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Saturday, January 20, 2007


From my new friend I met in Sedona.
The Key
Written 1998
By Tommy Acosta

I don't really know if I’m making this up or not. It's hard to tell if it was a dream or if it really happened. I was very young. I was under stress. It was a long time ago.

I want to discount it as imagination. Even if it’s only a dream the story is so interesting it merits recording.

I was eight years old. I was lying on a bed, twisted into a fetal position at Lennox Hill Hospital in the Bronx. The year was 1956, the height of the polio epidemic which decimated a good portion of my generation. I was one of its victims.

My mother had just left me in the hospital. The doctors told her I had polio and that I would probably never walk again. The night before, they gave me a spinal tap. Before it I could walk and all was fine. After, I was immobilized. I was scared. I was alone and I thought the ceiling of the room I was in was about to fall on me.

I thought it was sagging. It was going to come down. I truly believed it was really happening. I could not get away. I tried convincing my mother. She saw nothing wrong. My mother did not believe me. The nurses didn't either. It was going to collapse and there was no escape.

I was in deep panic and utter fear. It was such an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Death was here and there was no one there to face it but me. There was nothing I could do. I thought I was going to die. No doubt about it. What ever death was, whatever pain went with it, I was going to find out. The falling chunk of ceiling kept stretching the thin coat of paint which held it up. In that instant, the great realization came to me. There was nothing I could do but die! It was "So what! It’s over and I don’t really care." Whatever was waiting had to be better than where I was. At the age of eight I accepted mortality. I embraced that which was waiting. Somehow, blessedly, I knew there was more waiting. There was no ending, just something different. Peace came to me. Sweet drowsiness enveloped me and the pain of my contracted muscles began to fade away.

But something made me open my eyes. I saw flashes coming through the partly open Venetian blinds which stretched across the windows. Strips of very bright white light were pulsing horizontally. They burst through the slits and turned the room incandescent. After that everything went blank. My memories of that night had always stopped there.

A year ago while replaying the recollections of that night, I, for the first time, remembered that there were three figures hovering around my bed right before I went to sleep. Since remembering the three figures, I have been trying to recall what had happened after I fell asleep. I had no success. It was important for me to remember. That evening has to, by the sheer emotional weight of the experience, have had a profound affect on my life. It had to be for me the most emotional night of my life. I was eight, paralyzed, alone and thinking in my child mind that I was about to die. I wanted to know. Something had happened and I could not recollect it.

I enjoy observing my consciousness and for me my thoughts are not just entertainment but education too. I like listening to them and unraveling their secrets. The memory of what happened that night shouldn’t have been so elusive. But something did finally happen to jar my memory. The hidden events of what I believe transpired after the three figures entered the room have been revealed to me. At least I think they have. I am only recording what I remember. As far as extraterrestrial or angelic beings are concerned, I can't say whether they were real or only real because I created them that evening. Regardless, this is what my brain thinks happened.


When my eyes could see, when the effects of the flash subsided, the images of three figures appeared around me. I was lying on my right side looking up between the bars of the crib I was kept in. I could not make out how they were dressed or what they looked like. They came closer and I smelled alcohol and we were not in the room anymore.

I was lying on a glass table. At least I think it was glass. It was clear and I could see through it. It glowed from the center with a pink color. The floor was glowing blue and made of the same material and I could see what looked like stars though it. The walls were gray, again of the same material, translucent and I could see space outside. The table was warm and I was very comfortable. I don't know if I was wearing anything. Above me were two crystals. The larger one was shaped like a fat bellied top. It was pointing at my head. The second was shaped like an Egyptian Obelisk. And its pointy side was aimed at my middle. They both emanated light from the inside rather than reflection. I was lying in a fetal position on my right side. I don't know if I was held down either- a mute point considering I could not move. Behind me was a woman. Her hands and the way she smelled told me that. I strained my eyes upwards to look at her and she came around into my field of vision to show me who she was. She said her name was Alana and that she loved me.

She said "I know who you are in the future and my heart now belongs to you."
She kissed me on the forehead gently and stepped once again behind me with her hands on both sides of my head.

