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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


From God Like Productions forum.
It is amazing what you can find on GLP and good that you can coordinate in this fashion. The following are from persons hearing the hum and the thud and the vibrations under their homes.

Are you hearing and feeling any rumbling coming from underneath the ground in your area?

My wife and I, my older brother, and my mom and stepdad have all noticed that there is a sound and a feel of rumbling coming from underground that occurs a few times a day. (My younger brother lives in the city of Raleigh and has not noticed it) This started about a year ago and is more frequent recently. It almost feels as if heavy machinery like a dumptruck were moving back and forth about 30 feet underground. It is not very frequent at each of our locations, varying between 1-3 times a day.You can hear it and feel it. It sounds and feels like a fully-loaded dumptruck going by on a street close by your location. Except with this, it feels and sounds like it is coming from beneath you. Also, when you go outside, you can actually hear and feel it less- and there is clearly nothing outside above ground causing it- go back inside and you can hear and feel it a little better. It just has a feeling and sound so that you know that it is coming from underground.The sound and feeling feels like it is getting closer and closer to you, and then it dies and ceases fairly quickly, usually all lasting about 10-20 seconds.[We live in Eastern North Carolina just East of Raleigh and we dont have earthquakes often. We only have felt ones maybe once or twice in 10 years, and they are usually very light. The last felt one we had was 2 years ago and was centered near Richmond, Va.]Have any of you noticed this rumbling from underground also? It is very unusual and has us a little intrigued.
NO WAY! I am in Goldsboro about 5 miles west of Seymour Johnson AFB and we have felt it here also! We had a hard time at first noticing and discerning it due to the lound fighter jets and other aircraft that flying around here. But yeah, we have definately noticed this. No Aircraft outside or dumptrucks or whatever when this happens. Whatever it is we have been feeling is coming from below ground, kind of like a localized earthquake. just like you described, it feels like something is coming straight at you like its getting ready to hit you, and then it goes way. This is just too damn odd! Ive got to show this thread to my buds.
Wow, that's too weird I felt it this morning here in Michigan around 7:30ish.
Yeah, yes, ja, in Deutschland/Germany the same/das Gleiche!
We hear it here too Indiana.
Been feeling/hearing these same rumblings up here in New Hampshire, too - several times a day - much stronger and more frequent this past week, including tonight.Also hearing more military flights overhead last 5 nights.
I listened and no it's not like that at all. It's like a cat diesle is right outside at idle and sometimes the siding of the house will pick up a harmonic vibration to go along with it. I've reported this here more than a few times. Glad some other people hear it too.When you learn of subterrians and such it dosn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whats up.
Once I lived on the side of a hill. I was playing chess with my son. As we were staring at the board we heard this rumble that got louder and louder and we both thought it was a truck coming up the street. Only when it got to our location the whole earth rolled. Or it could be an underground base...
Tunneling equipment and secret base building would be my guess.I'll relate a story here. My former brother inlaw worked for a company that manufactured steel security doors.The company was helping to build a prison within the gates of Grissom AFB in Peru Indiana.I told him to ask around about the rail station there thats three levels down below ground.Well he did and he was told never to come on the base property again. He didn't get fired so I was relieved about that but he related to me that they were not happy about his question to who ever it was he asked and they threw him out of there for the rest of the project.
Start keeping an eye on these 2 sites[link to weather.unisys.com] [link to vortex.plymouth.edu] and follow the little circles.

On March 12 something that should have been a storm formed of the Lake Erie area, 4 hours later a 3.6 earthquake in Ohio.Weird radar shot up to the same area from W. VA a few months before and an earthquake in NW Pa.We may be being played with again without the public being informed of weapons tests.
A special website called the Taos Hum Homepage, now reports that “nearly every state in the U.S. has at least one hum hearer report, including Alaska and Hawaii.” It says the largest number of reports are coming from the southwest, the Pacific northwest and southeastern states. Also “the hum has caused such problems in the U.K. and Sweden that hum-hearer support groups have formed there.”Towns in Italy and Mexico also are reporting humming.

