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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


By Tom Dongo

This experience has baffled me for over fifteen years. Until, that is, I began the study of UFOs and related phenomena.

In the spring of 1973 I was driving across the country from California to Maine. I almost always camp out on these trips. I was driving on US Highway 666 between Wilcox and Safford, Arizona. Looking for a place to camp I had followed a gravel road off Highway 666 into a remote area of the Pinaleno Mountains. I drove until I found a spot that suited me, with good views and little chance of being disturbed by other campers.

I had been there about an hour and had the camp all set up. It was about 7:00 p.m. In the distance I heard the rattle and clatter of a vehicle coming rather fast. I was surprised to see a battered rusty yellow Volkswagen Beetle coming up the old mining road. It was coming at a rate of speed I thought was far too fast for the rough, unpaved road. I was standing several hundred feet off the road and was well concealed in a thick grove of yucca plants and a variety of tall cacti.

The VW went by out on the road, trailed by an immense dust cloud. In the front seats were two men with long, dark-brown hair, who appeared to be in their early thirties. I watched the speeding yellow VW go far up into the mountains. The little car remained clearly in sight as it traveled up a broad alluvial fan at the foot of the high mountains.

I began watching the car with my binoculars. Eventually, the VW pulled up to an ancient, corrugated metal mining shack at the end of the road. The two men got out and spent fifteen or twenty minutes walking in and out and around the dilapidated metal shack. I watched them get back into their VW, and the car quickly resumed that reckless rate of speed back down the long, sloping hillside. A tremendous rooster tail of dust plumed skyward behind the little speck of yellow.

In minutes I lowered the binoculars, for the yellow car was now easily seen with the naked eye. I was growing uneasy, as I began to suspect that the two men were up to no good. I also knew that from the angle of their present location they could easily see my red pickup with its white camper shell. I was not prepared for what happened next.

The car, going at that breakneck speed, came hurtling down the hill. I could by then hear it as well as see it. The yellow car dipped down into a shallow gully, and for a moment I lost sight of it. I waited, watching. Several seconds went by while I stood looking and waiting for the little car and its two occupants to reappear at the top of the hill. But nothing happened. There was only silence. The mammoth dust cloud caught up to the shallow gully and began to slowly dissipate in the absolute silence of the desert.

A hundred thoughts raced through my mind. I became more and more confused as each minute went by. I knew that at the high speed the car was traveling, even if it had hit something or the driver had locked up the brakes, the momentum of the car would have carried it over the top of that hill. I started to experience panic. I decided they had seen my truck and had somehow stopped. Perhaps at that very moment they were stalking me thought the cactus in the growing darkness.

Fearful and confused, I did not sleep that night, but instead spent the night sitting on a hillside above my camper with my high-powered rifle across my knees. There was enough light that night so that I had a wide field of view. In the morning I cautiously made my way up to where I had last seen the car and its two occupants. I found nothing. There were no skidmarks, no wreckage, and no side roads where a vehicle could have turned off. Not only that, the banks at the side of the road at that spot were too high even for a four-wheel drive to cross.

I spent years relating that story to interested listeners in an effort to find anyone who might have a logical explanation. Now I am convinced that the incident was somehow UFO-related.

I have read of people in other places who have had similar unnerving sightings. It's quite an experience to witness something like that, especially alone in a desert twenty miles from the nearest telephone.
From the book Alien Tide by Tom Dongo

Could it be the little VW went into another dimension? Or were they time travelers who had come back after something they left in the shack? Intriguing!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Is There A UFO Freeway Above Earth?

August 27, 2005 By Corwin Haeck

SKAGIT COUNTY - "We are not alone."

UFO buffs have been saying so for decades. But now a Mount Vernon, Washington man says you don't have to believe in aliens. You can see their ships any night of the week with your own eyes.
Ted Anderson says 50 miles above the earth, there's a veritable UFO expressway he calls the UFO Freeway Portal Location.

"Myself and thousands of friends have been watching it since 1968," says Anderson. "Motherships come from other worlds to drop off their planetary ships to come to Earth."

Where are they from? What's their purpose? Anderson can only speculate.

"This is a security force created by some super being organization or civilization."

He believes these ships are standing guard, literally protecting us from hostile aliens. And he says if you get out of the city and gaze up south of the Big Dipper, you can see the ships for yourself with the naked eye.

"These red ships, they're there constantly."

Anderson has created two Power Point presentations to help interested citizens locate the UFO portal in the night sky. He says he'll email you all the information if you write to him at fantasiapro@fidalgo.net.


If you want to see UFOs, you can. Find a corner of the roof of your house and block out the sun to where only the corona is showing. Be sure to wear sun glasses. You will see them zipping to and fro. The sun catches the reflection. Some things that you will see are bugs but they are much closer and do not travel in a straight line. These are very high in altitude. I have shown my friends and they are astounded. Try it yourself! It proves to me that they are here all the time only we can't see them.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Scientific Report Confirms an Alien Presence in Puerto Rico?

By Jorge Martin
Journalist and UFO researcher Puerto Rico
E-mail: jmartin@prcinternetTel. (787) 758-0692

Dr. Mark Carlotto recently made public an excellent report and scientific analysis of the several anomalies that appear in the videos of space shuttle STS-48 and STS-80 missions. (See ANOMALOUS PHENOMENA IN SPACE SHUTTLE MISSION STS-80 VIDEO in Dr. Carlotto’s ‘New Frontier in Science’ web page - newfrontiersinscience.com).

Something that called our attention more specifically in that report was the event he identifies as F-1 in the STS-80 mission video, that originates, according to Dr. Carlotto’s findings, in an area located to the east of Puerto Rico, specifically in a zone south of the island of Vieques. The ‘anomaly’ consists of a large luminous object that seemed to come out from the sea at a point located in the south of the island of Vieques, and ascends to space, all the while being registered by the shuttle’s camera. Already approaching the shuttle the objects veers to its left and disappears from sight.

In our latest book in English language, ‘Vieques: Caribbean UFO Cover-Up of the Third Kind’ I report on many UFO/ alien related incidents that have occurred in that same area, and we think that his findings pertaining to event F-1 are very important due to the fact that what he reports CONFIRMS the situation we have been reporting for five years now, as many of the unidentified objects and luminous anomalous phenomena described in the book originate precisely in that same zone, coming out from or entering the sea. There have been many such important incidents reported by both Puerto Rico State policemen as well as Vieques Municipal policemen, US Navy security personnel, Vieques Municipal government employees and officials, fishermen, pilots, civilian pacifist protestors and many residents.

President Clinton’s Secret Special Order

After the arrests of many civilian protestors on May 4, 2000, other events took place, some of which surprised even the political leaders of Puerto Rico. One such event was the blockade made around Vieques by US Coast Guard ships, not allowing Vieques fishermen to go out to sea and earn their daily sustenance. A popular radio program in Puerto Rico, “Fuego Cruzado” (Crossfire), which analyzes political and social subjects, questioned the action taken by the Coast Guard. During the program, panelist Carlos Gallisá, a pro-Independence analyst, asked under what orders the US Coast Guard acted in such a manner, as normally they would not be authorized to put up a blockade. Soon it became known that the Coast Guard was acting under a classified order issued by President William Clinton, who declared the zone of Vieques as “...one in state of rebellion.”

Why would acts of peaceful civil disobedience be considered acts of rebellion, asked the panelists? The so-called secret, special order had been issued by President Clinton under the provisions of the US National Security Act, and it stated that the situation taking place in Vieques dangerously affected the relations of the United States with another nation, a foreign power, and emphasized that this was very dangerous to the national security interest of the United States. The panel on the radio program asked which nation this was, as such a justifying statement to issue the order “...did not make any sense”.