There was a man beside me. I see better now. Someone is standing behind my back and their hands are at the point where the doctors had inserted the needle for the spinal tap. He spoke. He said his name was Amot and he enjoyed my exploits and sense of humor and he was honored to participate in the initiation of my first healing. His voice was deep and for some reason I perceived him to be of dark complexion.

At my feet was a third man. I can't make out his features right now but I remember he was dressed in a tight superman type outfit that showed of his physique. He did not speak but his hands were very warm against my feet.
I don't remember feeling scared and I don't think I said anything. There was this hum, this throbbing, very deep. I could not tell where it was coming from. I felt it in my chest and heart.

They were rocking me gently back and forth. The man at my feet was pulling my legs and I could feel myself straightening out. I don't know how much time it took but I became aware that I was now lying flat on my back on the table and both my legs and arms were straight. The table did not feel hard beneath me. It was soft and molded to me, as if was cradling my body rather than just supporting it.

Alana came into my field of vision again. I see her face. She is full lipped, green eyed and red, very red haired. I could not tell how old she was. She too was dressed in a super-hero type outfit, pretty much the same at the man at the end of the table.

"You will walk in three months," she said. "What afflicts you has lost its power. Take from this cup the bitter drink and turn it sweet with your love. What you learn today will feed tomorrow and the world will be healed by your pain."
"Great are your eyes and wise is your soul and eternity your love beholds," I heard Amot speak.

He was now visible to me and standing to my right. I looked up into his eyes and they were amber. His skin was dark and so was his hair. He was dressed in a white robe. He wore some kind of pendent, amulet around his neck and it was made of gold or something that shone like gold.

Alana took my right hand in hers.

"Heed now what we have to say and bear witness to the words you instructed us to speak," Alana said. "Deep within the marrow of your being lie the keys to the force which binds the cosmos together. Held tight in you a nucleus encodes the final piece of the puzzle existence must solve before it actualizes its full potential. When the time comes the key will turn and unlock the secrets which will free the universe from the grip of the chaos of unseen thought. From divine perspective your eyes look out and the light of your eyes illuminate that which is and is not."

I did not understand what she meant but I hear it clear. She put her hands together as if in prayer and went on.

"We came back from the future to program your mind with the information you told us you would need to begin the great healing. You said that the correct time would be when you looked past mortality to the face of eternity. You did so tonight and we are here to give you your own message. Fear not what is happening to you for its all part of your education. What you learn in your own healing you will share with the world and bring millions back from despair and hopelessness. The paralyisis is a gift from you to yourself to learn first hand what it is to come back from the depths of physical challenge. You will face illness head-on and all will be healed whom you so wish to be and they in turn shall be healers too.

"Know humanity itself runs the cosmos through the sheer force of its emotions and every human is a fully charged motivator and creator of the shared reality we all participate in. Know thoughts and emotions are the shaper of this hologram we call the universe and thought itself is the father and mother of chaos as well as its offspring.

"Do not be afraid dear Tommy for the you of the future knows where you are and in this second is here to love you and heal you. He said to tell you this, word for word."

She went on in a deeper but strangely familiar voice.

"I love you Tommy and all will be fine. Don't worry about the paralysis. It is just a bump in the road. I will always be with you to guide you and teach you. Your every mistake will be nothing more than my hand guiding you gently forward into our future. I love you and all is right. Spend this time learning to move outside of your body. Explore the universe. Visit the stars. There is nothing limiting you. You can leave your body whenever you want. See yourself running and walking and free from the gravity which now holds you down. You will be fine. You are going to walk and run again. I am always here waiting to help you. Call on me and I will answer any question in your heart. I love you."

Alana started crying, moved around the table behind me and put her forehead against my left hand. My hand moved without my will and I touched her hair with my fingers.

Amot stepped next to her.

"I've read so much about you and the wisdom you've written," Amot said in a resonant voice. "The rules of the world will be pleasures to break for you and laughter will be your wonder reward. Authority and its manipulations will be transparent as glass and you will share this knowledge with those whose eyes are meant to open. You will gather about you those of similar kind and mind who will join with you in the last Renaissance and the stars will dance all around you and your loves."

"Your passion will bubble forth from your being and in great expanding sphere shaped waves flame the creative soul of the galaxies," Alana whispered, lifting her head from my hand. "Your beauty will inspire women and men alike and your words will blanket the shivering fears of the lost and forsaken and give promise and hope to those who have nothing."

