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Monday, March 26, 2007



On the afternoon of November 28, 2006, according to the Fire and Police Chief "several credible witnesses" stated that they saw "something shiny and bright crash into a wooded area directly behind the Pratt & Whitney plant just off US 80 (Macon Rd)" Scores of police, fire and at least one FAA official raced to the scene. (This account can be seen on the WTVM Channel 9 Columbus, Georgia website) The "search" was joined by "personnel" from Fort Benning, Georgia, the Georgia State Patrol and several "unidentified" personnel."According to the officials, "...after searching for over 5 hours (including the use of helicopters) NOTHING was found". In addition, the fire chief made a statement to a local news crew (on film) that..."sometimes people see what they think is something and it really is nothing...."

Several large tractor trailers were seen going into the area which had been contained by police. According to the local press, the witnesses (which are suppose to have been "interviewed" by the local Police on Wednesday the next day) all stated that something "crashed" and it appeared to be a shiny object traveling at high speed. Interestingly, the police, fire and FAA official stated on the next day that "neither the local Columbus Metropolitan Airport or Fort Benning Lawson Army Airfield radar had shown NO sign of ANY craft or object on radar at the supposed time of impact.

BUT I spoke to the head weather reporter for a local TV station who told me that his station has their OWN RADAR and they showed "something" striking the area at the approximate time given. I and another professional educator (both hold PhD's) were traveling next to the Columbus Metro Airport at 1 PM the next day when we both saw a completely unmarked, white 727 aircraft.

As the plane taxied by us no more than 100 feet away my companion's vehicle, lost all power, all gauges went dead, power steering, engine, everything and we glided to a stop. We both exited the vehicle thinking something mechanically major had gone wrong with his vehicle. At that moment the plane began to slowly pass us as it was taxing from the main runway. I picked up my cell phone to call a mechanic and found my cell phone to be dead. My companion's cell phone was also dead. We both watched the plane as it went by us. Both of us are veterans and have traveled MANY times on 727's. Almost at the same moment, we both spoke because we noticed that the plane had no markings of any kind...no tail numbers, nothing. The plane had a strange finish and almost looked (excuse the obvious pun) whitewashed. When the plane got about 100 feet from us, my companions car restarted with no apparent reason, or damage of any kind. In addition, both my and my companion's cell phone came back on.

We are both academic professors and are empiricists. We have NEVER been involved in ANY such thing before. I immediately attempted to call the airport to inquire about the plane. I was connected (I don't know why to this number) the fire/police crash station. I started to ask the man who answered about the plane. He rudely cut me off and stated, "that is a private plane, thank you" and hung up. Approximately 30 minutes later I called CSG Aviation and a young woman answered and I inquired about the plane. She told me "that was a government plane" I asked how she knew that and she said that "It had picked up SOMETHING which it loaded into its rear section and it also refueled, a man in a coat and tie came from the plane and PAID for the fuel with a credit card which had US Treasury and an account number on it." She said that's how she knew it was a "government plane".

An additional call to the Airport admin office confused me further. At that time I was now told that, " I was mistaken, that NO PLANE, much less a 727, had landed or taken off during the time period I gave". When my wife got home, I told her of my encounter and SHE INFORMED ME about the "crash" the day before. I had not been feeling well and had not read the paper or seen the news.

I am trying to get the "witnesses statements" from the police. I FIRMLY believe that SOMETHING WAS FOUND AND RECOVERED and that it was taken from Columbus the next day in the STRANGE and unexplained "ghost plane" my friend and I saw. We have a huge military base here with its own airport. Logic states that if this was something military, they would of taken it to Fort Benning. I was also told that during the same period that "debris" was reported striking areas around Montgomery, Alabama which is 100 miles from here. ((NUFORC Note: We have spoken via telephone with the source of this report, and he impressed us with his sincerity)


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  • At 8:32 AM, Anonymous JDK said…

    Ya know. There's been a lot of helicopters surveying lately. I know were over by Ft. Benning, but reportedly there was some sightings by more factory workers across town. Interesting enough. The helicopters are your basic copters, all black. Want to email me? JDKNIPE@knology.net