Without knowing it, the panel touched a nerve on the subject of Vieques, something never discussed, that had major implications, and which worried US national security strategists. The truth is that none of the nations which participated in bombing exercises with the US Navy and experimented with new weapons around Vieques represented any danger to the United States. So, to what nation or foreign power was President Clinton referring to when he issued this classified order, and why was it secret? The answer to this could very well be that the “foreign power” President Clinton was speaking of was an alien civilization represented by beings who seem to live underground in the areas of the El Yunque Rain Forest, in the east region of Puerto Rico, and under the sea around the area of Vieques, off the west coast of Puerto Rico, at a distance of several miles.

The following are examples of such a presence in the area.

‘Triangle-shaped’ UFOs Suspended Over US Navy Airstrip,UFOs Coming out from the Sea

We interviewed the Director of the Vieques Municipal Police, Officer Wilfredo Feliciano, who informed us of a series of important observations he had experienced. The first sighting took place during the summer of 1997 around 9 P.M. Feliciano was driving his car on Route 997, which runs from Esperanza sector to Isabel II. At the intersection of a place known as Marta’s Alley, he became aware of an intense yellow light hanging motionless in the sky some distance away. Intrigued, he parked the car at the left edge of the road to observe the light more carefully “It was a real big triangular object,” he stated, “completely engulfed in a bright yellow light..It seemed to be at an altitude of about 500 feet above the ground, over property belonging to Camp García. I figured the altitude based on the height of some trees in the area. What intrigued me the most was that the thing was suspended right over the area where the US Navy has an airstrip or runway for their planes to land and take off ... And that it was an unidentified flying object. “There were no military exercises at the time, so what was that object, that triangle of light, doing there over the runway? Thinking that I was observing something I shouldn’t be seeing, I left the site at once. But from that moment on, I realized something very strange is taking place on the lands controlled by the US Navy. “Some days later, my wife told me that she saw a similar object, also at night, suspended over the exact same place I had seen the object, over Camp García’s runway.

The next weekend, as we were driving to her mother’s home, we saw another one of those triangles. This time our sons were with us in the car; they saw it too.” Feliciano and his family observed the object from a distance of two miles, and even from that distance, they described its size to be three to four feet in length, which indicates the object was very large. He also told us that, as part of his duties with the municipal police, he had to patrol the land west of Vieques, until then still under US Navy control, and on many occasions he witnessed brightly lit UFOs emerging from the sea in Punta Arenas sector and flying away at great speed in the night sky. Often the objects would make several fast turns before leaving the area. “This has happened on many occasions, sometimes between 9 and 11 PM, and sometimes around 2 or 3 in the morning.They come out from the sea at a spot right in the middle between Punta Arenas and Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba.”

Large Saucer Craft Absorbs Water from the Sea

Witness Carlos Zenón is a Viequense fisherman and one of the leaders involved in the movement to remove the US Navy from the island. Both he and his sons suffered periods of incarceration in the US federal prison in Puerto Rico because of their commitment to this cause.

Once certain of the seriousness of our investigation, Mr. Zenón gave us his testimony on some impressive situations he personally witnessed, commenting on the involvement the US Navy could have with the UFO/alien incidents experienced by the people of Vieques. “These sort of events - he stated - have been occurring here (in Vieques) for some time. It is not something new. On one occasion in 1996, I was fishing with some other fishermen out at sea. We were a couple of miles south of La Esperanza. It was about 9:00 PM when we suddenly saw something unexpected. We saw several very bright spheres of light come out from the top of Cerro Ventana (mountain located in the south of Vieques). “These globes of light were of a blue-white hue and seemed to come right out from the top of the hill. They circled the hill and flew out to sea to the south, flying right over us. They made several quick circles and angle turns. You could hear a slight hissing or whistling sound, almost inaudible, which seemed to come from them. “After that, they returned to Playa Grande and Cerro Ventana, areas controlled by the US Navy, and disappeared inside the mountain. It was as if they had merged with the side of the mountain.

But the most impressive event was when we encountered a huge object at night while out at sea fishing. I was with Aníbal Corcino and his father, and we had just come out from La Esperanza. “I wasn’t aware of the object at first because I was the captain and in charge of the rudder at the time. Aníbal and his father saw it and yelled, ‘Carlos, look at that!’ I looked back and saw this huge ... a sort of craft. It came out from the sea near the Playa Grande lagoon, in the south, where the Navy’s ROTHR radar system is installed. It rose from its position and started moving closer to us. “It was an extraordinary huge craft, immense, with many lights all around it. It was a flying saucer, a round disc-like craft, but really huge in size. It was at some distance from us, but clearly visible due to its size and the lights it had all over it, yellow, blue, and red lights.

“The peculiar thing about all this was that the object, that saucer, was taking in water from the sea. The water at the sea’s surface was swirling in a circle, and jumping, as if boiling. It was like a whirlpool. It seemed to be going up into the saucer in a column of water. “We were all very impressed. It was the first time in my life that I have seen anything like this craft. From where we were, it looked to be about 40 to 50 feet in diameter, and we were about a mile and a half away from it. That can give you some idea of the size.

“But what impressed me the most was that it was sucking out water from the sea, and the water was swirling like in a blender. A column of bright green light, similar to that of a powerful spotlight, was coming out from under the object. There was a hole there and the beam came out downwards, vertically. The water went up into the saucer through the beam of light. After that, the object flew away to the west at a fantastic speed and disappeared in a matter of seconds.

“Many other people have seen these type of crafts, so called flying saucers, in both the western and eastern parts of Vieques. If we analyze this situation more deeply, we can see that these areas are controlled by the US Navy, and the Navy has never denounced this situation. They must have some knowledge of what is taking place. They just don’t seem to care about the presence of these objects.

“Because of this we must ask ourselves if there is some sort of communication or collaboration between these crafts’ occupants and people from the US Navy. But this is difficult to ascertain. It is a complex situation. We must ask ourselves what is going on because the Navy never denounces this and they (the Navy) have been here for 62 years.

“All this makes us wonder if there may be hidden reasons why the Navy forced the inhabitants of Vieques out from their land to live in a small piece of land in the center of the island. The Navy controls both the eastern and western portions of Vieques on which there are large extensions of uninhabited and restricted areas, also containing hills and beaches which no one has access to.

“If these things are happening in these areas and the US Navy is somehow involved, it would be very convenient for them to have this take place in these areas because no one would see and know what they are doing there. It very well could be also that the US Government and people from the Navy are secretly studying this advanced type of technology, possibly of alien origin, in the area of Vieques.

“Who knows? Maybe the things we have seen here are related to new aircraft prototypes that are secretly being developed and tested. They could be in contact, communicating with the crew of these crafts, the OVNIs (UFOs), and they simply don’t want the public to know.

“This situation is very serious. I kept silent all this time because people can doubt what you say about this type of thing. Not everyone has had the opportunity to see one of these crafts, especially one as big as the one we saw.

“My sons and I have been jailed, imprisoned, only because we protested against what they were doing in Vieques. I’m aware that US Government agencies have manipulated public opinion, the people who have never witnessed any of this. They try to make them think that none of this (the UFO/alien reality) is happening, and it is not real. They would probably begin a ridicule campaign against us and at the same time use it to discredit the struggle of the people of Vieques to achieve the ending of the Navy’s bombing exercises. For this reason, I restrained myself from making any comments until now.

“But the people from our country, especially from Vieques, know me, and they know that everything I do is based on my convictions and my principles. They know that I’m not publicity oriented or someone who would invent this kind of thing because of my concern that doing such a thing would hurt our seriousness and therefore our efforts to get the Navy out. That is our main goal. We have endured many personal sacrifices because of our cause.

“The moment has come to discuss this matter. The Navy used chemical and biological weapons in Vieques, an inhabited island. The use of such weapons is prohibited near populated areas. They denied it until recently, when it was verified by documents from the Pentagon.

