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Saturday, March 31, 2007


The Moncla Memories
All in One Films

In the early evening of November 23, 1953 a USAF F-89 jet was scrambled from Kinross AFB in Sault St. Marie, Michigan to intercept an unknown target over Lake Superior. As it approached the 'bogey' its radio transmissions, according to one radar operator who watched the incident, became increasingly jumbled by static. The two blips merged on the radar scope over Canadian waters. The single blip moved off to the North West and then disappeared. Lt. Felix Eugene Moncla, the pilot, his radar operator, Lt. Robert L. Wilson, and their F-89 fighter were never seen again.

The official USAF accident report stated their plane had crashed intercepting an RCAF C-47 transport flying 30 miles off course. The RCAF and the pilot of the C-47 claimed they were right on course and had never seen the jet.

Gord Heath recalls many strange events occurring throughout his life. Heath, a computer systems engineer presently living in Vancouver, was born in Fort William in the Spring of 1954, about nine months after the Kinross incident.

After a UFO sighting in 1999 he became interested in the UFO phenomenon and he began reading up on its history. When he came across the Kinross Incident bells went off. It resonated with many of the strange occurrances stretching back to his early childhood as if it was connecting all the dots. It prompted Gord to do a flurry of research. He mounted his own web site and began to devote his vacation time to visiting the places where Gene Moncla had lived. And the memories began to come...not just vague images, but detailed recollections of the life of Gene Moncla and, even stranger, the detailed recollection that Gene Moncla was his genetic father.

Heath makes no truth claim about his memories. He is fully aware of the confabulating abilities of the mind.

Nevertheless, what he 'recalls' tells a fascinating story about reincarnation, UFOs, and how we give meaning to our lives. And through genetic testing one crucial aspect of the story, his relationship to Moncla, is verifiable. Should the test be negative, the story still tells us much about the enigma of memories and the human mind... and its extraordinary creative, and maybe even transpersonal, abilities.

Listen to 'Strange Days... Indeed' - The PodCast See: http://www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/sdi/program/
Karin from the UK sent this in. Thank you very much for this exciting report Karin!

This reminds me of the Frederick Valentich, 20, on October 21, 1978, story where he was flying his Cessna 182 small airplane over Bass Strait in Australia. He reported seeing an unknown object and a few moments later that it was coming towards him. The last that was heard of him was a screeching sound and nothing more. His airplane and himself were gone forever. - Aileen


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  • At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Sepka the Space Weasel said…

    http://www.ufobc.ca/kinross/index.htm has some more detailed information on the Kinross case.

    -Sepka the Space Weasel

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