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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Norman Paulsen's autobiography is a fascinating life study. The experiences he went through served to enlarge, and complete, a personality born to serve others.

At one point in Norman's life he was at the depths of despair. After being rejected by his family and friends, he was left with only the Ancient Builders, his forefathers, that he had mentally communed with, but never physically seen. The following is an annotated version of a particular chapter on his CEIII.

The following chapter out of his inspiring book entitled "Christ Consciousness" (original title "Return of the Ancients") describes the first face to face meeting on Emerson Dry Lake near Giant Rock, California.

We pick up at the point where he has come out of a make shift shack where he had been in meditation for hours. Only a canvas bag of water to sustain his life, no food or blankets to warm him....

I feel strengthened enough to crawl from beneath this ill-fashioned sentry shack. It's late in the afternoon; there the sun is settling behind those hills to the West. I must build a fire and warm up my stiff body. There are no matches. The cigarette lighter in the truck will provide fire to some paper; old boards from the mine shaft nearby will create a big one. This fire is warming as well as cheerful. My tortured spirit feels relieved.

"Brother, we are planning a surprise for you tonight. What would you like most?" "To go aboard and lay hold of the images projecting your voices."

"Brother Norman, this is a difficult maneuver for us to perform, however, we will do it for you at this time."

"What! Do you really mean it? Are you going to land this time?" "Yes, we will." "Tonight? "Yes, tonight!"

Wow! My spirit is moving with new life!

The fire needs more wood. Let's walk out on the dry lake for a distance, there's my solitary flare blazing like a navigation beacon in the darkness.

"Do you see my fire here below?"

"Yes, we are approaching you from the Northwest."

"Are they really coming this time?"

Three bright orange spheres appear coming over the mountains to the Northwest. The ship in the center is beginning to descend toward me. The steady descent of the Divine Chariot reminds me of other times and other places -- yes, such a spectacle as this I have beheld before!"

The ship is only half a mile away. That thunderous pulsating hum is filling the empty vessel of Emerson Dry Lake with sounds never heard here before. This dried and parched surface is trembling beneath my feet as that huge and brilliant image settles towards the center of the lake. Clouds of dust and tumble weeds blowing outward in all directions from beneath the ship; its making its final descent.

"Run, quick! Catch it before it escapes like the fabric of some illusive dream" I must lay hands upon it. A loud voice yelling at me, "don't come any closer until we have made our landing secure and can assist you."

"Standing here, I must be in a dream, I implore. You, oh eyes, please interpret to my consciousness the true reality of this vision you now behold." The hull of the vessel is transparent, like glass, with all the colors of the spectrum shimmering and reflecting through it. Long minutes are passing, nothing is moving. There flights of stairs are projecting through the surface of the hull from the lower leading edge all the way up to the huge dome which crowns the top of the vessel. The shape of this colossal ship reminds me of pictures of stepped pyramids in Central and South America.

Its size, it's so enormous, I can only speculate to its actual dimensions. Two figures are emerging from the dome; they are descending the stairs toward me. Look closer, the stairs are in motion and descending with the two entities. Both are wearing white garments.

The smaller figure is Elithea, and this time she seems quite real! The male figure is extending his right palm upward and forward in a gesture of meeting. At last it seems I am looking at the physical reality of The Builders, but am I really? Are they real flesh and bone, just as I? And their Divine Chariot, it looks as hard as steel, but is it? I cannot tell... Oh dream, surely now you will not deny me.

Remember the Builders are masters of all the sciences, astral and physical. Their ability to project their thoughts, images and consciousness over vast distances is a natural ability. Dad had demonstrated this many times. Are they doing this again?

Elithea is the first to speak, "We must pass you through the orientation chamber."

I feel very dizzy. A high-pitched ringing is enveloping me. I am falling down, down, into unconsciousness. Bright colored lights are flashing in my face. Consciousness has returned. The walls of a small room surround me. They are alabaster white with colors of the spectrum shining on the surface like mother-of-pearl. Lying on my back, a couch beneath me, overhead a small, brilliant sphere in the ceiling changes color; it moves through the spectrum. With every color change it bathes me in a warm, soothing energy.

