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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


“Eyewitness 2007 – You are Not Alone”

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been following your research and other work into the Phoenix Lights and other paranormal activity for some time now and I think it would be beneficial to both of us if you could attend the only conference specifically devoted to the Eyewitnesses and Researchers of the Phoenix Lights and other related cases - on the 10 year anniversary of the main event of March 13, 1997. The name of this Conference is “Eyewitness 2007 – You are Not Alone,” and will be held at the Heard Native American Museum in the heart of downtown Phoenix, AZ. The reserved dates are for Monday, March 12, and Tuesday, March 13, 2007 from 8-4pm in the Steele Auditorium within the Museum grounds. We may add a 3rd day on the 14th of March if ticket sales are strong.

The Heard Museum boasts one of the nation’s largest collections of authentic Kachina dolls as well as numerous examples of Native American art, culture and history which serve as the perfect background for the information that our specially invited guest speakers will be sharing with us for the first time ever.

Sacred healers, shamans and other keepers of time, from the Mayan, Azteca and Hopi traditions will be appearing and speaking with us about some of their 5,000 year old traditional knowledge, with a special emphasis on the meanings of some of their prophecies and their relationship to the UFOs by millions of people around the world. These people have traveled a long way to share their knowledge and we are all here to share and to learn from each other. We are all here to teach, to share and to learn.

In addition to the Native American guest speakers, it is also my honor to have the world famous Native American dance troupe Danza Azteca Anahuac from Taos, New Mexico coming to perform sacred dawn initiations with all willing and able participants near the Estrella Mountains of Phoenix where the now infamous Phoenix Lights occurred. The theme of this year’s conference is dedicated to the thousands of UFO eyewitnesses across the United States and the rest of the world who have had close encounters with UFOs and searching for answers. Over the past ten years since my first major close encounter, I have met hundreds of people who have described the most amazing things in our skies, but can’t explain them. We do not pretend to have all the answers, but we feel that we are asking the right questions. Thus your input in these matters is extremely important to the overall success of this and future conferences.

Please email me mmmceo@cs.com back if you would like more information or call me at 757-971-0123.

From the Desk of: William W. Warwick IV (757) 971-0123
Warwick Builders
652 Edwin Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

William W. Warwick IV (President) 757-971-0123

William F. Warwick III (VP) 757-971-2474
Andrew Bibler (Project Manager): 757-971-1850
Office Fax: 757-495-1522Mobile & Desktop
Email: mmmceo@cs.com

The response to this has been overwhelming, I was so pissed off about the O’Hare pilots being treated like nuts, I had to do something.

Lynne Kitei, Francis Barwood, Mike Forston, Jim Woolwith, Mike Tanner, Becky Hardcastle, the list grows by about 10 names every day of people that are attending or speaking.

Thank you for standing up for your rights – together we can do what alone we cannot.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Mike Forston:

Please feel free to copy and paste and get the word out about what we are trying accomplish here. I have had calls from famous people and ordinary people telling me that this what they have been waiting for 10 years to happen.

Dear Mike:

I just read your article on the non investigation of the Phoenix Lights.

I feel the same in every regard and your call to arms and action to document these testimonies is exactly what I am trying to do in this conference.

Please feel free to forward this personal message to you – to any other Eyewitnesses to the Phoenix Lights and invite them to the conference.

I will however humbly beseech anyone that you give this Invitation, that if they are able and feel compelled, that they could make a donation that will help to cover my costs for organizing this conference and all the costs associated with the publication of any book, DVD or other media to document our experiences. I have had quite a few people read my posts at UFO forums of my work and one person sent me a check for $40.00!

I said at one time, that due to the number of pictures and size of my book, The Norfolk Incident, that it would probably cost that much to print and publish it. This was the first and only donation that I ever got for any of the work that I ever did, and it made me realize that people were really affected by and connected with my work and it really inspired me to continue on in the face of possible financial ruin. The man that sent the check is a retired man from South Carolina, who emailed me a few weeks ago about my work on the UFO forum and despite being on social security and a fixed income, he sent me a check for $40!

