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Sunday, February 11, 2007




I would like to share a transpersonal and cultural experience which happened to me in March 1975 on the northwestern coast of California. Even with the passing of time it is still difficult to relate this incredible experience because of the potential ridicule attached to it and due to the profound psychological effect it has had upon my personal life. What follows is therefore a brief account of this experience instead of a detailed report and analysis.

During the late part of winter 1974 I began to have a series of unusual dreams about silver-colored eagles. From out of the void and darkness of the dream state suddenly emerged four eagles. Each eagle came in from a different cardinal point at approximately the same time and correspondingly formed a circular flying pattern. After flying in a circle for considerable amount of time, they then departed and eventually flew out of sight. I had the same dream on three separate occasions but on the fourth occasion the content of the dream changed: There was a dark void, then suddenly a strong humming noise, then the appearance of each eagle as it emerged from the east, the south, the north, and the west. They all flew in a circle but began to change form. In the place of the eagles appeared four silver-colored discs. The four silver discs then merged into one very large silver-colored flying saucer. All of the dreams were accompanied by a tremendous humming sound, and although I was asleep in each situation, I would feel my entire body vibrate to the point that it became unbearable. I would awake from the dreams shaking, exhausted, bewildered, and dizzy.

I was very disturbed by the reoccurrence of this dream and decided to seek an opinion about it from my family members and friends. Unfortunately, their interpretations only served to compound the problem. However, in February 1975 a Seneca medicine man, by the name of Beeman Logan, was invited to give a lecture and perform healing ceremonies in the local, northwestern California Native American community. Since he was a traditional healer and a hereditary chief from my own tribe I thought I would feel comfortable consulting him about the dream problem.

Beeman stayed at my home for a few days and doctored me in a cultural way. He was very interested in the unusual dream and spent considerable time explaining his interpretation of it. He said that I was experiencing some sort of shamanistic vision and contact with the spiritual world. He also indicated that the dream was possibly a premonition, or a warning of future events which might occur in my life. He said that there would come a time in the near future whereby I might be taken up in a flying saucer by the "ancient ones," who he also referred to as the "Sky People." Beeman then told me the legend of the Sky People and their significance to the origin of the Iroquois. He claimed that other Indian people, both past and present, had already been in contact with outerspace beings.

As a college professor, and as a half-breed, assimilated Indian, I could not help but to laugh in his face. "You've got to be joking," I reacted. "Flying Saucers, beings from outerspace, and UFOs spiritual?"

Although Beeman was obviously insulted by my immediate and crude response he proved to be a sensitive and competent psychotherapist. He patiently listened while I expressed my concerns about this dream, and he was willing to discuss my negative reactions to his interpretation and suggestions. Afterwards, he doctored me in a sacred sweat lodge ceremony. He said the ceremony would help me to prepare for the possibility of UFO contact in the future.

A month passed after Beeman's departure, and I soon forgot about the dreams and our conversation. Then shortly after my March 6 Birthday, I started having the dreams again. I debated whether to call a psychiatrist, or Beeman, or just forget it all. Due to the purification ceremony, I no longer drank alcohol and I significantly reduced my intake of coffee. I could not understand why I was still having these unusual dreams. Eventually it began to interfere with my professional and personal life. Psychologically, I was becoming a schizophrenic paranoid. I was scared, confused, and apprehensive; and actually dreaded sleep.

One night the contact finally came. All that day I had felt nervous, restless, and uneasy. I knew something bad was going to happen but I didn't know what! I went home early from the college, strolled on the beach, and pondered my condition. The apprehension was so profound that I couldn't eat my supper. I was very disturbed by a presence around me, in me, or near me, but I didn't know what. I felt as I were waiting for the unknown.

I tried relaxing by meditating on the green Pacific Ocean, as I sat by the large window in my living room apartment. It overlooked the Trinidad Head which is a small and mysterious mountain surrounded by a rocky coastline, thick Redwood and Douglas fir forests, and an inland ocean bay. I reflected on the fishing boats in the harbor which looked like dancing candles on the smooth rolling tide. The only sounds I heard were the songs of sea lions, the gently pounding surf, and the occasional ringing of the distant bouncing buoy. The night was beautifully clear. The therapeutic sounds of nature eventually made me feel relaxed enough to sleep, so I went to bed hoping to dismiss my feelings as simply symptoms of overwork. After a while the dream started again. First the eagles came in from the four sacred directions then they turned into round silver discs. As the humming and vibration became more intense, I heard a strong voice say to me: "Get ready my son, it is time to go." "Who are you?" I mentally responded in defiance, "why do you torment me so much?"