“They also used live ammo with depleted uranium, and denied it until it was also proven. That is why, due to everything we have seen here, they can be using Vieques to make contact with these crafts and their crew, and keep it secret. Maybe, if a group of disciplined individuals such as yourself investigates and discloses everything, the US Navy would feel forced to reveal it is happening. But something is definitely going on, and the US Navy is somehow involved, and won’t say what it is.”

More events:

There are many more events reported in the book, which include:

1. Landings of UFOs, humanoid beings in the US NAVY/Raytheon Corporation's R.O.T.H.R. radar system.

2. Shocking Disclosures by US Navy's Security personnel on the UFO/alien presence in Vieques.

3. A joint US military/alien activity?

4. Clashes between UFOs and US jetfighters.

5. An apparent covert US NAVY UFO/Alien contact program and an advanced alien technology testing program in Vieques.

Note from the author: At this moment the US Navy has stopped its bombing and military maneuvers in Vieques, but except for a sector of land in the western region of Vieques, all other lands previously controlled and restricted by that military agency were passed on to the US Department of the Interior, and this department subsequently placed it under the control of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The US Fish and Wildlife Agency has converted the areas (Camp García, the bombing site and the Playa Grande sector where the ROTHR radar system is lo-cated, as well as Kianí lagoon) in a wildlife refuge.

At this moment the access to these areas is even more restricted to the public than it was during the US Navy’s control. What else could be happening that is being kept from the people of Puerto Rico and the rest of the world?

Those interested in contacting us or to obtain the book can call us at our office in tel. (787) 758-0692, or write to: P.O. Box 30054, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00929-1054 Or send us an e-mail to jmartin@prcinternet.net

Jorge Martin Journalist and UFO researcher

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Howard Menger was raised in New Jersey with his brother and parents who were farmers by trade. He enjoyed exploring the surrounding woods with his dog and swimming in a nearby lake with his friends. His life was simple yet energetic. He was born with a love and respect for all life and he marveled in the abundant nature around him.

At age 10, he encountered a beautiful angel in his terrain! She sat on a large rock in the higher grounds beyond his home. She spoke to him of his past and also of his future. Pure Love emanated from this angelic woman, and Howard was so flabergasted, that he spoke very little, and listened to her words of wisdom which are, to this day, still etched in his mind:
"We contact people who were, Howard, not are....I have been watching you, and others like you. In your earth years, I would be over 500 years old...we live WITH nature, not against it".

Years passed, and Howard joined the Army. He was a dutiful officer and worked his way up to munitions handler of the Picantinny Arsenal. He was sent to Okinawa in World War II, injured in battle, blinded temporarily, and escaped death on several occasions. His contacts began again with highly advanced beings. They warned Howard of future events for the planet.
"Wars do not exist on our planet...your planet is in great danger if your people do not STOP wars."

Upon leaving the army Howard began a journey into the unknown. He was appointed a top secret mission with the government. The contacts with angelic beings continued. Extraterrestrial crafts landed in High Bridge, New Jersey, and Howard and several witnesses captured these landings on 8mm film. Howard turned over the film to the American Government.

With a lot of courage, and little backup, Howard Menger started a "crusade" to enlighten the planet Earth. He spread the message (from the angels, as he calls them) on radio, television and cross-country lectures. He spoke with George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Trumann Bethurum, and others who were also receiving enlightened extra-terrestrial messages. Each had their own mission, but joined together in a single cause: to rescue the people from themselves.
During his mission of enlightenment, Howard met Connie Weber. Their connection was immediate. Her talent as a writer and his incredible story would be put together in their first book, "From Outer Space to You". The two "pioneers of truth" would collaborate on several books, lectures, and tours. Howard was well-known throughout the United States and Europe, and appeared on the "Jack Paar" television talk show, and the Long John Nebel WOR radio talk show. He continued to work with the government and shared his secrets of truth and technology.

By the early 1960's Howard and Connie Menger (they married in 1958) found their life in New Jersey a bit too intrusive. People camped out on their front lawns, and wanted Howard to be their "God" instead of looking inside themselves for salvation. The government pressured the couple by assigning Howard to projects that Connie could not know about. The dark side of ufology: power hungry, greedy people came "out of the woodwork" and harrassed Howard and his family.

The Mengers moved to Florida. Howard and Connie, and now their two children, Eric and Heidi would start a life "away from it all". Howard worked for a sign company, then started his own. It flourisdhed and became the biggest in the area. The Mengers tried to stay away from the UFO field. For 35 years they remained silent about many things.

Then, in 1991, together, wrote another book, "The High Bridge Incident....the story behind the story....after 35 years of silence". This book has been read all over the world, and is now published in the german language.

Today, their children are grown with their own families, and Howard and Connie Menger continue to promote the Truth as much as possible to those who will truly listen.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


By Tom Dongo
Several cases from the Sedona area

What demanded my undivided attention was the fact that the spot where the couple went to meditate is the exact center of recent intense UFO activity. This particular area is about one mile square and has been the scene of some extraordinarily odd paranormal activity.

They had meditated for ten or fifteen minutes when suddenly they were aware that they were no longer alone. They opened their eyes and not fifty feet away was an Indian man dressed in white, sitting on a white horse. Recovering from their surprise, they got to their feet and started toward the Indian. The Indian said nothing, but began to move away, keeping a fair distance from the couple. They followed him for over a quarter of a mile. The Indian and the white horse went behind a thicket of small trees -- and vanished.

Another incident I have recorded, unique in itself, is the following. In September 1989 two teenage girls and their mothers had hiked to the top of Steamboat Rock in Oak Creek Canyon. The women were deeply spiritual and of a metaphysical turn, but their two daughters had little interest in such matters. It had been a pleasant but moderately strenuous hike to the summit of Steamboat Rock. Once there, they had enjoyed the spectacular panorama of Sedona, the red rocks and the ramparts of Oak Creek Canyon.

They had begun the trek back down from the top, the two girls keeping a slow pace and staying a considerable distance behind their mothers. They had gone about halfway down the mountain and had entered an area of sparse, stunted pines. The girls were making their way carefully down the steep, rocky trail when they noticed a distinct, shimmering form beginning to take shape nearby in the pine trees.

As the startled girls watched, the finely outlined features of a radiantly beautiful young woman with black hair and angelic features came into full view. One girl was terrified by what she was seeing, but the other girl was nearly overcome with awe by the beauty of what she saw. The angelic apparition made a gesture of friendliness, smiled warmly and then vanished as quickly as she had appeared.

The two girls excitedly told their mothers about what they had experienced. Little more was said about the incident -- until a few weeks later during a shopping trip to Flagstaff. While in a store, one of the daughters was drawn to a display of books. She picked up a book that seemed almost to beckon to her. She began to thumb through the book and was stunned when her eyes went to an almost godly painting of a robed and radiantly beautiful young woman with dark eyes and black hair. It was the same young woman the two girls had seen materialize just weeks earlier on Steamboat Rock!

The painting was of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. Our Lady, also called Mary, has been appearing to crowds of the curious there since 1981. In the last few years she has appeared in several other locations around the world. Along with her appearances come extraordinary, almost psychedelic displays of colors in the sky around the town of Medjugorje. This display is particularly vivid over the barren hill on which she originally made her first appearance to peasants.

The popular belief among those who make the pilgrimage to Medjugorje is that Our Lady is a purely spiritual being, or angel, sent from God. This may be, but interestingly enough, several years ago Our Lady allowed herself to be photographed by a devout follower. Her features are not typically human. Most striking is her unusually narrow chin. Could it be that Our Lady of Medjugorje is an extraterrestrial? One who is trying to gently and compassionately bring about a certain realization to humanity -- in a way that humanity can willingly accept, considering its preconceived notions?

Friday, August 26, 2005


By Leneesa

George Adamski was the first person to come forward to say he had contact with extraterrestrial beings. Although much maligned, Adamski brought the public’s attention to the UFO contacts being made by alien beings.