A figure enters: "Your physical body is not well. We are recharging every cell, as you can see, with radiant life force. I am glad to report all of your energy centers are functioning through all of the eight vibratory dimensions. Also, there are no blockages in your Tree of Life from any of the twelve vibrations of consciousness. You should feel must better mentally and physically."

"Yes, I am feeling better, in fact ecstatic energies are flowing through my nervous system."

"Brother, you will follow me, I am instructed to take you to our Elder."

"Yes, I will." A curved passageway lays ahead. I am walking on solid footing, but is this a dream? Will this experience suddenly vanish and push me back into the lonely existence I so detest? "Oh Lord, let it be real; let me be here for a while." Everything I observe seems so familiar. Yes, surely I have been here before; I know this vision, it must be true.

"This vehicle is constructed of a nonferrous material superior in strength to the finest steel produced on Earth. There are no ferrous metals used on or in this vessel. Much of the superstructure, and many of the fixtures are constituted of gold, silver and copper, as you know them." My guide is answering some of the hundreds or questions I wanted to ask.

Pausing now for a moment, a panel is suddenly opening. It is revealing a large, circular room. There in the center of the room sits a man, his features are familiar. Another individual is sitting beside him on a long semicircular divan, it faces that large, clear oval portal. Beneath that portal and in front of a long, low desk, three other figures are seated. My guide is speaking, he is trying to explain, "The navigator is on the left, the observer, or captain, is in the center, and the communications projector and receiver is on the right. All three figures are in control of the vessel.

Moving toward the two figures in the center of the room, images of star systems shining at me through the large portal. Wow! We are no longer on Mother Earth - those are distant stars and nebulae out there. I am, in fact, on a Divine Chariot, moving through space!

"You wanted to come with us, didn't you?"

"Come with you! I had no idea! We are really out in space; you have taken me with you. Oh, joy of joys. Ecstasy is welling up around me."

The familiar Elder speaks, "We are out in the eternal sea and near the orbit of the Earth's moon."

The floor or the walls of this room are moving around it seems. Through the portal, the image of Mother Earth now no bigger than a ripe, blue plum. "Oh, how beautiful! How fantastic!" I am reliving things that I have somehow always known deep within. Upon entering the hu-man creature body, I had lost contact with my only true home, infinite space. Yes, I am home now; this is where I really belong.

The two figures are rising, they salute me with upraised open palms. I must return their greeting. The familiar figure is inviting me to sit next to him.

"It is Divine Will that brings us together again. Your life on Earth has been difficult, and there will be more suffering ahead before you complete this mission you volunteered for."

"But who are you, Sir?"

"I am one of the Ancient Elders of the White Race. Names mean nothing and continually change. As you already know, we are of one mind and consciousness in the eternal priesthood of our ancient forefathers. The promised return mad by the hu-man called Jesus, who received the Baptism of Fire and as anointed the Christ, has begun and involves all of us. While you were unconscious and resting, we programmed your memory cells with all the answers and directions to perform your mission successfully. How you use this power in the future is now in your control. The horror of war which has destroyed Divine Spirit's projections in this galaxy rages on.

This ancient Brother is reaching out and touching my cheek gently with his finger.

"You must go to a dentist and have your teeth cared for. The unnatural diet you ate as a child has caused problems. We have given your inner body new strength; you must convey it to the creature by effort.

"Divine Spirit Mother and Father love you, as you well know. Your journey to the Center of the Great Central Son-Sun is the final flight path of our ancient Elders. The fact that divine Spirit has revealed its presence to you from beyond the sphere of creation and within the vast, eternal, primordial sea, is unparalleled in our recent records. That is why you are here and not elsewhere. You are a member of that eternal and immortal priesthood created by our Divine Parents, therefore, Their Will be Done!

"For the next twenty years of your life here on Earth you are going to feel the full power of our adversaries. The captain of that dark host will try to destroy you at every moment. I caution you not to be reckless but move only after confirmation is given to you by Divine Spirit. Our story must be told on Earth for the Dark Ones have destroyed all records pertaining to the Builders and our civilizations that existed here. You, my Son, will record my words of today in script. This I perceive! Enough has been said! Is there anything further you wish from us now?"

"No Sir."

Music is filling the room. The incredible sounds of divine instruments filling my ears, now a chorus of voices coming from the very walls. Yes, from everywhere!

To be continued tomorrow


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