I really could not understand what it was they were saying but the way they said it and the ring and cadence of their words formed pictures in my mind of myself in various ages and guises. I saw what looked like a blue marble swirled with white puffs which had to be the earth through the wall to my left.

"Behold Creation’s pride," Amot said, pointing to the globe. "You and your kind were created by the will of the consciousness which breathes us all. You were made complete in its own image and likeness. So know the full power of All runs in your veins and soul. From one end of everything to the other visitors will come to bask in the glow of your emotions and passion."

Alana was holding a picture of some kind in front of my eyes. It was the image of a five-pointed star. The top point bore the word science over it. The next point moving to the right had the word religion. The next point had the word politics. The next point had the word music and the last point had the word psychic.

"This is the five-pointed star you created," Alana said. "In these five fields you will excel. The quantum leap for us occurs when you put them together. Science will become the next religion and that in turn will form the next government which in turn will govern with music which will tune existence to the will of its Creator who will inspire the technical tools the cosmos needs to apply with precision through all space and time, the final solution to all dilemma."

Her words began to sound like musical notes to me and I started to hear melodies.

"The music you hear you already wrote and for us it’s a joy we all cherish," Amot said. "When the time comes, from you music will spring and one day worlds will adore you."


Where is this coming from? I don't know. I'm still not sure if it was only a dream. Why am I remembering this now? Am I making it all up? It's hard to tell but I keep seeing things and remembering.


Now I am sitting in a chair and I am facing the man who was at my feet. I sense I am alone with him and I am in a different room. The walls are all smooth and gray but I can't see through them. There is a glass of some kind of liquid next to me.

"Go ahead, drink it," the man said. His voice was kind and firm at the same time. I reached with my left hand and easily picked up the cup and brought it to my lips. It was cool and tasted like plain water. Feel better?

He was the first one to actually ask me a question.

"Yes," I responded. "Am I dreaming?

"Yes and no, "the man replied. I still could not make out his face though I think he had golden colored hair.

"You are in-between a dream and awake. I'm glad you’re moving the left hand. We would fix your right one and your leg too but you told us to leave your right side alone."

I tried to move my right hand and I realized it was still limp.

"Why," I asked.

"You said you wanted to take care of the right side yourself and that it was necessary for you to fix it so you could show others how."

I wanted him to heal it but I sensed truth in his words. He would follow the orders he claimed I gave him.

"Why is this happening to me," I asked.

"You decided that it had too," he responded. "You said it was necessary to experience what it is like to suffer paralysis and affliction so you could figure out the means to help others similarly challenged. You said you have the ability to figure these things out and that you would be your own first experiment. You specifically said we were to leave you alone until you reached the point of death enlightenment, as you did tonight under the falling ceiling. We were all there with you experiencing your understanding in that moment and the emotions you experienced. I will say it was quite a ride.

The man stood up and turned his back to me. His hands were clasped behind him and he began to pace back and forth. The walls, floor and ceiling had turned into a light blue haze.

"You see Tommy," he said. "We need you. You have this ability to figure things out without having to know all the facts. When you were born you entered your world sheathed in a head-to-toe cawl. It only happens once in every few million births. A lot of people paid attention to you after that and through your early life many eyes were upon you. You have what is called an "umbrella mind" a mind which can grasp all knowledge and things so a lot of people are interested in you. Most of what we have told you so far I'm sure you don't understand but in your future waits a time where a sign will come to you which will bring this all back."


I have to interject here. In the argument I am waging with myself whether I’m making this whole thing up or whether it really happened, I have to mention something which really did happen in this physical plane.
When the full memory of what happened that night came to me I was on my way to Connecticut in a rented car. I was passing through the Bronx. I began to think about my fiancé’s involvement with a Pleiadian UFO group and how she goes from one fad to another when I saw a large publicity truck on my right bearing an immense sign which pictured a beautiful intergalactic space craft which read "It's Futile To Resist. Join the Start Trek Generation." I started laughing on the cosmic joke and how the universe has the greatest sense of humor when I suddenly flashed back to the moment in that hospital room where I experienced illumination. I could never get past the memory of what happened to me beyond my thinking I fell asleep. My memory stopped at the appearance of the three people around my bed. In what could have been a few minutes, I uploaded all the memory which was buried deep in my subconscious. The events of that night, after the three figures appeared, became accessible to me. At least I think it did or am simply making it up. It's hard to tell the difference whether I am remembering or not. The sign incident is real and it was at that point that these memories were unlocked. I think the reader should have that bit of info to help them pass judgment.