I was looking through the personal ads in the Seattle Times Newspaper when I saw an advertisement for anyone interested in starting a UFO group using George Adamski’s concepts. I called the number and that was the start of my research.

The young man starting the group, Gary ____, was also enthusiastic about George Adamski. He showed me one answer to his advertisement in the newspaper. The letter said, “What I have to show you can’t be sent in the mail. Please call me and make an appointment so we can meet.”
A meeting place, and time, was arranged. Upon the appointed day Gary and I, as well as an Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) investigator we met through the newspaper article, interviewed a most interesting man. The following is his story.

“My hunting partner and I had been hunting up in the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area where we hunted every Labor Day Weekend on opening day of deer season. The area is near Red Mountain and Spider Glacier.

The previous year we had hunted there and I had noticed a green glow from our vantage point where we were camped. I was too tired to get up out of my sleeping bag to see what was making it.

Last year we went there again. Only this time when I saw the green glow I got up to see what it was. My partner was fast asleep in his sleeping bag. I looked over the cliff where our camp was and I got the shock of my life. Parked down below the cliff, in the little valley, were five landed UFOs. They were glowing green. They formed a circular pattern the way they were landed. In the middle were five “men.”

As I watched, an instrument of some kind, was going back and forth to an old abandoned mine shaft.

At this point I woke my partner up. He became hysterical and wanted to leave. I asked him to control himself for a moment while I looked through the binoculars. As I watched I had the uncanny feeling that the “men” were well aware of my observing them. The men were standing in a circle in the center of where the craft were resting. All of a sudden a round glowing ball came out of a chute that projected out of one of the craft. The ball gently floated over to the middle of where the men were standing. They did something to the ball with their hands and then it went crashing through the trees down the valley to the south.

By this time my partner was yelling for us to get out of there. We were hurriedly gathering up our things when the craft took off. They moved so fast up into space they left a retinal image on the eye. When they were on the ground they glowed green but as they moved they turned orange and then red. They were gone - to who knows where?

We left to go to Wenatchee, Washington, the back way, instead of the usual way, which would have taken us right through where the craft had been parked. We were afraid they might come back.

After being in Wenatchee for three days our curiosity got the best of us. We decided to go back. When we got to the spot where the craft were landed we walked to the approximate place where the men stood. We glanced around, and wedged into some rocks was an instrument. My partner claimed it because he reached down and picked it up first. In the long run that proved fortunate for me.

When he picked the object up it started beeping. As far as I know it never stopped as long as he had it in his possession. The object was shaped like a modernistic kidney bean. On top was an antenna-like device with two cross beams with a little wire running between them. On the very top was a button with an insignia of “alpha” only the line through the middle was longer. The insignia looked somewhat like a UFO.

Later in Seattle, while riding on the bus, a man sat down beside me wearing a ring that was an exact duplicate of the insignia. His hair was brown and his fingers seemed to be a little long, but other than that, you would never have been able to detect he was other than a human. When I saw the ring my hair stood on end. He got off at a bus stop and I never saw him again. I felt like he was aware that I was “tuned” into who he might be.

My partner took the instrument back to California with him where he lived. He had it in the basement of his house for over a year. One day the FCC Inspectors came to his house to ask him why he was transmitting without a license? He said he wasn’t. They went away - for the moment. In the meantime he hid the instrument out in the desert where we had built a cabin. In a few days the inspectors were back. This time they had a warrant for his arrest. The only charge they could hold him on was “incommunicado” for three days. There was no evidence of anything transmitting in his house but that was because he had hidden the instrument by the time they came back.

While he was in jail his brother visited him and sent me a message where the instrument was buried. He said, “If you go out there and pick up the instrument, you will be where I am.”
The last I head about him was the neither his parents, nor his wife, knew what happened to him. He had disappeared.”

When we heard his story we immediately purchased a map of the desert area he indicated in California. We sent it to a trusted investigator that went out there. Only there was no instrument, no cabin, and no indication there had ever been one.

You may wonder at the truthfulness behind this story. One part of it was proven to me. I went to Red Mountain myself the next year on Labor Day weekend. Down below the cliff where the hunters picked up the instrument there were five round circles. At first the circles were hard to see until you went up on top of the cliff where they had camped. From that vantage point you could see the light brown circles plainly. I had walked right through them. Close up the grass was bent over, but not flat, and the top of the blades were light brown but underneath they were still green. It appeared that the craft had hovered but not set down. Perhaps they had long telescoping landing gear for rocky terrain.

The next year I went back to Red Mountain. This time sheep were in there and had trampled down every blade of grass and ruined the trail so that we were not able to observe any anomalies at all.

I often wonder if they still come back every Labor Day weekend, and why they chose that particular date. I also wonder if the hunting partner from California ever showed up again.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek
By Diane Cooper

Diane: So Drunvalo... who are these "Children of the New Dream" that you are so excited about?

Drunvalo: Well there are 3 different kinds of children emerging in The world today that I have been able to identify. The first are called the "Super Psychic Children of China." The second are called the "Indigo Children" and the third are called the "Children of AIDS."

The first one, the "Super Psychics of China," we talked about in the Flower of Life seminars. If you remember, the first one was discovered in 1984 when a child was found who was psychic beyond belief. Researchers conducted every psychic test you could imagine and he was 100% correct every time. You could turn cards over in another room and that didn't matter. He could perfectly know what was on the card. So Omni magazine went to China and wrote an article on this discovery. They found one child and then another.

When they went in 1984 they assumed it was a hoax so they did experiments like putting 100 kids in a room and taking a book and randomly pulling out a page. They would crumple it up and stick it under their arm. These kids could read every word on the page. They did test after test, and the response was flawless. The phenomena didn't stop there. These kids are not just in China. They have spread all over the world. I personally have been talking to parents who ask me, ".. what do we do.. I have a kid who knows everything?" I believe Lee Carroll is calling the children being born here in the U. S. "the Indigo Children." I personally think the two groups are coming from the same source, however, I don't know that for sure.

There appears to be two separate groups, incredibly psychic and amazing. It is the third group that I am most interested in - the "Children of AIDS." About 10 or 11 years ago in the US, there was a baby born with AIDS. They tested him at birth and at 6 months and he tested positive for AIDS. They tested him a year later and he still tested positive. Then they didn't test him again until he was 6, and what was amazing is that this test showed that he was completely AIDS free! In fact, there was no trace that he ever had AIDS or HIV whatsoever! He was taken to UCLA to see what was going on and those tests showed that he didn't have normal human DNA. In the human DNA we have 4 nucleic acids that combine in sets of 3 producing 64 different patterns that are called codons.

Human DNA all over the world always has 20 of these codons turned on and the rest of them are turned off, except for 3 which are the stop and start codes, much like a computer. Science always assumed that the ones that were turned off were old programs from our past. I've always seen them like application programs in a computer. Anyway... this boy had 24 codons turned on - 4 more than any other human being. Then they tested this kid to see how strong his immune system was.

They took a very lethal dose of AIDS in a petri dish and mixed it with some of his cells and his cells remained completely unaffected. They kept raising the lethalness of the composition and finally went up to 3,000 times more than what was necessary to infect a human being and his cells stayed completely disease free. Then they started testing his blood with other things like cancer and discovered that this kid was immune to everything!

Then they found another kid with these codons turned on - then another one then another one - then 10,000, then 100,000, then a million of them and at this point, UCLA, by watching world-wide DNA testing, estimates that 1% of the world has this new DNA. That breaks down to approximately 60 million people who are not human by the oldcriteria.

Diane: Is this new codon activation found only in newborn children?

