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Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Location. Granite Falls, Washington
Date: October 2 2006 Time: 0230A

The witness (involved in other encounters) had gone into the kitchen to quench his thirst when he experienced a feeling he’d only felt twice before. A blaze of bright light poured into the room, and he noticed his cats on the counter growling and staring outside at a domed craft brushing the tips of the trees. The craft was followed by 4 glowing orbs that followed it in an erratic path. After two minutes of circling it stopped just in view of the kitchen window. It then turned a blinding beam of light on the witness. He covered his ears expecting the loud shrieking noise he had heard before. He then heard something in his head. It was the voice of a woman who spoke in clear English and said, “We Armisael are sorry for hurting you. Communication very different and difficult. We like it here and may come back again”. He was stunned as the beam turned off and the craft blazed straight into the sky followed closely by the four orbs.

The above report was sent to me by Albert Rosales, Humanoid Contacts. He obtained it from UFONW in Seattle.


From my primary angle of view it was a thick large disk shaped craft with a large rotating dome on top and four equally spaced domes of a smaller sort underneath. It glowed an intense white glow that enveloped the whole ship. I could only see details better when I had my sunglasses on. It had a diameter of 6 city buses. When I looked closely at the rotating dome I saw strange runes or glyphs encircling the top dome emitting a blue glow that outlined these odd symbols.

It went the same for the smaller rotating domes underneath, yet they were colored separately: purple, red, green and yellow.

It circled around my house practically brushing the tree tops. After about 15 minutes of circling it hovered directly over the house. Intrigued, I went outside to get a better view of it. The glyphs on the small domes then became brighter and the domes began to spin faster and faster. Then all of a sudden a dazzling blast of light focused on me. I was so scared I couldn't move.

Then something very crazy happened. All of a sudden there was a horrible shrieking noise inside my head. It was deafening and incredibly painful and forced me to the ground cluthing my throbbing head as though I was to die from it.

Then there was a brilliant blaze of light and the shrieking stopped. The ship then began a steady climb towards the stars. As it did, four orbs about the size of a car appeared to have risen out of the forest and began circling in bizarre patterns around the ship.

The craft rose faster and faster into the night sky, till it was only a speck in the sky.

Battered and reeling from the encounter and the intense pain that still clawed my brain, I stumbled into my room and crashed on the bed and fell asleep.


I've had a fourth encounter, more accurately a contact. I had a mental contact with three beings who call themselves Armisael on the 19th of November, several days ago. Two days afterward I collected and recorded the conversation.

The craft was not present, although they gave me a location of where the craft was though I doubt it's there anymore. The ship wasn't remotely close to my home; during the contact I was told they made this possible by a Follower (an orb of theirs) that had landed within the woods (close to his home).

I know there isn't much you can do but take my word from this, besides a possible landing within the boundaries of my family's property. Haven't really looked for any trace of the landing myself, so there may be a possibility of evidence nearby. I plan on going into the woods tomorrow on the 24th to see if I myself can find evidence of the "Follower's" landing site.

JCS: Witness
A1: Male toned Armisael
A2: Female toned Armisael. Identified by the name Sharyalu. The same one
that talked to me in my previous encounter.
A3: Another male toned Armisael

My father was present but not involved for the duration of the contact. He knew something was happening though. Words I couldn't understand are marked with this *.

It was quiet at first so I hardly noticed the voices till they grew in volume. The following was their conversation between themselves. I guessed that they had sent a follower (orb) to my home. It must have been hidden close by because I could not see it.

A1: ..... we cannot continue our time here lest they become aware of our
A3: That is why we must leave for a time.
A1: It is very disappointing we must hide to prevent a rift within the "Lilia"
and "Lilim" here.
A2: The only one knowingly tolerate of us is the young Lilim I have spoken to.
A3: You were not authorized to contact him in the first place! It was because
of this we must move on.
A2: He seems trustworthy though, I had to speak to say we meant no harm in
our first incident.
A3: No Sharyalu..... (I spelled this name by guess. I don't know the exact
A1: Silence now, he can hear us.

The conversation between them ends within themselves. I wasn't sure how I did it. But I tried to think through my mind. I must have succeeded because I was heard.

JCS: Armisael? I can hear you can you hear me?
A3: He speaks with his mind? Intelligent.
A2: You have learned that the mind is our way to speak. You do it effortlessly
and without strain.
JCS: How is it I can hear you but I can't see Tabrithas (the ship)?
A3: We are hidden on the far side of the Mountain Pilchuck. That is what
you call it.
A2: Our Follower is there. It lies on the ground in your trees.
JCS: Should I go to it? Where did it land?
A1: You will not. We cannot let you for it is only there for this final contact.
JCS: Final contact?
A1: Must leave this world for a time.
JCS: Why?
A3: Sharyalu was never to speak to you several of your Lilim weeks ago. Her
theisisa* is thayd* to atone the initial harm dealt to you several of your
sole standard months ago.
A1: We must return to the star the Lilim call Alphha Eridani, and return to
our home from that star.
JCS: No! Please come here! My father must see you so he can believe!
A1: We will not, we will now leave.
A2: Farewell. Live well.
JCS: Please come back soon! I want to see you again.

There was no response. The Follower had left. I could feel them leaving further and further away. Things were quiet. My father didn't know what to think about all of this. I felt very tired so I went to my room to sleep. This may be the last time I'll ever hear or see them again. (He did say he rushed to the window and saw the Follower rise out of the woods and disappear into the sky.)

By saying the name of the ship there obviously was more said that he has not recorded.


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