Suddenly I found myself standing next to my bed and I felt compelled to walk into the front room. Some unknown force was pulling me against my will, and someone, or something, was telepathically trying to communicate with me. But who or what? Again I heard a voice say: "You are one of us and you have much to learn. Come forward, my son, it is time to go."

Outside the large window hovered a huge, silver, disc-shaped vehicle approximately forty-five feet in diameter. Soft blue lights pulsated on it in a hypnotic fashion. I felt as though I was in a trance. This thing was pulling me closer and closer, and I couldn't seem to get away. I also felt a burning sensation on my skin.

In the next instant, a beam of white light hit me, and I unexpectantly found myself transported into another room. As I looked around in bewilderment I could see only flashing colors of red, blue, green, violet, and gold. The entire room pulsated with vibration and a profound humming sound.

I tried looking around. I remember seeing scientific and computer equipment which appeared to be built into the walls. The room where I stood was circular, the floor was inlaid with geometric patterns and designs, and off in the distance I could vaguely see four people sitting behind a convex table. I felt dazzled, nauseated, afraid, but also fascinated with the surrounding atmosphere.

As I looked through a transparent window I saw us leaving Trinidad Head, which the distance between the vehicle and the ocean grew at an alarming rate. Evidently we were leaving the Earth! Torn between panic and curiosity I watched the land and ocean spread farther in length and depth. I also noticed a peculiar bubble of blue light, almost translucent, cover an area in diameter from Crescent City to Eureka. It radiated all the way past the Hoopa Indian Reservation up to Mount Shasta region.

As we ascended higher into the cosmos I could see numerous geographical areas on our continent which had a similar blue-glow emanating from the land: Pennsylvania - Great Lakes, a very large glow emanated from the Four Corners area of Arizona-New Mexico, and still another was located somewhere above Vancouver, Canada. Since we were traveling so fast, I could barely get a glimpse of the other "blue glow sections" in central Mexico, and various parts of South America. The strongest one, however, seemed to radiate from off the eastern coastline somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

I gradually built up enough courage to ask the occupants of this craft what the blue glow sections indicated. They replied that such areas were "power centers" -- spiritual high energy fields that could be seen radiating from Earth to beings in outerspace. The power centers were some sort of landmarks. When I questioned them further about this phenomena, they simply replied that I was not scientifically advanced enough to understand. "for right now be content to think of these places as power centers," they responded.

I was then ordered to have a seat and "prepare for my indoctrination." The chair and the table where I sat was transparent. I was somewhat reluctant to sit down because the almost invisible appearance of this unique furniture seemed uncanny. It was solid and yet not solid. It had form but it was not like our Earth furniture. I believe it was a substance of energy designed to simulate matter.

Directly in front of me, approximately thirty feet away, was another large table. I could barely see the four human-like beings because they were shadowed by radiant colors. The one person in the middle told me to look at the "screen" on my right, then my "lessons" began. What I saw and learned during that period was incredible. Here are some highlights from that lesson:

Related as Earth History:

The planet Earth was created by a Supreme Being whose energetic thoughts started a solar explosion. With the help of spirit beings he made gaseous oxygen, the oceans, land masses, vegetation; and eventually all animal, bird, fish, reptile, and insect life-forms. When the Creator left, the world was full of spirits but devoid of human life as we know it. After a period of time a large group of "souls" migrated to our planet in search of adventure and new experiences. They wanted to imitate the Great Creator so they commenced to inhabit the bodies of various animals.

As punishment for breaking the Law, the Great Creator then took away some of their power. This caused the souls to become trapped in a "physical" body. But the souls still had enough knowledge and power to experiment with their new shape, and as a result started changing their new physical-life forms. A second group of "souls" were sent to the Earth, by the Great Creator, to guide, teach, and assist the new entities. This second group of souls remained in spirit-form and have been here since the Beginning. By a process of evolution the new entities changed their colors and form according to geographical influence; in time they evolved as four races of mankind.

