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Wednesday, December 13, 2006



Perhaps the most outstanding case to promote the Men In Black theory and give it the modern title MIB, were the efforts of John Keel. Keel did not appear on the UFO scene until the 1960s, but would become one of the most influential writers in ufology history. During this period of time, ufology was just beginning to accept reports and to take on the notion of occupants being seen, later to be coined "close encounters of the third kind," Keel was an essential element in presenting a far fetched and exotic idea of encounters.

Keel wrote of the nearly human men who would threaten witnesses not to speak about their sightings, and wore dark suits, sometimes with turtle neck sweaters, were dark complexioned and had Oriental features. Some were pale and bug-eyed, and their behavior was odd. They drove black Cadillacs or limousines. Keel believed his information on these men because he had experienced these beings more than once himself.

Keel also laid claims to having numerous phone conversations with a Mr. Apol, who did not know who or what he was. It seems he was a prisoner of our time frame. He often confused the past with the future. Involuntarily, it seems, he and his collegues were transported backward and forward in time, because they were programmed for this to feed off the energy and minds of mediums and contactees.

Supposedly a Long Island woman saw Mr. Apol. She knew it was him because when he got out of his black Cadillac, he shook her hand and it was as cold as ice. He introduced himself as Mr. Apol. She said he looked Hawaiian.

Keel's view of the MIB were that they were part of human lore. That they represented beings such as The Grim Reaper, vampires, and demonological visitations. Supposedly a dark gentleman in a cloak and hook handed Thomas Jefferson the design for the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States. Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and many others are supposed to have had meetings with these odd entities. Also , Malcolm X, as Keel claims.

Men In Black are also an integral part of the Oriental belief in the King of the World. Ancient tradition in parts of China, Tibet and India claims that there is an underground city where the King of the World runs everything by sending spies and minions to the surface. They dress in black robes and suits, of course , their countenance are very Oriental. In the Middle East, they move around the deserts in black robes and headdresses.


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