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Saturday, March 17, 2007


In 1940 Ida May Kannenberg met a UFO while traveling through the desert outside Los Angeles. She was tricked into thinking her help was needed and as she thought she was giving blood they were putting implants into her body. She met some of the people she’d later be taking psychic dictation from but forgot all about them when the voices began in 1968.

Ida’s communicators are time travelers from the time of Atlantis and a being from the beginning of time on Earth (Thoth). Her closest collaborator, or “live-in companion”, was Hweig, now deceased, who was the child of a time traveler and a Russian of royal birth.

Since then, Ida has gone from nearly being driven mad by them to becoming the most organized and systematic thinker and writer on UFO and psychic events. Although Ida never takes what they tell her at face value, her experiences with them during the last 37 years have made her extremely interesting and knowledgeable. At 90 she is the Sybil and Jung of this era of UFOs and abductions by aliens.

Her guides impelled Ida towards studies and activities that have developed her as a person that have also expanded our understanding of what it is they intend here. As they invaded her life and mind she, in turn, learned about them.

They say they wish us to become good cosmic citizens, to develop towards our rightful inheritance as participators in the activities of the Creative Forces, and to make us realize all of the things we have left undone—our Species Karma. They want us to think. They want us to compromise so that we’ll know peace. They want us to leave war behind and take care of each other and our planet. They want us to be mindful of our mistakes.

In order to talk to us they have to use our own minds and personalities to create teaching illusions for us---so much safer for them and these illusions have the same effect as if real for us. Those abductees who have nasty experiences should look deep within themselves. These abductees offered, through their caring, to help mankind see their omissions “relative to the Natural Forces of the Earth, and through ritual acts, often encompassing great distress and agony, we are initiated into the path toward collaboration with the Creative Forces.” Unfortunately, we have forgotten how to understand symbolism and instead take these created illusions as real. Their messages and metaphors have missed their mark! Ida’s writings are an attempt to help us understand the symbolic representations of ideas that will direct and preserve our future.

“UFO people are the direct communicators but outside, above, below, beyond, beside are tiers and hierarchies of other participants in the most complex and extravagant of schemes to awaken Man to his true destiny.”

You can read more of Ida's story on August 3 and 5th, 2005 of this blog.


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