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Thursday, December 28, 2006


By A. J. Gevaerd

The Jardim Alvorada Affair is the study of a UFO abduction involving sexual relations and dialogue with the crew of a UFO. The case was investigated by the Center for Flying Saucer Research. The investigation included a number of interviews with the two main witnesses, who are brothers, and then hypnotic regression sessions, which were carried out by Dr. Oswaldo Alves, an MD.

There were a number of other people who saw the UFO in the vicinity and one couple took three photos of it with a Nikon Camera.

The incident occurred on the night of April 13, 1979, in Jardim Alvorada, a suburb of the city of Maringa in the state of Parana in southern Brazil.* The principal witnesses are Jocelino de Mattos, then 21, an electrician or linesman, and his brother, Roberto Carlos, then 13.

The incident began about 11:30 PM and continued until about 1:30 AM. The brothers had gone to a sister's house to watch a religious program on TV (April 13 being a religious date in Brazil), but because the ceremony was not going to begin until about midnight, they decided to go home.

Jocelino's Narrative: "My brother drew my attention to a strange star. He was astonished by its presence and I said to him it was only a star and he need not be afraid of it. As we continued walking down the street, the star looked as if it was following us, and it astonished me too.

"When we arrived at the corner where we normally turn right to go home, we felt a strange sensation. My blood started to run wildly in my veins and I began to walk towards a tree in the middle of a plowed field. I didn't want to go in that direction but something compelled me and my brother to walk towards it. It was difficult for us to walk because it was plowed and already prepared for planting.

"When we were immediately below the big tree, we both fell down to the ground. The strange object was about 10 to 15 meters away from us and about two or three meters above the ground. It was floating silently, and that's all I can remember except that I heard a kind of voice that said something like, "The job is not ended, we will be back." I do not know how I heard that voice but I remember it as in a dream.

"Sometime later we woke up with difficulty. Neither of us could walk by ourselves and I helped my brother up and he helped me up. We held each other and walked towards our house. We took a long time to reach the house. It seemed so far. We were dirty with mud and I was feeling a strange and sudden hunger. I've never felt like that before. Our legs were so weak. We were trembling. Some minutes later we reached home and as we were about to open the door our legs became weaker and we fell down suddenly, breaking the door open.

"My mother and brothers were waiting for us. They ran towards us and helped us up. We explained to them what had happened. At first they doubted us but later they went outside with me and I pointed out the star, which was still there. As we stood looking at the star, silently hovering almost over the trees, about 300 to 350 meters away from us, I began to tell my family what had happened to me and my brother.

"When I started telling them this, the object seemed to observe us from that distance and suddenly my brother and I received some kind of a shock, so strong it hurled us to the ground.

"My mother, another brother and my sister were not touched. My mother told me later that when they touched me or Roberto, we felt electrified, or something like that. We did not feel electrified, but we couldn't move even a finger.

"Then the star went away and we could stand again."

Some time later, after a number of interviews, Jocelino agreed to undergo hypnotic regression. "... the moment we turned the corner, something started pulling us, attracting us to the star. We fought against it, but couldn't. Suddenly, we started to walk, and walk... It seems as if we were walking very slowly and then we were walking very fast.

"My heartbeat started to accelerate, rapidly. I felt my body chilling, something bad. It was the same with my legs, in all my body, a bad sensation.

"We continued walking. It seemed that it was impossible for us to think of anything else. The only objective was to reach the place where the star was. When we arrived, we fell down to the ground. We stayed in that position for about two minutes, and after this time somebody came and caught us and took us up to a height. We were taken floating to that height.

"I was astonished to see something so incredible in front of me. Then a door was opened, at the side, and I went in. Then there were two men in the doorway. One of them came in front of me and looked at me very attentively.

"He took up an object which I didn't recognize, touched the object to my left arm, and gestured to me to get inside. From that point, we walked a little bit and we arrived in another room full of computers and there was some kind of command display on a table. It had different lights that I did not recognize and cannot explain.

"After that, they took me to another room full of motors, things I had never seen before. They were not hot and there was no noise. The motors were conic or something like that. "Then they took me to another room where there were some photographs similar to those of earth. I could see that the photographs were fixed on the wall in a kind of videotape, a TV screen or something like that. I could not distinguish it very well.

