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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Today will be my last blog for some time, or maybe for all time. I am moving to Cortez, Colorado on Thursday. I don't know how long it will take to get back on line. I have enjoyed sending you all these stories. I hope you got something out of them. I have many more to share when, and if I do, get back on line. I think my life will take a new turn when I am in Colorado as I want to start a "Grand Old Opry" in that area. It won't be called exactly that but close to it. Life moves on - that is called progress! (I think???) - Aileen

THE 2012 PROPHESIES - A COMMENT There is an event, from when I was nine years old, that I have never forgotten. A boy was weeping in the school playground as other boys teased him, sprinkling water on him and making spooky noises. I was told that his family belonged to a religious sect who believed the world was about to end in a great flood. Armageddon. Apocalypse. The sprinkled water thrown by the boys was supposed to be the first drops of the prophesied tidal waves. This was a sad situation.

When I first became involved in new age and holistic spirituality, I myself became totally certain that humanity was living through a time of cosmic importance and dramatic transformation. But I was stopped in my tracks by some history I had to read as part of my mature student's degree, which taught me that decade by decade throughout history there has always been a group of people claiming that their moment in time was cosmically significant and heralding profound transformation, including the end of life on Earth. These are called millennial movements.

A millennial movement is building up steam at the moment is based on the Mayan calendar, which suggests that the December Solstice 2012 will be a cosmically significant event. What will happen in 2012 was never made clear by the Mayans, but it is nevertheless being described by some authors and others as apocalyptic. There are at least 20 books published now on the subject. A 2012 prophetic business is building up.

Now - I absolutely support any movement that gets us to live more harmoniously with our environment. I also support all global meditations and prayers for healing and peace. But I am very uncomfortable with any ideas that stimulate anxiety, hysteria and frozen-in-the-headlights syndrome. What good does that do? Some of you may remember the hysteria that surrounded the millennium bug when people thought that the lack of four digits in Microsoft's internal calendar software would bring about global disaster. I know several new age luminaries who took to the mountains on 31 December 1999, their cabins and cottages stocked up for the famine and chaos.

So why is it that people buy into these prophesies? One strong energetic possibility is that our planet carries the imprint and memory of previous disasters. Just like a house or a room can absorb the moods and vibrations of the people who lived there, which visitors and future owners can feel, so Earth and our collective psyche are also carrying memories. Just pause for a moment and imagine the powerful vibrational imprint of the second world war and holocaust. They are very recent history. So too are the killing fields of Cambodia and the genocides in Europe and Africa. Going further back in history, there have been terrible floods, famines and plagues. There have been great climate changes, such as the ice ages. Civilizations have come and gone. All these are huge events, alive in the energy field of our history. We feel them - and sometimes we channel them.

The energy of these historical happenings float, in my opinion, like magnetic clouds in the collective psyche of our species and planet. Sometimes, when we are in a particular mood or have a particular attitude, we act like lightening rods and channel the tragic energy of these past events. It is no wonder that some people get caught up, trance-like, almost as if a spell has been cast, in a collective movement of anxiety, paranoia and conspiracy. The cataclysmic disasters are indeed a reality. They are still alive in the energy field and in our unconscious. But they happened before. They are history and not the future. One of our responsibilities, I suggest, is not to channel, recycle or feed these ancient traumas, but to understand, heal and transform them. Let's be clear. The Mayans did not interpret the Solstice 2012 event. They only stated that it was significant. What is happening now, at worst, is that some authors, would-be prophets and conspiracy theorists are hanging all kinds of other information on to the 2012 date, peddling their own fears and philosophies, tuning into the disasters of the past and inaccurately asserting that they are the future. We need to steer away from the hissy fit delusions of those who claim that the end of the world is nigh and who create more problems than solutions. Of course, I may be wrong - but I'm prepared to take bets that looking back from 2020, 2012 will be just another one of those movements whose prophesies were not fulfilled.

I want to put my energy into a more hopeful interpretation of December Solstice 2012. The actual astronomy of the Mayan calendar is interesting. As I understand it, it points out that a rare and close alignment will take place between Earth, our sun and the core of the Milky Way, our parent galaxy.

Have you ever contemplated the symbolism of the name, the Milky Way? Our galaxy is the nurturing milk of the Cosmic Mother. The idea that the December Solstice 2012 will bring us close to that source is one of healing and hope. What better help could there be for us than to feel the love and nurture of the divine parent? Readers, of course, are free to make up their own minds, but I am raising my flag here. I don't really know if 2012 is a significant date or not. If it is, then I choose to interpret it as a sign of hope and I reject any claim that it heralds some kind of Armageddon. We have enough real problems - ecological and social - to solve without getting caught up in that illusion.

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