Drunvalo: Well, it's mostly children, but now they are finding adults with it too - just like the hundredth monkey theory. Now all kinds of people are being affected by it and it's spreading fast. Remember, it started just 5 years ago with almost no one and now it's spreading-just like a disease. It's like an outbreak and this is only the beginning. The other part of this concerns the new book entitled "Cracking the Bible Code" - which has to do with running the Hebrew Books of the Bible through a specialized computer program.

If you go to page 164 of this book, it shows where these researchers put the word 'AIDS' into the program to see what would happen. When they did, the program translation provided words like "HIV," "in the blood," "the immune system," "death" - all the things you would think you'd see around the word AIDS, but down in the corner was this sentence that they didn't understand and it said - "the end of disease," and that is what I believe is happening here.

"Science has stated that there are so many people showing up with this new alien DNA that they now believe that a new human race is being born on the earth today and apparently they can't get sick." Now what is really incredible - they believe that it is a very specific emotional, mental body response - a waveform coming off the body that is causing the DNA to mutate in a certain way. I've sat with Gregg Braden who was one of the first persons to write about this and what we believe is that there are 3 parts to this phenomenon. "The first part is the mind that sees Unity." It sees the Flower of Life. It sees everything interconnected in all ways. It doesn't see anything as separate.

And the "second part is being centered in the heart - to be Loving. "And the "third thing is to step out of polarity - to no longer judge the world." As long as we are judging the world as good or bad, then we are inside polarity and remain in the fallen state. I believe these people (with the new DNA) have somehow stepped out of judging and are in a state where they see everything as one and feeling Love. Whatever they are doing within themselves is producing a waveform that when seen on computer screens looks almost identical to the DNA molecule. So the researchers think that by the very expression of their life that these people are mapping with the DNA - resonating it - and are changing these 4 codons and in so doing become immune to the disease.

What they don't know and this is where a lot of research gets to Happen is so maybe they are immune, but is there anything else? They might be immortal, who knows. Maybe there are other characteristics that we haven't even dreamed of. I often wonder if they are all linked together? Is there some form of telepathic connection that goes on?

Diane: Have you met any of these people? Are they accessible?

Drunvalo: Well, I've known about this for over two years and I have personally followed this path and I think I've moved into what they are doing. I have gone into the merkabah and asked my subconscious mind to change my codons in the same way and ever since I began to do this over two years ago, I haven't been able to get sick. I don't know if I've been able to change them or not. I guess the only way I'd know is with a DNA test. However, I've been exposed to all kinds of things and when someone Gets sick I purposely get close to them and try to get it. I've been trying to get sick - and I can't.

I feel something come on - it will last maybe an hour and then it's gone. What is interesting is that hardly any of this new DNA is found in The Super Psychic Children of China - almost zero. It is, however, being found in Russia and the U. S. There seems to be pockets of it and if what we are thinking is right - it has to do with a very specific response which is where most people in the New Age are headed for.

Diane: Do you think these people are creating the DNA changes unconsciously?

Drunvalo: I think someone has made the path - one child did it somewhere. Then he put it into the grids and it is now in the subconscious of the earth and is accessible to anyone. Once that happened I think somehow or another other people have connected to this on a subconscious level in deep meditation and prayer and made the change. A new race is being born and it is one of the most remarkable phenomenon that has happened on the planet! It's incredible that no one seems to know about this until now!

Diane: Well, you are the only one I've ever heard speak about this.

Drunvalo: Well, I've been tracking this for about 2 years and I've waited to say anything because I wanted to make sure it was real. In the book called "The Indigo Children" there has been extensive research on these children. There are websites you can go to if you're a parent where they begin to interview you about exactly what's going on with your child. Like I said earlier, these kids know exactly what you're feeling and what you're thinking. You can't hide anything from them. It's really amazing! I see it as a phenomenon like the ETs except they aren't coming here in spaceship form - they are coming here in spirit form making it personal by coming into the earth's evolutionary cycle and joining with us.

I've often thought that when spirits come in on the right side of the planet - Japan, China, and Tibet for instance, the incarnating being takes on the psychic characteristics (of those people), and if they come in on the western side - the logical side (i. e., physical characteristics) - then the DNA comes in changed. But that's just speculation on my part. I'm just looking at this and Trying to understand what is occurring. At the workshops I'm going to do, I'm going to bring everything I've learned together and teach people to actually access this and make the change. I think I know - or I'm veryclose.

Diane: And that has to do with putting yourself in a certain state of consciousness?

Drunvalo: Yes, a very specific state of consciousness produces a change in your DNA - and I think it's just the beginning of much more than that. The fact that it could be the end of disease is just a tiny bit of the total picture.

Diane: How would this particular kind of work and discovery affect the DNA activation work that seems to be popping up all over?

Drunvalo: Well, if you know your light body and you know how Psychic energy works and if you understand the connection of the subconscious to all life on this planet, then you can go in and ask your subconscious. "Your subconscious knows exactly which codons those kids have changed and if you ask for those things to happen through your light body and in the presence of God," it should occur. "It also requires dropping polarity - no longer thinking in terms of good or bad but seeing the wholeness and completion and perfection of life." It is a very definite mind, emotional and body response.

The body response is the one where your body simply does not acknowledge good or bad but sees that there is a higher purpose behind it all. We all know this stuff - everyone from Jesus to Krishna to Sai Baba has been talking about this for a long time, but this is the first I'm aware of where something actually is changing in the outer environment. People's DNA is really changing. There have been many of us who have talked about this - but none of this had been seen by science. Now it has been seen, and it has been documented.

Diane: So, if that's the case, then what significance does that have on our lives today?

Drunvalo: I believe that all of us have the choice to follow this particular pattern that the children have set up or not. It is said that "the children will lead the way." If we wish to and we trust these children, as I do, one of the side effects is the immunity todisease.

Diane: There are a lot of us who are choosing immortality. However, Some people would say that to be immune to disease is also to upset the life/death cycle which has supposedly helped to keep the planet in balance. How would you answer that?

Drunvalo: Well, I just don't judge it. This is happening and if it is going to upset the cycle and it probably will in some way- everything that is occurring in life has a reason and purpose for it. Perhaps these people who don't get sick anymore - perhaps they won't even die anymore and maybe their consciousness is so aligned with the original purpose of earth that ultimately it would mean an earth that is whole and complete and not one that is polluted and deadly and overtaxed. We could easily live with 6 billion people or 20 billion... if... we live differently. There is plenty of space, and it's just that we are using our resources in ways that are killing the planet. If we were to choose to live in different ways, that might change.

Maybe through these people the answers might become apparent. For someone to move into a state where they are immune to disease is a very powerful indication that they are definitely in harmony with life somehow. We can equate this process with the mutation of bacteria and viruses. We attack their systems with pollutants such as penicillin for instance, and it kills them all except for a few. Those few get stronger. Now what's happening is that these bacteria are getting to the place where they are immune to the poisons we are giving them. And have we not done the same thing?

We are mutating to a point where we are not affected by pollution or viruses or by disease. And you know, there is another thing that happened last year - AIDS dropped something like 47% - the largest drop of a single disease in the history of the world. I believe that it had a lot to do with this very thing we are talking about.

Diane: That's exciting!

Drunvalo: Yes, it is. I just let the earth prompt me where to go. Of course, it is important to know our light bodies and how to use them, but the children are very carefully saying - come this way - and see where this leads.

Diane: So is this what your future workshops will be focused on?

Drunvalo: Yes. I will be putting everything I've learned in the last two years from my research and the Earth/Sky work, into a simple response where anyone can move into the place that the children accessed. I'll do my best!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Could this be what killed the sea life off of the Florida coast?

By Alison Auld
Associated Press
August 21, 2005

Halifax - Scientists will begin probing waters off Nova Scotia in search of a slimy creature they believe is slithering north and could be blanketing some of Canada's richest fishing grounds.

Researchers from the US Geological Survey plan to head out Monday to a vast area over the Canadian portion of Georges Bank to look for a colony of sea squirts nicknamed the Blob for its icky texture and habit of covering most everything in its path.

