming that a woman was walking in the woods one day and came upon a weird scene. She said she came into a clearing and there was a dead steer on the ground. Standing around it were men in what she thought were Air Force uniforms. What really shocked her was the sight of a number of humanoid/reptilian beings mixed in with the apparent Air Force personnel. She began to run, but after a short distance she fell and injured herself quite badly. She was patched up by these human and reptilian beings and was warned never to talk about what she had seen.

These reptilian types have been seen enough times now that we have a very good idea what they look like. People who have encountered them say that they are about the same size as we are but have a skin a lot like a snake with scales that are generally diamond or triangle shape. Their eyes are large, round and reptilian, with a vertical pupil much like a cat's eyes. Sounds weird, huh? I'd like to meet one -- but on equal terms. "Weird" and "alien" are our perceptions, not theirs.

If the cattle mutilations were being carried out strictly by an Earthly agency they could simply go to any slaughter house and get all the cattle parts they wanted. But this is not the case. Whoever the deed-doers are, they are clandestinely taking parts from open-range cattle. They very obviously don't want to be seen. I really don't think this is being done for reasons of nourishment; that just doesn't make sense. If that were the case, why wouldn't they just take the whole cow and throw back a few bones and a tail? No, I think the mutilations are related to something not so good that is transpiring in our Earth's environment, something we are not yet aware of -- at least not us commoners. No doubt someone or something is monitoring this activity by what is deposited or what is accumulating in certain cattle parts. Remember that cattle blood is so close to human blood in makeup that (as I understand it) it could be used in place of human blood for transfusions in an emergency or a national crisis.

In all honesty, every time I look into or do research on something that involves a terror factor, I find that the terror or simple fear of the object or being is at least 95% of the time generated by the human factor. It's usually our own fear that is the controlling enemy, not what is "out there." If we didn't have such a primitive, knee-jerk response to the unknown, we just might find that they want to be our friends -- that is, if we hadn't taken a couple of shots at them first. Now we have to backtrack a bit and approach the whole situation from a calmer point of view. If "they" wanted to get rid of us and take over the planet they could have done it a thousand years ago.


A lady in Kentucky sent me a little story about a MUFON/UFO expert who was a friend of George Bush. One day this fellow asked Honest George (??) if he knew anything about UFOs. George remarked briefly, "You don't know the half of it!" This evidently is on tape; the fellow was recording it. It is a good clue that doings we are not aware of have been underfoot for a long time. I have an ironclad motto: Question Everything. I think if we all question everything at this point, it just might keep us from being maneuvered into something that we'll want to be able to get out of in the future.


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