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Thursday, April 19, 2007


I know that things are about to change drastically since I still listen to reverse speech about 3-4 hours a day. Planet X is incoming but it is being blocked from our view. This is a very positive thing and is not "filled with reptilians" like so many are saying. The reptilians are already here and the Planet X is actually going to shred their nets as it passes between us and the sun. They are holding us in this prison world and it is going to take this giant force to get rid of them.

I have listened to at least 1000 people in reverse now, including evp and reptilians. The reps lie constantly but their lies are revealed in reverse. The people all tell the same story of the capture of Earth and the upcoming freeing of Earth. No one ever contradicts this information no matter what they believe consciously. In reverse, which is coming from the Universal mind that was shut down, we speak to each other about the truth of things. It doesn't matter if it is Pres. Bush or Joe 6-pack. Everyone knows that we are in lock down right now, that people are being killed and many consumed by the reps, but that we have armies of light waiting for just the right moment to help capture the fleeing reptiles and Planet X is the key.

If this planet were not incoming, the net would hold and our lives would continue to decline quickly. I heard their plans for us in the future a few years ago: micro chipped, concentration camps, food and slaves while they finally showed themselves and walked the Earth openly.

The One, the Creator, who loves us dearly is very very pissed off that this part of himself has been so cruel and vicious. He is planning a hell world for them inside of a net just like the one they gave us. He is going to wake them up by making them go through all of the pain and suffering that they have inflicted for the forseeable future.

The Earth will go through some tough times as the prison wall comes tumbling down. There will be chaos and many will leave. The Planet as it passes will bring rain and lots of it to cleanse.

Pleaidians and other allies will be here in great numbers to help us. They will show themselves openly as the veils between the physical and astral break down. There will be armies of light who will also assist. These are the people who were killed by the reps, but are of course, not really dead, simply powerful light beings now. I've heard them called the Shining Army.

We will in the aftermath, have no money since that is their evil. We will live in communities, grow food, build our houses, live close to the Earth and have our full minds operating again. We will have real values, love, caring, tending the Earth. We will have friendships with our true allies, the Pleiadians and others, and will be able to interact with all of our loved ones who passed. There will be opportunities for interstellar travel, and finally true evolution. I have heard this from so many in reverse and I know this is the truth since we cannot manipulate our reverse speech. It is beyond our control, so it always corrects lies and tells the truth.

At the end of May is when things will begin. I have files saying this. It is the beginning of the times we have been hearing about for so long.

I did hear something interesting in reverse though about our souls. I had heard that the reps were trying to steal souls. They apparently think they have no souls and so need to steal from others. I asked myself about this and reversed. What I heard was actually very satisfying for me. I told myself that this is an obsolete idea. That there is only the One and only the One Great Soul. We are all manifestations of the One and all of us have spirit and life force, but no one has an individual soul. We all exist within the One and will live without ceasing. We are all beloved of Him.

This solves the problem of who has a soul and who is soulless. Do animals have souls? How about flowers, trees, grass? There is no issue for me any more. We are all just part of the great creation and the One Creator. There is nothing to steal and nothing to feel superior about. We are all loved, although I know He is livid at these reptilians. They will go on (at least I think so) but will learn very hard and painful lessons so they can eventually evolve. If it were up to me (but it isn't lol) I would just dissolve them back into the eithers! I tell them that every day since they listen and talk on every recording. But it isn't up to me, I just want the Earth to heal and all life here and I KNOW this is happening soon.



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