"As you grow the information you need will always be at your fingertips," the man said. "Whatever books are put in your hands; whatever comes into your eyes and ears from sources of knowledge and art, will be that which best tunes you to the symphony of your purpose.

"Your emotions are pure fire and your faith is the fuel which make your thoughts burn real. Your University is your own mind.

He stopped talking and I could see his eyes. They were blue.

"I like the blues," the man said.

"What's the blues? I asked him, now fully at rest and secure in the peace of the place I was in.

"They are musical poems of the reality and power of feeling," It's music with words which makes you feel sad and glad at the same time.

"You like physics," he asked?
"What's that, I asked.

"Thinking you know how things work. Figuring out where the hell we are. Bending the physical universe to your will."

"Do you know where you are," he asked me.?

I did not know. I was in a room with what were now green walls, ceilings and floor. But the room was somewhere and I did not know how to answer.
"I am home," I heard myself say.

"Precisely, you came home tonight when you saw through the false face of death and found peace waiting. From here on you are your home because you found within your center the immutable light of eternity.
I could almost understand what he was saying. I kind of felt it more than understood.

"They are going to try to take you out early. The spinal tap was no accident. The operation on your hand won't be either. But you said to let them. Later in life they will try to take you out again more violently but you gave us permission to kill them in the act or instill such fear that they will back far away."


Am I making this up? Is it all in my imagination? People from outer space who kill like we do? And why the interest in me? Is it my ego which now wants intergalactic gratification, or was it a real contact with a purpose to boot? Whichever...I am having fun writing this; got to admit. I can't wait to hear what they have to say next. And I wonder if I can call these beings or consciousnesses into the present for on-line conversations. Maybe. But I want to know what happened that night or what I believe happened first; and I want to know more about this Alana babe.

Can I go on? Remembering all this stuff about aliens and Pleiadians or whatnots? Here I am in this room with this guy in a super tight super-hero outfit, real space age style; I am eight years old, paralyzed, sitting in a space ship orbiting earth. Let’s keep going.


"Do you want to know some stuff about the future," the man asked.
Without waiting for an answer he went on.

"The spoilers are having a field day. They will burn the trees and poison the oceans. The air itself will become mean and anti-life. Your planet will shake its shoulders like someone brushing off an annoying fly and terror will strike deep in the heart of every living being. The ground will no longer be there. The sky will come tumbling down. Few will survive earth’s ablution. At least in the flesh.
"Who will survive," I asked?

His blue eyes peered deeper into mine and he stepped back into his chair.
"The chosen," he said.
"Who are they? I asked
"Those who choose," he replied.

He leaned forward in his seat and he looked deep into my eyes. I felt lost in his.
"Tell me what you see," he asked.

There was a picture in his eyes. An image, moving. I saw blue sky and clouds whizzing by very fast. I was no longer in the room. I was in a vehicle of some kind with the man. I was looking down from above these clouds. They parted and I could see what appeared to be an ocean stretching to the horizon. I saw land approaching very quickly. The closer I got I began to see the ruins. It was a city. The buildings were all torn in half. I was moving very fast. There were volcanoes spewing fire. Lots of smoke. The sky was dark but that passed too.
I was going so fast. Soon blue sky again and below me I see a city. This one is alive in a great glass bubble, just like a science fiction movie. There is a movement inside the bubble. I slow down. I can see closer

It’s like I’ve seen this scene a hundred times; flying cars, people streaming by on mile high conveyers; crystal towers, all that stuff. We seem to be heading towards some kind of an opening in the bubble. We pass through it and move downwards to the top of a high building. We land.

The tall man takes me by the hand and I realize I am walking. We step onto the roof and I look behind me to see what I was riding in. It was gray metallic, and oval.
"It’s a spaceship," he said. "You are on earth 132 years after you were born. Forty eight years ago your planet was hit by a massive comet.
Few survived. You were one of them and you helped to build this city.