It really made me feel good to know that there were people that really cared and were awake and were willing to donate what they can to the cause of UFO freedom and truth. It also made me feel good that it was a donation and not a payment for my book as he has reminded me. So if you or anyone else that reads this thinks the work I have done and the cause I am fighting for is worthy, I would gladly accept 1 dollar for it and if you cant afford that than keep it as a gift from god whichever and whatever god you choose, or no god, I don’t care, just know that it all helps. I wish I was rich and I could do more, but I am not, I am just and ordinary American with a mortgage, two kids and my own construction company. I have no political ambition other than to fight for the rights of UFO witnesses until the day I die. And then I’ll keep fighting from heaven.

For the Record, I am not a professional producer or documentary or film person. I am a witness just like you – who can’t stand to see what is happening and I am trying to do something about it. My title as the “Producer,” of the Conference and the DVD, was Carrie Clark of Sirius Seminars idea who is helping me to organize this conference and everything else and because I am the one responsible for organizing and funding this project and nearly every other aspect of the conference and Carrie says I am the “Producer,” but I don’t want other witnesses to think I am just another slick TV reporter or Hollywood spin doctor. I want the testimony of the eyewitnesses to stand on their own. I want to present and gather the principal investigators with the actual eyewitnesses and put all their testimony in one place, a documentary video and book series, from which all can give their written testimony as well.

For the record, I have published for free, nearly 90% of the information in my book for free on http://www.alien-ufos.com/ forum under my name Justice League. I felt that if I didn’t give it away for free first, I was doing a disservice to the movement.

Now I have spent the better half of 10 years now writing and researching this book and other phenomena and I realize that if the information is to really get out there, a book, a video, whatever is the best way to do that. Maybe 5,000 people will ever get on a UFO forum to read or discuss anything. But a well written book could reach millions, even billions of people around the world. The same is true for video. So I realized at some point, that people don’t really value things that are free, because they didn’t have to give up anything for it.

As altruistic as our efforts to give the info away for free are, in the end if our ultimate goal is to educate the public and get this information into as many hands as possible, then at some point we have to go “commercial.” I mean suppose something spectacular happens in Phoenix on the Ten year anniversary after our conference? What if the only real attempt at bringing together all of the witnesses in one place and something spectacular happens, what do you think the world will think of us then? We honor the mystery by coming together and remembering what was shown to us. Whatever happened, the craft wanted to be seen, this we can be sure of, this was not a TEST FLIGHT!

The other reason is that we need to able to support our volunteer efforts with some sort of income as little as that might be. Right now I teeter on financial ruin should this conference not be a total sell out. I am using all my savings and money from my mother’s death and insurance settlement (less than 14k) to do this conference. But it would be worth every penny if I can find 200 or 350 eyewitnesses willing to go on tape and give their full name and tell THEIR story.
Not the story of some slick producer who never saw anything, not some egotistical UFO researcher vying for TV news lines, but just one witness supporting another witness. The first and only account of ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. The skeptics and pundits will come out and say their usual stuff, but at the end of the day WE ALL KNOW THAT THE THINGS THEY SAY ARE IMPOSSIBLE – ARE REAL!

Therefore, if we learn anything from our experience, we should KNOW BEYOND ANY DOUBT – that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.

IF WE CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS IT WILL MAKE HISTORY – No rational, no sound and open minded person can refuse 350 eyewitness accounts from people from all walks of life all talking about the same thing. For every 1 person like you and me that comes forward you know there are 20 that don’t.

I know that you understand that our mission as eyewitnesses goes far beyond just telling our stories.

In order to pay for all the video taping, auditorium rental and other costs, I will be spending every penny I have upfront to make this happen. PLEASE help me make this a success, Please call or email every person you know and tell them what I am trying to do, let them know that they are not alone, and together we can show the world what it means to be an AMERICAN again, to show the world that DEMOCRACY is not dead.