These original people learned how to fully utilize their psychic powers as a means to create buildings, vehicles, tools, scientific equipment, and even weapons. They could move large objects with mental powers as a means to create buildings, vehicles, tools, scientific equipment, and even weapons. They could move large objects with mental power and communicate or travel great distances simply by thinking about what they wanted to contact, or where they wanted to go. They developed fantastic cities in the Earth, on the land, and in the oceans. Each of the four different races had similar religions, customs, knowledge, and powers. Their ceremonies centered on worship of the Sun, and they drew upon the Sun for all of their psychic, physical, and cultural needs.

Some groups became highly developed while other groups remained animal-like and retarded in mental/spiritual growth. Perhaps the various mythological characters depicted in ancient myths and legends can serve as examples of this evolutionary process. Occasionally, the elite groups from amongst the four different races of mankind would hold council and ceremony with each other. Evidence of this fact can be found by the large ancient kivas in Arizona and Stonehenge in England, or the great pyramids in Egypt and South America. They adhered to the original laws of the Creator and maintained elaborate religious dances, customs, and ceremonies. But over a period of time they began to bicker over who was the most powerful or who was the most advanced. Soon arguments turned into political and psychic battles, then into wars. The religious ceremonies and customs became more and more suppressed while psychic domination and political control emerged as their main concern. Eventually the various groups misused their powers and the forces of nature, like the weather, against each other. Consequently the Earth raged with turbulence and soon mass destruction followed. The first human races were heading toward self-annihilation and the Creator became saddened by these acts. He sent the "Fire Purifiers" in to purify the Earth.

Those who managed to survive the purification fled to other solar systems, journeyed deep into the bowels of the Earth, or scattered to high mountains, forests, and deserts. Other groups became deformed, subhuman, mutants, or perished. Only the most holy from each racial group were spared the cosmic destruction, and they made every effort to avoid contact with the less developed and/or humans of a different color.

After many generations had passed the various species of mankind redeveloped or eventually became extinct. In time, the original populations increased, and "primitive" types were accultered into the more advanced groups to ensure survival of the species. The Red Race excelled the others due to retention of their racial purity, psychic knowledge, and adherence to strict religious laws and ceremony. They evolved into a highly advanced culture and became even more scientific, psychic, and sophisticated than the "ancient ones." They harnessed solar energy for the purpose of communication, travel, outerspace flight, ocean travel, and healing. They became the masters of energy, vibration, sound, and color for technology. Their knowledge and use of solar power and vibration was remarkable, it powered everything. But in time they too began to misuse the "Powers" and ignore the "Laws." Consequently they destroyed themselves and a large portion of the planet. Floods, tidal waves, and upheavals swept across the Earth while people the world over once again scrambled to the high mountains for survival.

Contrary to anthropological "theory" the Indians did not migrate to this continent from Asia. They were in the western region from the Beginning. Red people fled to the deep interiors of the mountains and forests. The remnant survivors became the aboriginal tribes of the American continent whom the first White explorers encountered. Those who retained their psychic powers and knowledge became known as medicine men, medicine women, religious leaders, or shamans. Various groups, clans, and bands scattered in three directions across the North and South American continent. Due to fear of the holocaust, some went as far north, south and west as they could travel. In time the generations forgot about their original knowledge of science. Whatever remained was orally recorded through ancient myths, legends, songs, and ceremony. The Iroquois and the Hopi are probably the only groups left who still retain the ancient history, truths, and forms of knowledge left over from Atlantis. They are the original descendants from the second purification of Atlantis while their relations can be found in Mexico and Central America; the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans.

On Tuesday, February 13, 2007, Sandy Nichols will be speaking on UFOs from the U.K. The time will be 2 p.m. Pacific time, 3 pm Mountain Time, 4 pm Central Time and 5 pm Eastern time. The URL is: http://key103.co.uk/sectional.asp?ID=10620

Sandy wrote a book about his experience titled, Different Child available on Amazon.com.


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