We stepped through a green door which slid open before we got to it and stepped into an elevator which zipped us downwards. When it stopped we walked into a lobby of some type that seemed to stretch forever in every direction. There were a lot of people walking around all of them dressed like the blond man. They all smiled at me as I walked by.

We stopped in front of these double doors and walked in. It was a large room, like a movie, with a lot of seats. There was a man on a small stage and he was talking. There was a large screen behind him.

"Atlantis never sank," he said. "For thousands of years people thought this to be so but it was only an illusion maintained by the Atlantean’s to protect themselves. In actuality, the entire continent was shifted dimensionally from its location in the Atlantic Ocean and transported to another location in the Southwest United States seconds before the great earthquakes occurred. There it remained undetected for thousands of years.

People believed Atlantis sunk in an area known as the Devil’s Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean because of the disappearance of ships and planes over that area over the years. The real reason they disappear is because they get sucked into the wake of the great dimensional shift it took to move the continent. Like a thermonuclear explosion’s radioactivity, the force still lingers and ships and planes get shifted to Atlantis, which is geographically located in a place called Sedona.

"Atlantean’s are still there and communicating with us but they still haven’t figured out a way to pull the continent back into our dimension. They can get some of their spacecraft out but they can’t seem to generate enough force in that dimension to reverse the first shifting."

The man blond man led me out of the room.

"You may find this information useful someday," he said. "Watch out for those guys from Atlantis. Some of those fellows like to play rough. They still believe they know it all. They are very protective of their secrets and they have made big inroads into earthly politics. They are not above taking out anyone or thing that seems a threat to them."

"Unfortunately for them you will discover their hiding place and walk into their world, which will give us the opportunity to get in there with you. The Atlantean’s who commute are those whose families have ruled the earth since the beginning of conscious time. For them humanity is nothing more than sheep and cattle to be exploited for financial gain. Your wars, your cancer, your devastation and degradation helps to improve the quality of life for the Atlanteans. You will pierce their veil and they will see your face very big in their universe. Some will love you and others will hate you for opening the door through which we and they could travel back and forth and through which they can bring back their continent to this physical plane.

"Once you open the portal you will open it for us and we’ll go in there and deal with them directly. In your dimension we can’t do too much but once in theirs, they can be touched.

"Remember when you go in to bring us in also. Just think of us as you open the door. You will learn a lot from them. The ones who live amongst you are a different story. They don’t like you and they see you as the spoiler. They tried to stop you by paralyzing you and they will try until the time they realize that you hold the keys to the survival of even their dimension. Then they will be forced into a waiting game. They will try to kill you as soon as they have from you what they need, which is the key to surviving the great comet."

We walk into a smaller room. There is another screen. A movie is playing.
In the movie there are a group of men sitting around a large table. They are talking.

"So what’s with the lot of humanity this month," this fat man inquires.
"Cancer has risen 187 percent since the last quarter, sir," this cold faced man with glasses replies from the side.

"And war?" the fat man asks.

"Slow but things are going to pick up soon," replies this guy in an army uniform of some rank whose sitting directly across from the fat man. "We got wars scheduled all over the place," he continues. "Just waiting for the right moment."

The fat man moved over to the far end of the table which was black and very shiny.

"A lot of people are becoming aware of their thoughts and are beginning to break the bonds of ignorance we control them by," he said. "Any ideas?"

"We’re gathering all their names and localizing their organizations," answered the beak nosed man with glasses. "We know who the leaders are and when the time comes we will shut them down. We’re ready to cut off their electricity and without it their communication ends and their movement ends."

The fat man looked worried. Do you plan on taking away their paper and pens? What about the comet?’’

"There is one among them who knows how to stop it," the beak faced man replied. "He will give us the answer then we will kill him."

The scene shifts. I’m no longer in the theatre.

We are sitting in a baseball stadium. It looks a lot like Yankee Stadium but different. I was sitting across from second base. There was a stage there and a set of drums with guitars held on stands. A man is talking on the microphone. He is very thin and has long brown hair. He is smiling such a smile and he seems to be enjoying the heck out of himself. People are cheering.