  • At 11:21 PM, Blogger Jenny Atla said…

    I saw a UFO yesterday!! It was March 30, 2010 and i saw something shiny and bring exactly like a star...the points an all. It was getting closer and growing brighter and it was definitely not a dang plane. I've lived near airport thruway most of my life and i think i know what those bastards look like. When a plane approaches it has a distinct sound and the plane wings are visible as well as the blinking red light ( i can see all these clearly bc the airports a couple streets over and within seeing distance). THis star had NO blinking red light. NO sound, and NO definite outline but the star-shape. It literally got closer. I was approaching the stop light to turn left on university avenue when i saw it more clearly. Not manchestor but that street where applebees is is where i turned and first saw it before approaching the stop light onto university avenue. while travelng down the little ways to get to the stop light i saw the star-like object and i slowed to see what it was exactly bc it caught my interest. A tree got in my way but i kept my eyes on that spot as the tree moved outta the way and it was still there. thats when it got bright and the star shined outward into spikes. then it fricking hazed out into a gray shape before my eyes and disappeared. but before it disappeared completely there was a streak of grayish shadow darting to the left (in the opposite direct. A minute later i looked farther to the right and saw a jet going in the direction of the object. The jet wasnt exactly near but it was within seeing distance as if i were to hold my hands up and separate them into about a foot apart. Keep in mind that this was at about 3:40 pm in the afternoon and it was sunny and almost cloud free and this was within a few minutes. I just think it a coincidence that i saw a jet going in the same direction i saw the ufo take off in. This was NO PLANE. what effing plane lights up into a star effect, goes suddenly brighter and then shorten out, then haze into a circular shadow and then streak in the opposite direction within minutes??? PPL i saw a dang UFO!!!

  • At 1:26 PM, Blogger jimn0868 said…

    I was at Ft.Benning in 1977 when over 1200 troops were fired at by UFOs.In 1986 I was in charge of all land at Ft.Benning Ga.I was attached to USAIC MP company at Ft. Benning Ga. My job was to secure all restricted areas on the post.In 1986 I was on patrol ad observed a Unknown Craft flying over the restricted area.I followed as close a possible and it lost control and crashed.I contacted the HQ at the military police on post and notified them that a unknown craft had crashed. The craft was disk shaped and there were bodies ejected from the craft.A huge fire was burning from the craft,within a few minutes there was several helicopters hovering over the crsft with lights.The fire was put out and then several large flat bed trucks arrived and took the craft to Lawson Air field at ft.benning ga.The craft was loaded onto a white 727 unmarked jet.Two other smaller Jets were escorting the 727 as it took off.I was told to report to the military police HQ asap.When I arrived I was told that I was not to talk about anything I had seen and that it never happened.I was told if I ever spoke to anyone about what I had seen,I would be court marshalled and sent to Leavenworth's prison.

  • At 5:24 AM, Anonymous Viagra Online said…

    I always think about the hundred of this accidents that happen around the world in all this year, we don't know how many of this events has been hidden and now those starships are occult in some hangar in different countries.

  • At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have seen two UFOs at Fort Benning. One was this last January, I forgot the date exactly but it was about 11 ish I remember cause the custer road shoppette was closed so I had to drive to dixie to the 24 hour one. While I was driving down 185 before the marne road exit there was this very bright light hovering about 500 feet up. My buddy was with me. I pointed it out to him, he being a big skeptic said oh that's probably a helicopter. So I slowed down and rolled the window down to listen...... didn't make a sound. If any one is familiar with fort Benning and the aircraft that fly through there its only military aircraft such as black hawks, c 130, a 10s ect. All of those aircraft make loud noises. And for that to be a black hawk hovering you would still hear a loud low rumble with the chopping noise that they make. It did not nor did it look like a black hawk. It was a bright light with a funny shape kind of like: ~<^>~ and it was all a solid light. There was no blinking lights strobes or anything. I passed under it and behind it and it was still the same light, which would rule out a spot light. I turned my attention back to the road and then back to the light in my rear view then again. The next time I looked back it disappeared. The other one was a couple months before that. It was similar but more of an orb shape but I was outside my house on kessler Dr.in the front yard smoking a cig facing west when out of the north came this light that first looked like a plane at first glance but it didn't have any marker lights strobes or red lights. I watched to see if it was just my eyes not focusing but as it passed by heading south there still was nothing identifying it as a conventional aircraft. It was one solid light till it disappeared over the horizon. I had a reference to compare to because there was planes flying at multiple altitudes heading in all different directions and I could tell they were all airplanes. I experienced the same light in upstate ny a month after...... its funny how alot of skeptical people will say if there are so many sightings why haven't I seen any. Well I have always said u won't see them if your not looking for them. Stop watching your feet and watch the skys.

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  • At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why would your car's systems fail while the 727 was still operable? Do you know how big the cargo door is on a 727? The whole story sounds fishy to me.

  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger UFObeliever said…

    I agree. Why would electrical devices fail while the 727 was still operational.? One thing could be that the U.S. Government has had many years of experience with dealing with Alien technology. Maybe they have a way to bypass the blackout of electrical devices. They have been removing crashes alien vehicles for a long time. They have been backwards engineering their technology for some time.

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