"Then we arrived in another room full of equipment like hospital equipment. It was a medical room. They asked me to lie down and as I did so, they examined me. Then, after this examination, they collected sperm, a small amount.

"Then they made me sit down on a kind of table. They put some instruments on my head and they spoke among themselves in a language that I did not understand. Then... (Jocelino stopped for some minutes and the hypnotist tried to make him less concerned)... but it scares me so much... After some minutes a woman arrived in the room. She touched me. She caressed me and it excited me. Then we started to make love. After (the relations), she stopped and told me: "Perhaps the seed will come alive." I did not understand anything.

She went out of the room and they spoke between themselves and they told me in thought that they were for peace and that their objective was to study, to understand, the earth. They spoke to me about life, the fights and the wars and I really thought they were for peace, that they were peaceful people, friends.

"Then they told me: 'We think it's time to leave you.' They took me by my arm and we went the same way we had walked to go to that place until we arrived at the door. I jumped to the ground together with them and they went floating ahead to where they could catch me. I felt myself paralyzed, totally unable to move.

"They made me lie down on the ground, exactly the way I was before they caught me. Then I came to my senses."

Jocelino and Roberto have for a long time been ashamed to live among their friends and family. They live silently, talk little and don't participate in communal life. When we first talked to them, almost a year after the incident, Jocelino was still disturbed and looking for help.

*NOTE: Wendelle Stevens wrote a book about this case, UFO ABDUCTION FROM MARINGA, The Agripo Experiments

From page 191 in the book:

"It is imperative that you immediately deactivate your arms of war capable of bringing an end to every kind of life existing here. Total nuclear war would set your planet off its celestial course and cause grave disturbances to life on neighboring worlds, some in dimensions that the Earth human still does not know of."
"It is imperative that the domination, political, economic and financial of nations over nations be abolished. The imperialism is contrary to the right to the equality of people and constitutes a new and novel method of slavery."
"It is imperative that you preserve the essence of human life and its natural functions of reproduction. On near stars, and others unattainable by Earth humans, the life sprang from the Eternal Creative Spirit of all things -- God --, the reason by which (you) must not become objects of imponderable experiments, because these will (certainly) terminate in irreversible genetic disaster."
"It is imperative that, within the most rigorous criteria of justice and morality, with views toward the solution of social problems resulting in the inordinate proliferation of humanity, you must institute organs that by natural scientific means, plan and execute programs to control population and improve human biology."
"It is imperative that Earth humans reach other worlds of the Universe and there find adequate room for your future emigrations and new sources of energy and substance. But before this, you must conquer your own world resolving the problems that already exist on Earth, in the sea and in the air, conserving the natural elements of vital importance; defending from subtle pirates from the exterior; and curing the human imperfections of the body, mind, and spirit."
"It is imperative that you pay attention to these exhortations to humanity to be prepared for the period of extraordinary happenings that the Earth will undergo within a little time. These great events will be preceeded by strange teluric manifestations and signs in the heavens of magnificent splendor and disturbing beauty. Masters of Wisdom will return to Earth with marvelous new teachings, and counsel the establishment of a new political society. A new Earth paradise will be born, full of light and love. Then, by the means of energies not presently supposed, the human will know the inside and the outside dimensions of the Earth, and will travel the profound universe, and never feel the pressure of time. the sublime conquest of the human creative capacity shall so activate the machinery of absolute power that, among other prodigies, humanity will be given a greater vision of all its history."*
"This is the message from Agali to all the people of Earth."
*Here is another clue to a grand origin and destiny for universal humanity and its ultimate purpose for being in the first place. It is beginning to become apparent that when a planet in evolution reaches a certain stage in its developmental progress, rational free will creatures are delivered there by earlier generations to work and farm the nature of the planet and take it through its flourescent stage, only to mature themselves at the same time and successfully depart before the planet has become inhospitable and takes them into decline. Symbiotic relationships such as this are common throughout nature. It is a beautiful and rational answer to the great questions, where did we come from and where are we going? As in nature, there are many failures, but inevitably a few succeed... WILL WE? These are truly sobering thoughts. It's entirely up to us, and nobody is going to come from anywhere to save us from ourselves.


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