"It's something new. It covers up the bottom and it forms a barrier between fish and what fish feed on, so logically you'd think it could be a problem," Page Valentine, a scientist with the agency, said from his office in Woods Hole, Mass.

"At some point it could get so pervasive that everybody will realize we've got a problem out there and it'll be too late."

Dr. Valentine accidentally discovered the organism, a simple tunicate with no skeleton that filters plankton, in 2002 on the US side of Georges Bank, a rich fishing area between Nova Scotia and Maine. He returned in 2003 and found that it was covering an area of at least 15 sq. kilometres.

One year later, a thick carpet of the porridge-like goop had spread over more than 104 sq. kilometres.

The creature, which measures one to two millimetres individually, attaches itself to rocky bottoms and proliferates rapidly until it creates a sometimes huge carpet that can come between various fish species and their food.

The fear is that it could also interfere with the scallop fishery, one of the most vibrant and lucrative on Georges Bank, by disrupting the resting ground for scallop larvae.

"The implication is that if this organism was limiting space for larvae to settle, then that would limit the amount of habitat for these larvae and that would not be a good thing," said Dr. Valentine.

It's not clear how much of a threat the unique life form poses to lobster, herring, swordfish, groundfish and tuna stocks, but it could be difficult to slow or control since it has no known predators.

Dr. Valentine discovered through experiments in his lab that the tunicate can form new colonies after being disrupted. For example, if a trawler swept over a colony and picked up pieces, it could easily be spread to other areas.

So far, the tunicate, whose scientific name is didemnum, has been found in British Columbia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, France, California and the eastern US seaboard, but scientists haven't determined if they are all the same species.

Similar tunicates have attacked several shellfish operations around the world, including ones along Nova Scotia's south shore and in Prince Edward Island, by glomming on to mussels and oysters and killing them in large numbers.

Dr. Valentine plans to deploy camera systems to take videos and still pictures of the area. He will also collect samples of the tunicate, if they find it, and fish to determine if certain species are feasting on it.

Canada's federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans isn't involved in the research, but will likely pay close attention to Dr. Valentine's findings.

"The main thing is that fisheries managers need to know about this so they can decide whether this is a threat," Dr. Valentine said. "It certainly is a threat in aquaculture."

"It remains to be determined if it is a threat in offshore fishing grounds. But I don't think it's going away."
It seems this could be the answer to the dead sea life off of Florida.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


By Raymond Fowler
compiled by Brent Raynes
Alternate Perceptions Magazine #84

In 1923, at the age of 22, I was a radioman in charge of a US Naval Radio Compass Station atop Otter Cliffs on the beautiful island of Mount Desert, in Maine. My watch was from 4:00 PM to 4:00 AM, 12 hours.

One late autumn day, a violent electrical storm was in progress when I reached the station to relieve the day man. He left for the main transatlantic station a quarter of a mile away wishing me luck. I would need it, for static was terrific, the storm winds near hurricane strength had spread out over the North Atlantic shipping lanes and the ships were constantly calling in for bearings. At times, I had six or seven ships lined up waiting to test, while outside the station (which I was handling alone) the storm raged with increasing intensity. About 7:00 PM I managed to eat a couple of sandwiches with one hand while I operated the equipment with the other.

By 10:00 PM the fire in the potbellied stove had gone out, but I was too busy giving bearings to build it up again. At 11:00 PM the SS George Washington (KDCL) started testing for bearings. A violent lightning bolt hit the cable outside the building, and in seeking a ground, went through the transmitting key, jumped through the air space and landed right inside my abdomen! It lodged behind my solar plexus where it remained and revolved as a fiery sun of light inside of me! I sat in the operator's chair transfixed. I could only watch it wonderingly, as it whirled inside of me. I could not understand why it had not jumped out again into the nearby ground cable for this ground cable led from the copper mesh screening which protected the radio compass receivers from any stray electrical current that might lurk in the nearby air. My amazement was further enhanced by the size of this electronic fire inside of me, for it was eight inches in diameter and was in no way, that I could discern, harming me.

By this time I should be dead, I thought, as I watched it revolving inside of me lighting up my whole insides. Fascinatingly, I watched my heart beat and my lungs rise and fall as I continued to breathe in and out normally. I must have watched for a minute or so when I noticed that in its revolutions inside of me, it was pulsating resonantly with my heartbeat in a slow and steady rhythm. This did not make sense! I had no control over this ball of fire. Some other intelligence seemed to be in command, but how could this be when I was alone in the station? And no one else would be there until 4:00 AM the next morning!

When I looked up, I was more amazed than ever for there was a soft light that went through the compass station roof, through the storm and darkness of the night, up to what appeared to be a radiant star afar in the heavens. I tried to move, to get out of the chair, but found that I could not even move an eyelid. However, I was conscious of a pulsating in the rays that turning that ball of electronic fire within me, turning it in perfect time with my heartbeat. But why? Who was doing it?

I looked down into the rays of light and saw that they went through the floor of the compass station, down deep into the rocks that formed Otter Cliffs as if it were anchoring the rays there. My mind was clear. I sat calmly thinking about this strange phenomenon and sensed that I was being held, as in an eternity of eternity's of silence, the peace of which was beyond description. It seemed that in these rays of light that neither time nor space as such existed. I was conscious only of what was taking place as a living part of these rays of life within and about me.

Suddenly, the rays expanded in a radiation that formed a complete field of light about me which extended about seven feet in all directions from me. Then three distinct flashes of light unfolded into three majestic-looking men, standing in shining robes of light before me, smiling. Each bowed to me and remained standing about four feet in front of me while I "looked them over" as it were. They did not seem to mind in the least. Although they did not speak, my thoughts and theirs were in perfect attunement and making verbal speech unnecessary. In spite of this, my thoughts formed many questions concerning them, the light rays, the electronic fire inside of me, what manner of star it was that projected such rays, but the thought questions went unanswered.

It seemed that they knew me well and were renewing old acquaintances for my benefit. When I had satisfied myself with observations of them, I got the impression that they would, in due time, remove the ball of fire from within my being, or so their thoughts seemed to tell me.

These three Beings were fine-featured, majestic in appearance, and had light cream-textured complexions. Their eyes were so bright it was difficult to see the color, but I thought they were blue, but it didn't matter. The brilliant aura surrounding them made it impossible for me to determine the color of their hair for they wore strange velvety-looking "hats" which were like three tiers of rolls upon their heads. Like their robes, the headdresses were of rich blue coloring with all manner of designs of light radiation in them. On their feet they wore soft doeskin in form fitting boots in appearance.

After I had looked them over thoroughly, and as if deciding that I had seen enough to know them next time I met them, they took up positions. One stood directly in the center in front of me, one to the left and one to the right of me, each being a distance of about five feet from me and from each other. Next began the strangest ball game anyone has ever witnessed on this planet!

The Being on my left pointed his finger at the ball of fire still revolving within me. In a flash of light, it leaped into his open hand. He held it for an instant, absorbing its fire during which time, the ball reduced from eight to six inches in diameter. Then he tossed it to the open hand of the one in front of me. He held it for an instant and the fire diminished from six to four inches or thereabouts, whereupon he threw it to the one on my right who held it and absorbed the fire further reducing the size of the ball of fire to two inches. He then threw it to the one on my left who, in catching it, almost playfully tossed it from him into the copper mesh screening of the station. There the ball of fire went up as in a shower of sparks before disappearing. Then the one to my left and the one at my right joined the one who had remained standing in front of me and in so doing, all three smiled as if in comradeship with me, bowed, and disappeared in three flashed of light, in the same manner in which they had appeared in three rays of light.

