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Monday, April 02, 2007


Ante himself asserts that he was abducted and taken on board the large craft by some aliens. This information was given to him in the summer of 1986, two and a half years after the scary meeting.

In a conversation with Jenny (his contact and "supervisor" from another world), minutely recorded by Ante, he was told how he was in such a deep shock that he was carried aboard the submarine-like vehicle. For a moment the aliens feared he was going to die since his heart nearly stopped.

To save his life, Jenny told him, he was placed inside some sort of pressure chamber with bands covering his waist and chest. The rescue operation was successful and Ante was released.

According to Jenny the crew took some samples of Ante's hair to "measure his total lifespan"; previous reincarnations included. They also took a sample from his skin to determine his physical and mental condition. When all this was completed Ante was released and taken back to his car, since another driver nearly discovered them.

So far that is Ante's own account of what happened aboard the craft. But this was only the beginning of a series of strange encounters, meetings and travels that were to change the life of Ante Jonsson completely. This we shall look further into, later on.


Strangely enough, it is not only the travels and "dreams' that are hard to comprehend and explain. Even the very first, and most tangible, parts of the story such as the actions reported by the police on the night of the February 3, cause problems for a researcher.

For some unknown reason the two policemen altered their story as time went by. They state that they found a lens case outside the car (Ante says that he never owned such a case), and that they locked up the car as they left the site to bring Ante to the hospital. (Ante says that the car was impossible to lock due to a malfunction.) Why these details, insignificant as they seem, are distorted, is hard to understand.

Interest from the police did not stop with this first intervention. The same day as Ante Jonsson was able to leave the hospital of Sankt Sigfrid he was approached by the Criminal Investigation Department of the police in Vaxjo. For over an hour he was interrogated on the scene, and every detail was measured and drawn by the police.

Since the observation occurred near a sensitive military installation this interest is understandable. This may also explain why the police removed the film from Ante's camera and kept it for a long while.

Thus far everything indicates that Ante has experienced something real and frightening. But what did he really see?


A couple of weeks after the first encounter Ante "feels" a voice calling him, trying to make contact. He keeps this feeling to himself. It is not until the night of March 6, 1984, that he gets to meet with the aliens again. Ante writes:

"This night I was awakened by somebody touching my shoulder and I got up from my bed. There was nobody in the room except for my sleeping wife. I felt that somebody was calling me and went to the kitchen, now fully dressed, and later out into the street. There I see a man in a long black coat. I start to walk towards him. He disappears for a moment but soon I can see him again. My God, he has no feet! He floats down the street and as I follow him I can see a very pale and long face looking at me."

After a short walk Ante finds himself at a nearboy meadow where a black craft is hovering. The pale man is standing in front of it and he disappears. Ante can see the craft moving towards him until it is right above him.

"It hovers for a while and then something incredible takes place. I feel myself floating in the air but I can't feel any sensations. A moment later I am back in the garden outside my house."


His next meeting was not until nearly two months later, on April 26, 1984. On this occasion he is taken on board.

"I find myself in a room that looks like a big crystal ball. I can feel someone else in the room but as I look around there is no one to be seen. Outside the crystal I can see the ground far below."

Ante finds a bench on which he sits down. The bench is soft and feels like he's sitting in a bathtub. After two hours the black figure from the previous meeting emerges. Ante estimates his length to 160 centimeters, or normal physical structure but with long arms, his hair growing all over his face (beard). Ante can see no ears nor chin. Two black eyes, a flat "nose" and thick, prominent lips makes up the face.

This "man" gives Ante some greyish looking fluid to drink and turns to a board on the wall where a text, in Swedish, emerges. Ante gets to know that their conversation will be made by some kind of magnetic thoughts on the board.

During this first trip, Ante is told the usual contactee message: that we are not alone in the universe, and that there are other solar systems with inhabitants of higher intelligence than ours. He is also warned of a coming catastrophe if we keep using atomic energy.


This time he didn't meet Jenny. But later on Jenny will be his main contact.

During his trips he has long conversations with Jenny. Subjects differ, from talking about every day life to nuclear war -- of which Ante is not only warned but also given a specific date of when it is going to start. A date he does not want to reveal. He is also taken to a planet devastated by a nuclear holocaust.

He swims, eats and mingles with Jenny's friends in a way that is far away from the often technically complex American abduction scenarios, and seems more like a postcard from a trip to a foreign country.

