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Sunday, April 01, 2007


by Clas Svahn
From the newsletter AFU

For more than six years Ante Jonsson, 47, resident of the small town of Tingsryd in the Swedish county of Smaland, has had contacts with aliens from another world. Ante Jonsson has produced hundreds of pages filled with notes from alleged travels to other planets, enigmatic prophecies, warnings and an innocent love affair.

Starting out as a rather ordinary observation of an UFO at 1 a. m on February 3, 1984, the encounter soon developed into something that was to change Ante Jonsson's life completely. This encounter will be described, in detail, later in this article.

To make a brief summary of this highly complicated case creates some problems. Especially since the contacts continue even as I write this article. Ante, himself, is not sure of what is going on around and inside of him. It could be dreams, he says, but doubts his own conclusion.

Although AFU is only at the beginning of investigating this case, there can be no question that something real triggers the events, i.e., journeys to other "planets" and some kind of altered state communication, which have followed on the first encounter.

The main question, however, must be to find out if Ante Jonsson's contacts and travels to distant places are to be considered as "real" in a nuts-and-bolts-sense of if it should be viewed as a part of some highly complex inner trauma.

Several articles have been published on the case in Swedish newspapers, local radio stations have interviewed him, and in 1989 Ante published a book about his experience in cooperation with a retired teacher from Sundsvail, Sune Hjorth. The book (published in Swedish only) was Hjorth's first involvement with the UFO problem. In spite of all this publicity, the encounters are as mysterious and unexplained as they were in 1984.

What makes this case complicated is not only the recurrent "dreams," where Ante is able to meet his woman contact "Jenny," and to travel to other places in the universe. Even the very first, and most concrete, encounter, seems to be as hard to grip as any "dream."

To label Ante Jonssons experiences "dreams" is not really fair. A dream is something everyone can look forward to having in bed and in the night, but Ante experiences his "dreams" outside of his home. He can feel when a new contact is coming up, several days ahead, and when the time has come he usually drives his car to a nearby lake where the contact is made.

There seems, however, to be circumstantial evidence that he is going through some kind of altered states, entering a "dreamland" or another dimension, where his contacts can be made.


With the help of Ante's own account of his experiences, a written police report, and a case record from the hospital in Vaxjo, AFU can now give a concise picture of what really happened on the night of the 3 February 1984. The night when everything started.

This night Ante Jonsson was driving south on Road 30 from Ingelstad to his home in Tingsryd. It was snowing and the road was slippery. Ante allowed his car to slow down as he approached an area where he knew there could be moose. Soon he caught a glimpse of a small figure by the left side of the road. Further out on a meadow he could see a huge, black object hovering in the air. Astonished and curious, Ante stopped the car to watch for the small figure, but couldn't see him.

"My first thought was to go and get my camera, which I kept at home, and return to take a picture of the craft out in the field," Ante told AFU researchers, during an interview in March 1990. I stepped on the accelerator and headed home.

When Ante returned to the site the time was around 1:30 a.m. The craft, which had looked like a flying submarine, was gone so Ante decided to drive another kilometer and then turn at a road crossing.

Reaching the crossing he suddenly spotted the object again. It was now blocking the road. He brakes to avoid a collision with the black craft but the car skids and stops with the headlights on the mysterious craft. In an attempt to flee, the car got stuck in the snow on the roadside.


When I opened the door and tried to get out I was caught by a creature that grabbed my arm and nearly lifted me out of the car. I screamed as much as I could.

Ante managed to strike himself free and started to run, but was soon caught once again. This time his struggle was to no avail and he lost consciousness. Before fainting he caught a glimpse of his body being dragged towards the craft. He could also spot a truck passing by.

As I woke up I found myself sitting in the car again; cold, wet and with a stinging feeling in my hands. I also have a brief memory of talking to someone, whom I later found out was a police officer. After that, all I remember is waking up at the hospital in Vaxjo.

The policeman, which Ante referred to, was called to the scene in the company of a colleague, after a mysterious phone call had been received at the police station. The call was from a man calling himself "Bengt Johnsson from Kritianstad." This "Bengt Johansson" stated, according to the filed police report, that he had seen a car with its lights turned off standing on the road and, quoting the text, "with a black object hovering over it."

"Bengt Johansson" was driving southwards from Vaxjo, heading for Tingsryd, when he spotted the car and the object. According to the report "Johansson" got scared and headed back north until he found a phone booth from where he made his call.

But the police patrol from Vaxjo never found "Bengt Johansson" and in spite of a quite thorough search neither has AFU researchers. This implies that the name is faked. But who did the call? Was it the truck driver that Ante remembers passing by? Or was it somebody else?


Whoever it was, the scene had changed as the two policemen arrived at Ante's car. The object had vanished. In the car Ante was sitting, frightened and confused. He was trembling and the policemen couldn't get in contact with him.

The report also states that "the muscles in his arms and hands were very tense and the fingers bent like claws." The policemen decided to take Ante to the Vaxjo medical clinic where they arrived ten minutes to three in the morning.

At the hospital, the doctor promptly concluded that Ante suffered from a severe shock, hyperventilated and had a staring look. The doctor also noticed, as the policemen had, that Ante's fingers were bent in cramp. He gave Ante an injection of valium, a sedative and tried to make contact with the patient.

Ante had great difficulties to communicate and spoke only briefly to the doctor. In response to the question if he had experienced something terrible Ante answered with a short "yes."

When the doctor considered Ante fit for moving, he was transferred by ambulance to the psychiatric ward at Sankt Sigfrid's hospital in Vaxjo where he had to remain for a couple of days -- a stay which Ante describes as one long scene from the movie "Flying over the cuckoo's nest."

Thus far the vital parts of Ante's story can be validated with documents from the police and the hospital. It is without question that Ante Jonsson has been exposed to something very frightening near the road where he was found. To simulate the medical signs, the cramps and the shock, both acknowledged by the police and doctor, would be nearly impossible. The cramps imply that Ante held on to something very hard, most probably the steering wheel.

But the main question remains unsolved: what did Ante Jonsson encounter on the road in the middle of the night? And what made him so afraid?


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