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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Monday, November 27, 2006 approximately 8 pm

2 Adult Witnesses viewed 2 firey balls of light in the western sky near Sun City, Arizona. They joined to form a silver glowing larger craft. Witnesses stated that it all was so brilliant in light that it appeared to almost set the ground afire! As they neared the craft, it was headed in a westerly direction, very slowly, and hovered over Surprise, AZ for a time. It continued by proceeding to Buckeye, Az and quickly shot straight up and blinked out. The entire incident lasted over 35 minutes.

Reported by Leann and Jerald Anderson of Surprise, AZ

Location. Warner, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Date: March 2 2005 Time: 0200A

The witness was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night. Not sure what aroused her she just lay there wondering what had woken her up, her room was illuminated by a white light, very bright, like a fluorescent light streaming into the window. She thought that it must have been a full moon so she decided to go to the bathroom.

On return approaching her side of the bed---which is closest to the window she became glued to the spot, because she was looking out the window to see where the lights where coming from. On a vacant block of land she saw a UFO about the size of a normal house. It was making a humming sound, just idling. She is not sure if it was actually on the ground, but the lights around its center were white with a blush of pink and very pretty. The lights around its center were not moving at all but stationary and the lights on the top were the same color but flashing like those of a police car.

She wasn’t scared and a feeling of peace came over her, she shrugged her shoulders and went back into bed. As she lay down she felt a presence, very reassuring and loving. She could feel “their” hands on her, giving her the feeling that what she saw was “correct” and that she wasn’t dreaming. When “they” put their hands on her she promptly went back to sleep. The witness claims she has had other “visitations” and has experienced telepathic communication with aliens.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Research Queensland Australia


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