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Friday, December 22, 2006


By Aileen Garoutte

To those persons that have studied the Old Testament, with a background in UFO research, it is plain to see that an intervention of an extraterrestrial race of beings are interacting with humanoids from the time of Adam and Eve to the present day.

By saying Adam and Eve, I am not implying that they were the first because the Bible clearly indicates there were other people here when they were "deposited" on Terra Firma. However, I do not wish to start a debate at this time.

Since this is the Christmas season we want to "shed a little light" on what most probably was the real circumstances concerning the star that guided the "Magi" and also the birth of Jesus.

Did you ever think about "who the Magi might be" and how they knew where to go when they got to Bethlehem?

The Magi were not mentioned very often because most persons at that time shied away from them. Funny they would even be mentioned in so important a story. The word "Magi" is taken from the word magician.

The Magi were a special class of people from Persia who studied the heavens and astrology. Because the Magi were chosen, its likely their educational background and experience with the heavens gave them some advantage in understanding the message and the star. There are no other references that anyone else saw the star other than the Magi.

It does not seem that the star represented a miracle because if it were the Magi would have had it communicated to them that it was. Instead it seemed quite natural that the star appeared, reappeared, and moved -- indicating direction.

The Magi were probably Zoroastrian priests who had been trained and conditioned to look for a savior whose appearance might be announced in a miraculous way -- perhaps even by some sort of shining wheel in the sky! (Shades of Ezekial!)

Perhaps persons at that time were used to seeing flying rolls, furnaces, clouds, fires, chariots, etc., due to Moses' people being led for 40 years in the wilderness by such contraptions, even though it was many years before the story most likely was told over and over again.

Remember when the angel "appeared" to the shepherds (Luke 2:8-20)? The glory of the Lord appeared to them - in every instance of "glory" you will find the "Lord Jehovah" moving up, or down, or out in front, of his chosen people in a flying cloud, etc. No wonder the shepherds were "terrified." It would have been helpful if they had described the clothing the angel wore, but they were more interested in "the glory of the Lord" which shone.

When Mary was chosen to become the mother of Jesus, she too was greeted by an angel "which opened her womb" and implanted the baby Jesus. What amazes me is how calmly she accepted the whole thing. (Hypnosis?)

And at the same time her aged cousin Elizabeth had become pregnant with John in the same manner -- by an angel "opening her womb." When Elizabeth heard of Mary having the same type of phenomena as she, the baby within her womb "leapt"! Obviously it was a tuned in baby, even at that point!

We have had many cases of immaculate conception within the experiencers community. Mothers were/are visited by "angels" in our present day, only their light comes from white, or silver, glowing space suits. Babies have been implanted, removed, examined and returned for normal deliveries. In 1982 1,200 girls in South America allegedly became pregnant by alien beings.

The "Star" seemed to be "directed." It first shone over Bethlehem and showed the Magi where to go. When arriving in Bethlehem they went immediately to King Herod asking "where is the one who has been born King of the Jews?" We saw his star in the East and have come to worship him." He (Herod) sent them to Bethlehem and said, "Go and make a careful search for the child. As soon as you find him, report to me, so I too may go worship him." (Sneaky, wasn't he?)

After they talked with King Herod they went on their way and the star that had been seen in the East now "reappeared" and went ahead of them until it stopped over the place, emitting a beam of light to indicate the right place in which the child was. When they saw the star they were overjoyed.

The "star" and a UFO look very much alike, especially the beams of light they both emit. Many, many cases of white beams of light coming down from a UFO concentrating on cars, humans, houses, animals, etc. have been seen. A "star" cannot stop and start and be intelligently controlled to emit a beam of light upon a house top.

A case comes to mind of a hunter in New Mexico that had a fantastic sighting years ago. He was caught out at night in the bush when he observed several alien craft from a crouched, hidden position, behind a log. All of a sudden a shaft of white light was emitted from one of the craft and shone on the ground. As the beam moved along, the shrubs and bushes seemed to try and move away from the white light. (This case can be found on this blog.)

The craft then started emitting letters and symbols in the sky. The hunter watched in fascination as the display continued throughout the night. Realizing he was lost, and not knowing which way led back to his truck, all of a sudden one of the craft emitted an arrow pointing the way. Obviously they were aware of the hunter all the while, and secondly; they knew he was lost.

Even though the UFO maneuvers are still exciting and new, we know they are a physical, maneuverable, lighted, solid object directed by an intellect of one kind or another. However, if we lived in 4 AD we probably would have described these craft in the only way we could comprehend at the time. Many descriptions were given which I have alluded to in this article, such as the flying roll, flying cloud, etc.

There are so many references to babies being seeded, UFOs flying around, laser weapons, television, holographs and similar scientific wonders in the Bible, that it is very easy to realize these things would be performed by physical beings, not a mythical God sitting on a throne.


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