Since the first event Ante has written several hundred pages about his experiences. When asked where he thinks these travels have taken him he says that he is not sure, but thinks he has been outside our solar system. He has visited three or four different places but refuses to speculate where they may be situated.

In his trips he has come to meet many different humanlike creatures. One of which he refers to as "the half-ape," another is called the "fire-eater" and a third one which has a thin body and long arms. And then, of course, Jenny.


It is Jenny everything focuses on. She is the cause of all the contacts. Jenny is beautiful, wise and easy to like. Sometimes it is hard for Ante to distinguish her from another girl, on earth, that he once fell in love with. A love affair Ante cannot forget. Jenny is, without any doubt, the key to his "dream-world."

The journeys with Jenny to other worlds are filled with questions. But the answers are often evasive and unclear. During their many conversations he feels that Jenny is avoiding answers, and instead gives him her views and her thoughts. This fact disturbs him. Nevertheless he experiences their conversations as meaningful and very important.

Jenny is as "real" as any living person -- at least to Ante. He finds her attractive and strong.

When we discuss his experiences and journeys to other worlds Ante hesitates. He states that he does not know how real his experiences are. Of course, they are real to himself but he cannot say for certain if they are real in a more objective sense. There is no definite way to distinguish them from dreams.

"It can all be a dream. I can't stop thinking that, says Ante. Neither can I stop knowing that it all happens in the real world. Sometimes I don't know what to think."


CS: In what way has your family reacted to all this?
AJ: I tried not to tell them and kept it a secret as long as I could. But eventually they learned about it. After finishing the book (published in Swedish only: "Fantastic Journeys with UFO - visits to other civilizations," 1989) I had to tell them. My wife really doesn't want to know that much and there are many things I haven't told her. We don't talk that much about it.
CS: Her situation must be rather odd, living with someone who lives this kind of double life.
AJ: Yes. I have thought about how I would have reacted if the same thing was happening to her. I would have considered her nuts! That I would have told her. But she takes it all right, which surprises me very much even though her initial reaction was that I was going crazy. She never said that out loud. No, she just told me that maybe it all was a vivid form of dream.
CS: Talking to you in 1986 you called everything "dreams."
AJ: Some of these things I experience I still consider dreams. But I rather keep it all an open question. I really don't know what is going on. You know, when this thing happens nothing else exists around me. It is a mixed feeling between reality and something else.


CS: Your perception of the world around you changes?
AJ: Yes, in some way. And this can happen anytime, day or night. But most of the time it happens at dusk.
CS: Can you describe your reaction when you are being "contacted?"
AJ: I feel restless and all my body gets a creeping sensation. I can't find the words to explain it. Something starts to move inside of me. In my body and in my head. And when this is happening I know that something is going on. One to three days later I have a contact.
CS: Does this creeping sensation stay until you get the contact?
AJ: No, it passes away. I only feel it for a day or so. Then, suddenly, after another day without the feeling, it all happens. There is no such feeling during the contact, nor afterwards.
CS: Does this change of reality hit you gradually or is it an immediate sensation?
AJ: It comes very quickly, often when I am looking at the TV. It always begins between my toes and moves upwards, as if somebody was stroking your leg gently with a hand. When this feeling reaches my chest I really know that something is going to happen. But it always begins between the toes. It sounds strange but this is true.

In this way Ante is always warned in advance that a contact is going to be made. When he feels that the right time has come he tells his family that he is going for a ride in the car, but never reveals his true destination; a lake ten miles to the North. At this lake most of the contacts have been made.


Reaching this lake he sits by the shore, waiting. A couple of hundred meters behind him cars pass by on the busy road between Tingsryd and Vaxjo (the same road where he made his first contact). No one seems to pay any attention to the egg-shaped craft hanging over the lake. Except for Ante himself.

The craft, hovering in front of Ante, descends and Ante is taken on board. After a short trip they return to the lake but this time everything has changed. On one occasion Ante told me that it was as if he had been taken back in time. The road and the busy cars were gone, the fields and trees looked different. On another occasion he left a winter landscape for a hot summer's day. But never has he traveled to the future.

The first year or so, he was taken to other places as well. Places far away, at least Ante thinks so, maybe to other planets as we have seen before. Inside the ship he has met other human beings, from other countries, all traveling to distant locations by their own free will.

Today Ante keeps three different files on what is happening to him. Hundreds of pages are filled with his notes. I have only read a part of them since he chooses to keep most of it hidden in a safe-deposit box at a bank.