Brooklyn, New York, where a humming noise has been bothering residents in the Bay Ridge area for the past year, chiropractor Dr. Concetta Butera says she has spent thousands trying to muffle the noise from her office and her sixth-floor apartment where she has lived for 18 years. She has installed soundproof windows, invested in a sound machine and even hired an acoustical consultant. The source of the sound has not been found.A nearby resident, Rita Majurinen, says the hum is “such a low tone that I can feel it in my body.” She said the noise keeps her awake at night.In Dorset, England, the sound has been dubbed the “Swanage hum.” It is described as a low noise that is felt as a vibration. During the last three years that it has been going on, people complain that it not only keeps them awake, it causes things to vibrate loose. One man said the hinge pins were driven from his door.The Largs hum, in the Scotland town of Largs, has been buggering residents there since the 1980s. People there say it causes headaches, chest pain, nausea and even nose bleeds.

A scientist investigating reports of a strange humming noise across Auckland says special equipment sensitive enough to pick up the sound will have to be used to solve the mystery.Massey University scientist Tom Moir - along with Fakhrul Alam - has been investigating reports from up to 30 people for the past month.
Yes, quite a bit the last couple of weeks. (Central Iowa)
S. Utah. odd and very resonant rumblings here . I have felt the last few days. sound more like distant explosions...probably blasting...but feeling like rumbling terrorists and illumaniti digging under my house.
Wow.I thought we were the only ones!We're in Greensboro, NC and get the same thing, but along with the rumbling sounds, there are also loud underground 'thuds' every once-in-a-while.It almost seems as if there are large trucks hauling something very large and very heavy, then when they get to their destination (which happens to be very close to our home) they drop it.
why not find the locality .. using a stethoscope .. and start to dig down ....! If your saying its like ten feet below your feet - then that shouldnt be too hard to dig down to .. and you may find yourself ... opening a hole in a military tunnel ... ! That would be fun to investigate - they aint gonna see you coming through the roof their tunnel and having a look round ..! Man you could maybe even get some listenning devices down there etc etc .. _______________________
Central Wisconsin here. I don't hear this, but our Peking ducks do. For the past several days, been going nuts, frantic, trying to escape and hide, that kind of behavior. I'd check the live seismographs and most often a slight global shudder had just occurred. The Chinese use their Peking ducks as quake predictors. Sounds like the US is under more stress than usual! New Madrid about to go?
When you get to mapping all these sites, you'd better stick the central southern area of UK on it too. We had a deep rumble last night - not the first time either, but definitely the heaviest - which had me running out into the garden to see what was passing by. I live way out in the sticks and there is only a track and country road near the house, but nothing was passing by. There are Porton Down and Boscombe Down government establishments, plus the military ranges on Salisbury Plain, which are all fairly near, but no activity from them.... not on the surface, anyway. We also have Army and Royal Air Force Apaches, Lynx and Chinooks, and Navy Merlins which use our house as an unofficial marker on the low level route to the training area, but nothing flying by at the time.So, what is this world wide phenomenon? Is the earth moving for you? Or are "the tunnels" being brought into use all of a sudden? There's something going on, that's for sure.Good 'ere, init?
I have some friends near Suffolk Va(near Langley,Ft Monroe, several military sections) that has been hearing these underground rumblings off and on for years.
Just about a month ago I heard some rumblings just underneath our apartment. It shook the whole damn place. Now, I live in the SE quadrant of USA where there are no EQ, at least none that I know about. Tell me, what the hell is going on? Damn Reptilians.
Been rumbling again in the last hour here in Michigan.
several times in the past year around 2 am i've heard a humming noise also sounding alittle like an ideling tractor trailor. i live next to a busy street so i thought thats what it was. all the times i went out back to look at the street and there's nothing there. they last only a couple of minutes then go away. i've returned to my bedroom puzzled...i live in south texas.


My Rothschild source said that the underground rail system is three levels. Top one is least secure (for regular transport of materiel & nonessential personnel - meaning us cattle, when the time comes) and the deepest is most secure. Requires "black card" clearance to use the secure levels. At the time (early 90's) there was at least one main East/West line from one end of the country to the other with many North/South spurs to major cities. I would imagine the way the boring systems have been running over the last few decades they've established at least one other main East/West route with links between them by now. The trains are said to be 400 mph+ maglev systems, and the 'rumbling' is the pressure waves from the trains moving through the tunnels. The tunnel boring machines were developed in the 50's using huge screws with carbide tipped blades, with upgrades as better technology became available from the nuclear & laser industries and such.

The tunnel systems are probably worldwide by now, as TPTB are spread out all over.


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