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Thursday, March 22, 2007



(Annotated) The Great Indian Conventions which have been held in Michocan, Mexico, have resulted in the complete amalgamation of all the Indian tribes and nations of the Western Hemisphere, a united people under the Great White Chief. So impressive was this Great White Chief, Eachta Eacha Na, (Mighty and Wise One) that he was unanimously elected as chief of all chiefs and their law giver and teacher. Under his leadership they have determined to be and remain a united people, by casting aside all enmity, hatred, malice, and bickering and by recognizing the blood brotherhood of their people under One God and one leadership. The following story of the Indian movement we pass on to you for all it is worth, knowing that many will find it of great interest at this time.

The Chigarau Indians are a nation of very light skinned Indians living in the southern part of Old Mexico. Their beautiful walled city lies in an almost inaccessible section of the high mountainous regions deep in the south of Mexico almost as far as Guatemala. It lies at an elevation of about 1200 feet, within this secluded valley, where it has remained untouched and unspoiled by the evils of civilization. It was built long before the time of Christ. Their habitations cover an area about nine and one half miles long by about eleven miles wide, or about a hundred square miles......

UPDATE TO "THE GREAT WHITE CHIEF" - sent in by "Doc" in Utah.

The 33rd Each Ta Eacha Na is named same as his father, Joseph, AKA Warm South Wind, his passport name is Jose or Joseph Rivera. In 1972 he was a student at a now defunct Indian college in California when he came to Utah to attend a white/inidian conference in West Jordan, Utah, called the Indian Unity Caravan. There are tapes of that conference where Warm South Wind, "Mad Bear" Anderson and Thomas Banyacya spoke:http://db3-sql.staff.library.utah.edu/lucene/AV/A0800/A0874.xml/ContainerList
Use FIND ON THIS PAGE found under EDIT at the top of your page and use the words: Warm South Wind in the search engine to find the 3 tapes he is on.

My friend (I won't name her) was in her early 30s when she went with Zula Brinkerhoff (now deceased) to this meeting in 1972. (Google her name, she wrote many books on indians and was a white adopted as a Daughter of David Monongye, Keeper of the Hopi Prophecy, a traditionalist Hopi) She told me just 2 weeks ago that she met Warm South Wind and talked to him personally at that meeting in 1972. She said that he wore white indian clothing with a single feather in his head band and had a big smile and a magnetic personality.

Then, 6 weeks ago, I was going through a stack of papers on my desk and found a group of papers with a strange clip on them. I went through them and found the name Joseph Steven Mauger. He claims to have felt the desire to go meet this white Indian prophet. He flew to Guatemala to the nearest airport and was hoping to find someone that could take him to the God Star City and meet this chief/prophet. He was met there by a young Indian from the city who told him that they knew he was coming and that he was not welcome to come. It is by invitation only. They got his name and address and 2 months later, he was invited. He flew back and was escorted 5 days through the mountains to the city where he stayed the traditional 14 days where he was instructed and then told not to share what he had learned with anyone. In 1997 Joseph Mauger claims that the Indian prophet came to Salt Lake City, Utah with his counselors and his 12 apostles. I think that this is the same Warm South Wind / Joseph Rivera.

These papers I mysteriously had on my desk mentioned that he has spoken on the Dr. Jack Stockwell radio show out of Salt Lake City in 1995. With help from friends, we located him last Sunday and are having him speak this saturday to a small group that have beliefs in this indian prophet/chief and his future work.

There are a few rare books on Eachta Eacha Na. There is: THE GREAT WHITE CHIEF and THE COMING INDIAN PROPHET (2 books in one) by Norman Pierce / Utah (now deceased). THE GREAT WHITE CHIEF AND THE VALLEY OF THE BLUE MOON by Mother Mary (cover name). A third book easy to be had has been compiled together by a friend of mine Larry Garmus / Utah. The book is called: THE COMING INDIAN PROPHET ($20 includes postage / I stock this book at my office) and a 4th book: THE ONE LIKE UNTO MOSES, THE BRANCH PROPHET by Rhea Kunz and available from my friend Lynn Bishop / Utah (801-465-2157)


In the early 1950's there was an organization of Indians from Canada, the United States, Mexico and South America known as the "League of Nations Pro-American Indians." The purpose of the organization was to further the cause of the Lamanites, Indians who, with blood of the White, had been designated by Joseph Smith as Chosen of God.

At that time, a meeting was held in Independence by the chiefs of the organization to "adopt the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (mormons) as the State Church of the Indian Nations.

At the meeting a matter was brought up that was of extreme importance for it pertained to the most carefully guarded of the "secrets." The matter was the city of White Indians located in Guatemala. The city is called "Star God City," in commemoration of the visit of the white-bearded god who had visited the ancestors of the American Indians of Guatemala. It was from his symbol, the Morning Star, that the name "Star God City" was derived. Star God City is located near El Gelbo, Guatemala, and is on the shore of a lake. Around the city is a limestone wall. In each of the four sides is a gate. Besides the dwellings, within the walls are four temples.

The language of the White Indians is of the old Mayan people or, as Latter-Day Saints believe, the original tongue of the Lamanites and Nephites. Anyone visiting the city would need two interpreters, one versed in Spanish, the other in Mayan.

According to reports, the people of Star God City, are looking forward with great longing to the "Second coming of the Star God", of Jesus Christ and the building of the Holy City in which the Star God will dwell.

At the 1951 conference in Independence it was reported that White Indians of Star God City have records of their people dating back to ancient times. Their belief is that the story of Esther (Biblical Book of Esther) corroborates the records. In fact, their belief is that the Book of Esther verifies the "truthfulness of the Book of Mormon."

Discussed at the meeting were the records kept by the Guatemala White Indians. Containing history of the deepest past, not only of Indians of Central America but most of the tribes of North America as well, all is inscribed on metal plates.
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