Monday, August 22, 2005


By Ed Komarek
Copy and Distribute Freely
My Blog: http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/

In the first part of this article I discussed the role of celestial humans in earth's history. It appears that these same celestial humans are still here effecting humanity for better or for worse. In order to free ourselves from the UFO/ET cover up and other mind control programs being imposed upon us we need to understand the underling dynamics of the mind control programs and the perpetrators of those programs. We need to do this so as to develop effective strategies to use in our defense.

Many of us realize that one of the most important drivers of the cover up is to maintain a monopoly on ET technology by a powerful worldwide oligarchy. What is not as well understood is that the existence of ethical celestial humans presents a great threat to earth human leadership and the control the oligarchy exercises over humanity. Earth humans and celestial humans seem to have a lot in common and share a common spiritual and genetic heritage.

As word on the existence of ethical celestial humans leaks out, earth humans dissatisfied with the current earth human leadership's ability to satisfy basic humans needs, will begin to defect and look toward the celestial humans for leadership. In fact we can see this struggle developing throughout history between the politicians of the day and the celestial humans in both the political and religious spheres. The rulers of the past had little understanding nor defense against the superior technology of the celestial beings but now the situation is changing. Today we see huge sums of resources being spent in exotic weaponry and a drive for the militarization of space in an attempt by the oligarchy to stop ethical ET intrusions into earth human affairs that threaten the earth human leadership to its very core.

If the oligarchy is unable to stop these intrusions and more and more people become dissatisfied with the current world leadership and defect over to the celestial ET's for guidance this will cause either a complete collapse of the current power structure or force it to restructure and become more accommodating to the needs of humanity. This is why I am placing such importance on current ethical celestial human contact cases.

As can be seen this is a primary reason for the heavy debunking of celestial human encounter cases from the 1950s onward when earth leaders realized the situation. While most of the contactees of the fifties are dead like George Adamski see web page: http://www.gafintl-adamski.com/ Daniel Fry see web page: http://www.timestar.org/etmessages.htm Howard Menger I am not sure if he is alive or not. See web pages. http://www.pych-one.com/new-2833913-4706.html http://www.algonet.se/~hermesat/contact.htm Dr. Frank Stranges is still alive the author of the book Stranger in the Pentagon. http://www.nicufo.org/dr_stranges.htm There are also other cases of celestial human contact even abuse against these celestial humans. See the case of a human from Tau Ceti in the 1991 Journal of Facts. http://www.subversiveelement.com/underworldMojave2.html

There is also a reference to contactee Billy Mier who also claims to be dealing with celestial humans. For more information on Billy see: http://www.billymeier.com/ Report at the following site titled Man From Another World. http://ufoexperiences.blogspot.com/ People should not be put off that many of these celestial beings claim to reside on our planets, moons and even the sun as these beings seem to be able not only to travel great distances in space in time but into and out and even live in other dimensions. Obviously in three dimensions these places are not inhabitable by humans.

Recently I have been researching the celestial human contact cases in South America. I give special thanks to Steve Moreno for putting me on to this case. The first and most interesting case involves Sixto Paz Wells the founder of the Rama Mission. See web page at: http://www.misionrahma.com/ingles/ingles.htm While Sixto Paz Wells founded the group it involves many more contactees who have had contact with celestial humans. Searching Sixto Paz Wells name on the net will give you a lot more information and it seems his story has held up well over the years even though Sixto's brothers story is more troublesome and seems to have hurt the group as a whole. Also associated with the Rama Mission Group is Ricardo Gonzalez who also has had direct contact with celestial humans and who is best researched on the net as much of his stuff is in Spanish. This can now can be easily translated with net search engines.
This Rama group is not a cult but has many serious and rational individuals involved with connections to both the Peru and Spanish governments. There have been arranged flyovers filmed by reporters of the mass media. Already on my blog I did a review on Charles Silva and the book, Date With The Gods, about his experiences with a celestial human named Rama. Interestingly both contacts happened at about the same time in 1974 seemingly independent of each other. There are other independent accounts on the web like those at: http://www.wexclub.com/WEX2_6/PeruUFO.html Also see at the following site that Wendelle Stevens was on many of these other celestial human cases. http://home1.gte.net/haahs/plejares/MeierChap7.htm

Aside from the Rama group is another contact group that is very significant that I will call the Ummo Group. I read a book on this years ago published by Wendelle Stevens the following shows how significant this human contact case is. I am not sure if it is still ongoing or not at this time. http://members.fortunecity.com/galactic4/RUNE/ummo.html

I am still researching and the list of contactees with celestial humans continues to build. Also don't forget that Travis Walton also had contact with celestial humans. See http://www.anw.com/fire/fireinthesky.htm Travis Waltons experience is less of an abduction and appears to be an accident when he ran up and got a violent electrical discharge off of the craft and had to be picked up and healed.

What this all means is that one primary reason for the UFO/ET cover up and the mad rush to militarize space is to keep disgruntled earth humans from defecting to the ethical celestial human camp. It seems that the present governments of the world would rather destroy our civilization rather than risk giving up control over their respective populations Ultimately this mad policy will fail I hope and world governments and the power brokers that control them will be forced to become more respective of the needs of their citizens. Hopefully a new leadership should emerge that will work together rather than against ethical celestial human races to move earth humanity forward into an enlightened age rather than backward into a new dark age.

Posted by Ed Komarek

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sasquatch Are Here, Says Outdoorsman

by Bernice Tick
Citizen staff Prince George CitizenMonday, August 15, 2005
(Thanks to Houston BC, Canada UFO Center)

A Prince George man whose greatest passion has been hunting for big game admits he's hooked on proving the existence of sasquatch. Leo Selzer, who has spent 41 years hunting in the bush around Prince George, is convinced the illusive creatures are around, and he spends as much time as he can in the bush area where he believes they live. He says he's had one pretty clear sighting and several occasions when he's convinced he was communicating with his" furry friends."

In the mid- 1980s when Selzer was moose hunting in the Gregg Creek area west of the city, he did his loud moose calls that bring in the bulls during rutting season. "after a few calls I heard a response -- like someone banging on a tree about a kilometer away. I would call. Then right away, bang, bang. A small black bear appeared, wandering towards the banging sounds. The bear stopped and stood up on its hind legs looking towards a tall fir tree, and then all of a sudden it hightailed in the opposite direction toward me, veered off and went over the ridge."

It was then that Selzer saw a tall, dark-coloured creature step out from the cover of the fir tree into the open, and then quickly stepped behind the tree and was gone," said Selzer, noting that logged-off has little human activity.

In 2000 Selzer was again hunting at Gregg Creek when, at about 400 metres, he spotted what he first thought was a large bear standing on its hind legs watching the hunters. "It was standing next to a large, broken-off fir tree and was about the same dark colour, maybe greyish around its shoulders and on its chest. Thinking it could be a grizzly, I kept a close eye on it, watching it shift its weight from one leg to the other a couple of times for about a half hour. "All of a sudden it was gone, but later I realized a bear would never stand on its hind legs for that long without getting down and back up again," said Selzer.

After studying that area closely, he's concluded the creatures leave landmarks and directional signs by piling trees into X marks behind closely knit trees, and bending and shaping spindly trees into arches and shaped pointers carefully threaded through willow tops. He believes Sasquatch eat bark from trees like aspens, and has seen markings showing large fingernails and teeth were used to remove bark. He's also seen large footprints, but hasn't been fortunate to be able to photograph then fresh or complete. "One footprint, going up a grade, was pretty clear, about 13 to 14 inches long, eight inches wide at the heel, and about six inches wide at the top of the ball of the foot. There were indications of possible toe impressions about one to three inches beyond the ball of the foot."

In 1994 on the Hoodoo Lakes road he could hear three individual voices give out a holler or two which was responded to by "jabbering type of language." "I thought it must be some drunken people back there on a bush road or something, but I later found out there is no road or clearing in that area."

