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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


L'UNION, March 14, 1984 Italy

If UFOs exist, who are the pilots, where are they from, and why do they come here? These questions find astonishing answers in the research carried out for thirty years by Eugenio Siragusa of Sicily. His research is carried out from a point of view that is definitely messianic rather than scientific.

The French translation of "The Truth About the Siragusa Case" has just been released. This is the third book that Victorino del Pozzo has written about this customs official of the town of Catane and his contacts with beings from space. It all began one morning in March 1952, on his way to work, when a UFO focused a beam of light on him.

During the days that followed, Eugenio Siragusa began to receive telepathic messages, which continued for about ten years before he had his first physical encounter, which took place on the slopes of Mount Etna with two extraterrestrials. Since then he has had 18 other close encounters.

During these encounters many different topics were discussed, such as the history of our planet, biology, reincarnation, cosmology. Three fundamental themes persistently recur; justice, peace, and love. It is in the name of these three qualities that those who contacted Eugenio Siragusa send a stern warning to humanity about the ignorant arrogance with which we are destroying the delicate balance of nature essential to the survival of Earth's biosphere, through nuclear energy and other irresponsible applications of our science. It is a time when qualitative changes must be made.

The third volume of Victorino del Posso's series describes the circumstances under which a lawsuit was brought against Eugenio Siragusa by two former members of the international movement he had founded to put into practice and to spread the messages he had received from the extraterrestrials, the Cosmic Fraternity Study Center. In November 1978, Kelly and Lesliie Hooker, an American couple, brought charges against him, accusing him of rape, mind control, and fraud. Eugenio Siragusa was immediately locked up in the prison of Catane. However, the first results of the investigation showed the evidence to be so dubious that the judge released himm on provisional liberty after two months in prison.

Investigations by the Spanish journalist, del Pozzo, show how dubious and contrived the accusations were. For example, why did Leslie Hooker wait three years before bringing charges of rape? Why did psychiatric examinations indicate that the charge of mind control was without foundation? How come that out of the hundred thousand members of the Cosmic Fraternity during the thirty years of its existence, they were the only ones to be defrauded, raped and mind controlled? Also, how come they had the benefit of unusual protection during the legal procedures?

Victorino del Pozzo suspects that Mr. and Mrs. Hooker were no more than pawns in a larger game. Upon reviewing the details of the case, it seems strange that Siragusa was imprisoned before the charges against him had been investigated, and the multiplicity of restrictions imposed on his provisional liberty were very unusual. There were also attempts to poison him while he was in prison. Why did he have to wait three years for the trial that proved his innocence? Who wanted to shut him up, or failing that, to publicly discredit him? The statements of a man who for thirty years has been proclaiming the qualities which animate civilizations that are ethically and scientifically more advanced than our own do not please the political, technological, and religious leaders of this planet. His difficulties with certain intelligence organizations didn't start yesterday, any more than did the way the authorities manipulate information about UFOs. We now know that the authorities have scientific evidence that UFOs exist. Apparently they are reluctant to frighten the public.

Those to whom Eugenio Siragusa is only a crackpot will say it is all a bunch of lies. However, this would definitely not be the opinion of the Catane prison guards and prisoners, who witnessed a UFO landing during Siragusa's confinement. The UFO left a hexagonal burn mark on the prison courtyard before going back up to the sky at an astonishing velocity. Shortly before this incident, on the night of January 18, 1979, a prison guard saw on the prison wall "two individuals wearing luminous cloaks, with elongated luminous eyes, and long and pointed ears." His testimony was in writing. The prison directors transferred the guards involved and reinforced the surveillance of Eugenio Siragusa.

Those events followed an unprecedented wave of UFO sightings, witnessed and reported by many police personnel both in Sicily and on the Italian mainland. Thirty-five thousand cases were reported during the two months that Siragusa was in prison. Since then, almost none.

Several other "coincidences" took place during the legal procedures. On June 10, 1981, the Italian constitutional council revoked the section of the penal code concerning mind control. This automatically caused the charge of rape to be dropped also. So the only remaining charge was the accusation of fraud, which was dropped because of an amnesty decree announced shortly before the trial. Therefore, the case appeared to be closed before being brought to trial. However, Siragusa refused to benefit from these arrangements, insisting that the trial take place so that his innocence could be clearly proved.

On April 5, 1982, in the Catane court room, the prosecutor went over the case point by point and asked that Eugenio Siragusa be released.

The defense attorneys went along with this, but were thus prevented from presenting the strong evidence for his innocence, or any of the 550 character witnesses, many of who had come from different countries.

After five minutes of deliberations, the court declared that there had not been any crime, that Eugenio Siragusa was innocent, and was released.

Justice had been rendered. However, there remained the damage done by a vicious media campaign of defamation of character in which many media organizations participated. Some of them had even attacked him before the accusations were made. French media organizations also participated in this defamation of character, some going so far as to accuse him of being the chief of a sect of assassins. The day after the trial an Italian newspaper editorialized that "It was one of the most vicious legal and journalistic persecutions ever made against a man who had done nothing more than to publicly state his beliefs."

It's a completely different type of person revealed to us today by Victorino del Pozzo of Spanish radio and TV: a man whose only crime was to say he was in contact with extraterrestrial beings, and to spread their messages of justice, peace, love, and fraternity in a world dominated more each day by injustice, war, and hate. -- Eric Dosnon.

The three books: Siragusa, Messenger of the Extraterrestrials
Siragusa, the forerunner
The truth about the Siragusa Case


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