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Monday, January 29, 2007


I met a man in Delores, Colorado while on vacation this month that I will call Verne. He had an interesting story to tell.

His uncle worked at Los Alamos. One weekend he went hunting northwest of Los Alamos. He was up on a ridge when he heard a crackling noise. He went to investigate the noise and over the hill he saw a UFO hovering over the power lines. Electricity like lightning was being sucked up by the craft.

The craft was saucer shaped with a dome on top and thin on the bottom. He watched it for 15 minutes. It remained stationary all that time but then took off and went up the canyon.

When he returned to work on Monday morning he told his boss what he had seen. His boss took him in his office, pulled out a folder and showed him a photo of the same type of thing. It was a craft taking the electricity from the power lines. So his boss believed every word he said!

When we asked Verne if he had siblings he said two sisters. We asked if either one of them had unusual experiences. He said not that I know of but my mother saw an alien! He said that was back where he grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was winter time and she saw the alien walk past her sliding glass doors on the outside. Her husband was skeptical so he went outside and found the footprints in the snow. Then he believed her.!

I asked what the alien looked like and he said about 3 - 4 feet tall with a big grey head and big black eyes. A typical grey.

You just never know the answer you will get when you ask the question, "Has anything unusual happened to you?" This was a perfect example because this man ran the little coffee shop and wasn't busy so he sat down with us to have coffee and talk. His vibes were wonderful. I think there was more to him than even he knew! He gave me a big hug when we left.

I liked that little town of Delores, the people are so friendly and hospitable. It is close to the Anasazi Museum and ruins of the Escalante and Dominquez pueblos.


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