WE must do this, Time is running out for the human race, and if we don’t start to radically alter the way we live our lives, we will perish and eat our own ashes. I know that people are afraid of losing their jobs, I was fired two days after my UFO encounter and I am here to fight for you, to take your employer to court, under the UFO Reporting Act of 2007 we are putting together for legal petition to the government.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men were created equal and have the inalienable right to share this information with his fellow citizens and to be free from discrimination by employers and others. This movement is not just about UFO’s but the UFO situation is the same as the Tea for the Boston Tea Party. The UFO’s are the object, the last straw in the fight for the civil rights guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

How is it that Belgium and Mexico and so many other governments have assisted their citizens and cooperated with their citizens to try to find an answer to the UFO enigma – yet the leader of all these countries – who holds itself out as the ultimate bastion of Free Speech and Democracy can scarcely get 10 people to come forward and give their testimony on video tape to one of the most important developments in the history and evolution of our race.
I know that there is fear – I was fearful too, but as time goes on that fear turns to shame, that shame turns to anger, that anger turns to hate and that hate leads to action. If you are an eyewitness and your are not totally fucking pissed off at the way we have been treated, then perhaps you shouldn’t involve yourself with this movement. But if you are an eyewitness and you know that the government is hiding something, then it is your civic duty to stand up for YOUR and YOUR fellow witnesses rights.

The history of the United States is the history of a country at war with itself to constantly revise our definition and civil rights guaranteed by the highest law of our land, the US Constitution. As Americans we have more civil rights than any other country on the planet, but those rights were borne in the blood and sacrifice of every soldier and family member that lost a loved one, beginning at the Boston Massacre and continuing to this day. Only after 1 million brothers battled in the civil war, did we get the Proclamation of Emancipation, only after the deaths of another 750,000 brothers did were we able to stop the rise of Fascism.

How many women suffered to have equal rights with men? How many people died in the triangle fire before employers were forced to better the working conditions of ALL?

How many of our husbands and sons and daughters and loved ones are being killed in Iraqi right now fighting for “freedom?”

My fellow Americans I beseech you to hear this call. We have all these freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution – we have all these civil rights only because your fathers and mothers and grandfathers and people that aren’t even related to you fought and died and sacrificed their lives so that we could have these rights and freedoms, so that each generation would be able to better itself just a little more than before. But with these freedoms come the responsibility of protecting those freedoms from friend and from foe alike.

I understand that some of you will lose your jobs, just as I had lost mine, but I survived, and so will you. What ever doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. After my first encounter I was afraid of the government, I was afraid of the very real repercussions of what might happen if I came forward with my testimony, but you know what nobody killed me, I have my own company now and in many ways, losing my job forced me to go out on my own and start my own business so that I would never have to be fearful of speaking my mind or being fired just for asking if anyone saw something unusual on a company radio. I won’t lie to you, the sneers and jeers of the doubtful hurt, but over the past ten years, I have had 10 times as many positive experiences sharing my story and listening to others who have had similar experiences and I know I am not alone.

This is the second most important thing this conference is trying to accomplish – which is to support those of us who are Eyewitnesses and let each of you know that there will be 350 other people you can call and talk to, or share your experience with, therein lies the power of the movement. Our individual testimonies can be skewed and disbelieved, but 350 unrelated people coming forward and taking time off of work and giving their testimony cannot and will not be ignored by our fellow countrymen nor the world.

I ask you is the threat of losing your job and being teased by your peers and friends more of a sacrifice for freedom than the sacrifice made by the 1.5 million soldiers that have fought and died in all the wars the United States has engaged in?

Today we fight another war, just as important as those that came before and spilled so much of our blood, but we fight this war with our hearts and our minds and a pen and paper and a tv camera. The battlefield is not in some far off country but right here in the living rooms and workplaces of our friends and neighbors and fellow countrymen and women.

I say GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH – to do anything less is to trample upon the gift we have been given. We didn’t land on Plymouth rock – Plymouth rock landed on us.

Yours Truly,

Donations can be made to: William Walter Warwick IV
652 Edwin Drive – Virginia Beach, VA 23462


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