The first file concerns his journeys and conversations with Jenny. The second is information on previous lives, revealed to him through automatic writing. And the third is all about himself, memories from his life as a teenager. And these memories are often very bright, sometimes painful.


When I ask Ante about his feelings when writing about his youth it is clear that this is very important to him. There are memories that he would rather not tell about. Writing them down is a relief to him, some kind of therapy and he describes the information he gets as "memories emerging from within, surfacing for him to write down."

CS: Do you feel that this is some sort of therapy given to you by Jenny?
AJ: Yes, it seems so. Here I am confronted with things I haven't been aware of for a long time.

Can it be that this is what it's all about? That this therapy is the climax and purpose of the whole experience? Maybe all that has transpired is a mere framework leading to Ante's inner self, giving him a chance to deal with his traumas and hidden memories? This is not an easy question.

As with any other contact story, Ante's has two faces. Some of them much more tangible than some obscure memories from days past.


During one of our conversations Ante showed me a stone that he once found in his pocket after one of the trips from the lake. It wasn't big and not very unusual. When I held it in my hand it felt smooth and nice to touch. An ordinary stone as far as I could tell.

Ante says it resembles the stones he had seen on the shore during one trip to the "summer lake." He and Jenny had been taking a swim and afterwards they had been sitting on some stones by the side of the lake.

Maybe Jenny put it in his pocket, maybe it just fell in there -- or maybe it is just an ordinary stone from this world. As always Ante hesitates and draws no simple conclusions.

The stone has never been analyzed and I doubt that such an inspection would shed any light on its origin. Artifacts from UFO encounters tends to be no better proof than the witnesses own stories.

A grayish, milk-like, drink was given him on yet another occasion. This time he found a plastic looking bottle standing near his home. The bottle contained the same substance. He was supposed to drink it for a couple of days, preparing, as he had been told, for another, longer journey. It seems that the drink was important for Ante's body before making this longer trip. The bottle was later destroyed by Ante and thrown away.(!)


Ante states that he has visited an underwater base where he saw huge doors in a cliff. The doors were numbered with ordinary Arabian numbers but the numbers had small hooks making them look like astrology signs. Never has he reported seeing any unusual writings that he has not been able to read.

There have been some signs on board the ships, however, which he has not been able to decipher. One of them, frequently used on some boxes, looks like the sign of Pisces but with its two arches intersected. It sounds strange but it is true, states Ante.


One evening, the 20th of October 1986, he is taken to a big city where he later meets a girl and eats a meal with her. The "contact" began as a colored cloud suddenly filled the room where Ante was resting on a bed. For a short while everything turned black. Seconds later he found himself sitting on a bench in a park. Around him big houses point to the sky and he presumes that this must be New York.

There is no room for discussing this mysterious event in detail here but one interesting thing must be noted. Returning home again (Ante found himself standing on the lawn outside his house at 04.16 in the morning, seven hours after the cloud came into the room), he receives a postcard from New York, addressed to "Ante Johansson," postmarked 20th October 1986. The message on the postcard is impossible to read. The meaning behind the postcard is obscure, to say the least.

The New York episode is but another strange coincidence of which this case is filled.


One of the most recent episodes happened inside Ante's home when he was looking at a video recording earlier this year.

"I was looking at this old back and white film when suddenly I got the feeling of being someplace I couldn't recognize," says Ante. "The TV set looked completely different. I got worried and started to walk down the stairs to the kitchen. On my way down I passed by a mirror and caught a glimpse of myself.

"What I saw scared me. There I was, looking at myself precisely as I looked like when I was 15! My clothes looked different and I was young again. I went to the kitchen, which I didn't recognize, and had some water."

As Ante "woke up" he realized that what he had seen was himself not only being young again, but also in his old house where he had grown up. The TV set and the kitchen all looked like the things he remembered from 30 years ago.

And this is only one of many examples of connections to Ante's boyhood. The notes he makes all deal with his being 15, 16 or 17 years old. Here a trauma, not yet unearthed, may be hidden.

As many other contactees, Ante's experiences are only for himself. There are no witnesses. I know of one occasion when Ante brought two friends with him to the lake after getting the "feeling" in his body. This time nothing happened.

This summary above is only a small part of the story thus far. In our investigation we must be very cautious and open minded. Many of its aspects are still hidden in a safe deposit box by Ante himself. Some other materials are not yet to be published. Until we have seen all the material I will postpone any conclusive judgment.

That concludes the case of Ante Jonsson. If anyone has a follow up please send it in and we will put it on the blog.

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