"My beloved children," I hear him speak as if he was inside of my head. "My beloved children, even as death looms over us we find peace here now in this moment." He looks up into the sky and all eyes follow his. Mine too and I see this great big triangle of light filling the night sky. It’s shining like a 4th of July sparkler.

"The ceiling looks like its going to fall down upon us but someone is listening and hope is not lost," he said. "But first know in your hearts that you cannot die and that what is not flesh lives forever and that which is only changes in form. You are here with me and forever we are one with the cosmos which breathes us all. Fear not the end for it’s only a beginning and those who look past the mask of death will be saved. Do not spend these days lost in fear and confusion, remorse and self pity but rejoice in the life that you still have left and love like you have never loved before. Feel the sweet souls of all whom you know and let the warmth flow from your heart. All is well. All is right and tonight we will all learn to fly. For those who are ready, will join me in flight and we will step out of the way like slipping a punch and come back to rebuild when the cleanse is complete."

I saw three large round lights in the sky. They were flashing rays of yellow at the seats and whole sections of people seemed to be disappearing. Every time a beam flashed and people disappeared there was a great roar of joy and happiness.

"We have broken the chains of programmed ignorance and have stepped through the darkest rooms of ourselves," he said. "We have shown light were none ever existed and we have raised our heads from the mud. The stars fill our eyes tonight and know that my love protects us all."

I looked to the upper deck behind home plate and I saw this man sitting in a row of seats which just had been beamed. He was alone and he had a rifle in his hand. He was aiming it towards the man speaking.

"Open your eyes to our eyes and let us look out through them. Let your hands feel for us. Let your ears become ours. Feel the love of Creation each time your eyes fall upon another’s," he said.

I saw a second gunman. He was perched in the upper deck behind third base. He too had a rifle aimed at the man.

"Can you hear the whisper?" he went on, oblivious to the gunmen. "He is calling your name. Come. Give me you. I want you to see me through your eyes and I want you to see yourself through mine. Then you would know how much I love you."

I looked behind me and I saw a woman. She also had a rifle pointed at him. I was screaming when I heard the three shots. They sounded as one. My head flashed red. There was this pain. Everything spun and I found myself staring into the eyes of the blond man in his room in the spacecraft. The room was throbbing with a red color.

"You have seen enough," he said.

My head hurt and he looked older than before. There was this sadness on his face.

The pain in my head was getting worse. It was like a toothache but right in the middle. I was back on the table with the crystals over me. I was lying on my back.

"Breathe the light in through your ears," I felt hands cupping my head, "and the pain will disappear."

Alana! It was Alana. I could tell by the smell of her hands -- like roses. The pain began to subside and she began to speak in a musical, sweet and lilting voice.
"Know that all is well and as it should be my love for you have seen the future and you have won," she said. "You will not remember what you have seen or heard tonight until the time is right for you to claim your birthright. In you like a seed these memories will grow through the years, guiding you to the knowledge you will need to bring it all back together.

"My beloved Tommy I love you and yes I am talking to you right now from the center of being, the center of All. The time will come when you will know as sure as the trees and grass do that spring is due, that it’s time for you to move and in that moment you will do all that is asked of you.

"You will meet a woman in your life that will bring you to those who have held the light tight and from their hands it will be passed to yours and you will shine the flame from one end of the cosmos to the other.

"Your life will be blessed every inch of the way and your eyes will be open to your own mind and soul and no greater task will you ever take hold than the knowing of whom you are and the thoughts you behold.

"You will heal the sick and offer them hope. You will fight for the weak and help heal their souls and no evil will stand before your love and no one can stop you from coming back to us. And you will hold nothing higher or greater than you, no religion, no government, no angels, no prophet, no one but the inner true self of you. You will teach others to know no greater authority than themselves too.

"The earth will tremble and burn. Mountains will fall and the sea will churn and waves will crash and cities will fall and throughout it all you will be calm and held safe because you will know where to be and what to do to survive the great changes coming through you.

"You will recognize those who are part of the plan to bring humanity to the full light of itself. You will draw them to you as you will be drawn to them and together you will build a new future for us all.

"And when you awake to your own destiny there you will find me waiting. You can already hear me. I am with you now helping you to remember this talk we had so long ago.

"So do not fear or worry or feel any pain. What you feel today is tomorrow’s gain. Your gifts are many and every one of them you will need to usher in the new age of fulfilled dreams. From every nook of the cosmos will come every being to be here for that moment when everything clicks and the universe awakens complete to itself and all of creation comes into its own.

"Your world has known such sorrow and woe. Oceans of tears and blood have been shed. The spoilers and cheaters stole all humankind’s dreams, killed, abused, and victimized humans with their schemes. They dulled your minds with religion and TV. They took away freedoms and replaced them with yokes. They burnt your planet and stole her innocence. They blackened the goodness of your universe. They poisoned the rivers and the oceans and the lakes. They burned down the forests and killed off the denizens. They teach ignorance and hate. But you have come Tommy, to seal their fate.

"You will see through their lies. You will not be fooled. You will know instinctively what’s false and what’s truth. So be strong my dear Tommy and never despair, no matter how dark things seem I’ll always be here. Just give me your ears as I do hold them now and let the light from my hands take away your pain.

"You will go to the mountains when the time is right and from there you will prepare to launch your assault on the forces of darkness and all their minions. You will learn how to live free and unattached to the chains of electricity and civilization. You will know what its like to be one with nature.

"You will work close, hand-in-hand with those of similar vibration. Together you will form a plan to create a new nation which will be beyond the grasp of the spoilers and subjugators of humankind.

"So rest easy Tommy and don’t lose hope. With you ride the dreams of the cosmos. The secret you hold you will unlock when the clock of time stops and rings its alarm. Conquer fear. Conquer hate. Conquer confusion and ignorance and liberate first yourself from the bonds of unconsciousness then teach the rest how to do the same.

"And when everything looks like it’s going to end, and hope lies wounded and the earth is in shreds, we will be ready to help you again. To take you back to where it all began. The stars shine diamonds for you tonight. Sleep my sweet Tommy. Sleep well tonight."


When I awoke in the morning, I was no longer twisted in a fetal position. When my mother came in to visit I reached up and touched her with my left hand and moved my left leg. She cried and knew then that there was hope. The doctors could not explain how I regained motion in my left side. Two months later I was out of the hospital and walking.

After my release I developed a keen interest in science fiction. I would read anything put in front of me having to do with rocket ships or flying saucers. Until I was seventeen I practically lived in libraries devouring every science fiction book I could find. After that I seemed to lose interest. There where times when I thought I saw UFO’s in the air. There where instances where I felt I had lost time, that I had been visited by strange and hostile presences. I have not remembered the details of these visitations yet.

One strange event does stick out in my mind. I was about fifteen years old and I was standing in the middle of a small frozen lake. My friends were on the lake too but they were standing a lot closer to shore. I was showing off by proving to them I was braver than they by venturing out the farthest on the thinnest ice. The ice started cracking and I saw them going down one-by-one. I was all the way out in the middle and I could see the ice cracking its way towards me. But the next second I was standing on the shore watching the rest of them go through the ice. I had no idea how I went from the middle of the lake to the shore but I had no time to think. I looked down and there was a long tree branch next to my foot. I picked it up and I was able to reach one friend who grabbed it and then the arm of another who in turn grabbed the arm of another. Linked this way they were able to get out. I wasn't even wet and I’m baffled where I got the strength to hold their combined weight. That’s a mystery I still have not been able to figure out.

I have told what I remember of what transpired word for word, to the best of my ability. Once again, I am not sure if it really happened or if I dreamt it. I can’t make a value judgment on it because it was a subjective experience. I have written it down in hopes that someone with more experience in these matters can give me some kind of an explanation.

Over the years I hardened myself to the belief that there exist extra-terrestrials who hope in some way or another of helping the earth to further evolve. When my fiancé Zoska started getting involved with a group of individuals who believe in that concept I confess that I scoffed at her and ridiculed her beliefs. I accused her of allowing herself to be sucked into another group whose main interest was multi-level marketing cloaked behind the infantile belief that we are not alone. But when I saw that sign in the Bronx with the spaceship, and the memories of that night when I had polio came flooding back to me, I have come to reconsider the possibility that highly evolved extra-terrestrials might indeed exist and they were sent here, to assist us. Let us see this new future unfold.

Tommy Acosta


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