In mid-June, Selzer came across an area in the Gregg Creek, about 300 to 400 yards long, containing a series of blinds and shelters, and tepee-like frameworks he believes were built by a sasquatch. The blinds are waist to shoulder height with logs and trees pushed together to form a lean-to like structure. "The frameworks, up to 50 feet high, are made with long spindly trees intricately intertwined to form the structure., "said Selzer.

Brian Vike in Houston, who reports on unidentified flying objects and such matters, has received reports from residents about sasquatch sightings in the Buck Flats area. "Two Houston women, driving up Buck Flats road, were startled recently when a large animal walked upright across the road in front of their vehicle. "The animal, described much like a sasquatch, made long strides into the forest, but did not turn to look back at the women."

He said a camping party at Silverhorne Lake reported hearing chilling screams in the night coming from around the lake, which cannot be associated with the known animals in the region. "

One other sighting was reported on the Morice River Road when two people fishing witnessed a large two-legged animal on the opposite bank of a river walk slowly into the forest and disappear," said Vike.

American William Dranginis, said he saw a bigfoot once - hairy, 7 feet tall, and sprinting through the woods of Virginia.The 12-second sighting changed the life of Dranginis, who outfitted a 24-foot mobile veterinary clinic as a Bigfoot Primate Research lab. Equipped with scopes, radios and a Night-Sight camera that can detect an animal in the dark at 800 yards away, he heads out at least two weekends a month. But still no second sighting for Dranginis, who would like to push legislation to protect the creatures. "Do not shoot it," said Selzer. "They mean no harm, but they are curious, and incredibly intelligent beings."

Selzer's latest reported sighting on July 20 came from a visiting couple from Saskatoon. They told Selzer that, while driving Highway 16 East at about 8 p.m. near Tabor Mountain, they saw what they first thought was a large man crossing the highway. Describing the creature as about 7 1/2 feet tall covered with hair, thick barrelled shoulders and narrow waist, they said it crossed the road about 100 yards ahead of them in about three steps. The couple, who have never believed in the sasquatch theory, were so haunted by the experience they couldn't sleep. After they got home they contacted Selzer, who has added his investigation of the area to his website:http://sasquatch-pg.net.

Saturday, August 20, 2005



Last night Dr. Lynne Kitei's movie on the Phoenix Lights came to Hollywood...well, to beautiful downtown Burbank specifically and premiered on the Warner Brothers lot.

It was refreshing to see a film sans debunkers and one that should lay to rest that anyone videotaped orsaw "flares" on the night of March 13, 1997 orJanuary 14, 1998 or earlier or later sightings of the orbs and triangles seen over the Phoenix area as I have contended in my book and Dr. Kitei has contended in hers. The scientific facts are irrefutable -- I take that back --refutable by those who wish to continue to debate.

That the very large silent low-flying objects were ignored in a dispute over lights and flares is a shining example of how the skeptics can send such a significant case off the rails.

Warner is considering releasing it nationwide in theaters near you. We haven't had a documentary film on UFOs appear in theaters in a long, long while.

Kudos to Dr. Lynne

Sincerely,Bill Hamilton


Fábio José Diniz was a young lad, working as a salesman. He was selling Venetian blinds, and he thought it would be a great idea to try making a sale to a hospital. After all, it would be a place where one would need many of them.

He chose the Hospital da Baleia, a famous hospital in Belo Horizonte that had an orthopedics section and also an area for contagious diseases treatment.

Fábio arrived a bit late, nearing lunch time, and was told that he had to talk to a person who was in one of the buildings of the contagious diseases area.

A slanted way links the two areas and in between them, a small soccer field is located on the right side of the slanted way. When Fabio passed by, he noticed a strange thing in the middle of the soccer field. Mushroom shaped it had colored lights flashing under the mushroom top.

From the start, Fábio didn’t think it could be “a flying saucer”. Indeed some expositions (mostly equipment exhibitions) were being carried out by the Brazilian Army, in town, at this time. Fábio thought it could be something connected with such promotional activities, in a time when the military was ruling the country.

As he approached the object, something like a cylindrical glass shield descended from the “mushroom” top to the ground. Immediately, on the central column, to Fabio’s dismay, a door started to open. The column had seemed entirely smooth before. There had been no trace of a door.

From the inside came two very tall humanoid beings. They wore tight green overalls, and a sort of mask that covered the areas of their noses and mouths (assuming they had mouths or noses). Visible were thick triangular eyebrows and all-black eyes, no sclerotic. From the mask, a tube descended down their bodies, seeming to be glued on their overalls, and entering the overalls near the heels. One of them carried something like a gun, held to his “biceps” by a band, but equally held by the right hand. The other one had over his head something like a short stick topped by a little sphere, both in black. The skin that could be seen, in their nearly covered faces, was yellowish green.

Now, Fábio noticed that he was in front of an alien apparition. He tried to run away, when a bass loud voice warned him:

-“Stop! Don’t run!”

Fábio stopped and turned back, to see the UFO and beings and hear a frightening order:
-“Come back tomorrow, at this same time or we will take your family.”

Fábio, shocked and confused, replied:-“But why ???!!” (this was not put on the report of the case)

They didn’t answer him. They turned their backs, entered the central column, the door closed, the transparent shield was lifted, and the UFO started to take off, spinning and flashing the lights below.

Then Fábio ran away. He looked back once and the UFO was high in the air. He ran a little further and looked back again and the craft had vanished.

Completely shocked Fábio wasn’t able to look for help or assistance at the hospital area. Almost like an automat he caught a bus to downtown. On his way, he encountered a friend:
- “Wow, Fábio! You look so pale! Have you seen a ghost?”

He didn’t respond but it had been almost like that.

Still confused Fábio went to the famous DOPS, at the Afonso Pena Avenue. Surely it was not the right place, but it was the nearest police station at hand.

That police station was charged to watch subversive political activities. Through the years, that police branch was accused of being a center for torture regarding political prisoners.

The sheriff who received Fábio- crying, trembling and sweating- was David Hazam. A very known tough guy, a walking ugly legend among politicians, rebel rousers and political prisoners.
However, this very tough guy felt impressed at Fábios poor psychological conditions. As he knew Húlvio Brant Aleixo, Mr. Hazam phoned CIOCANI’s leader:

-“Hi Húlvio. Do you still care about flying saucers? Well, there’s a lad here who...”
Mr. Hazam briefly summarized the story to Mr. Aleixo. who left to the quoted police station, at once. The DOPS transported Húlvio, Fabio and some policemen to the Hospital da Baleia yards and its soccer field.

Húlvio, who was to graduate in Psychology, heard and cared after Fábio all the day.

In the evening, the CICOANI group was reunited in the apartment of a member of the group, a veteran publicity designer named Rujos, an artistic name.

Fábio was taken there. Among the meeting participants one could enlist: Dr. Heros Campos Jardim, lawyer and Vice-President of CICOANI; Mr. Húlvio Brant Aleixo; the journalist José Otaviano Lage (who didn’t belong to CICOANI); Rujos and myself.

Rujos started to draw the first artistic conceptions on the case. Later I would draw my version.
We heard Fábio for hours. Definitely he didn’t look like a liar, a practical joker, a faker, or a hoaxer. As I would learn years after, the body’s language is stronger than the verbal language. In case of doubt prefer the body’s language. But in this case, no doubt: both kinds of language were fully matched and transmitting an impression of fear, insecurity as to the morning to come, and the decision to come back to the place of the incident, or not.

Fábio was very concerned about the threat to his family. Especially his mother who was not very healthy at that time.

Many times he firmly and sincerely stated that he didn’t care whether we were believing his story or not. The only thing he wanted of us was to have our physical presence and support on that soccer field the next morning.

The meeting ended and a plan was sketched.

Number one, somebody took Fábio to his house, but with a recommendation: not a word to his family. Days after when we had a talk with his parents, they heard the story for the first time. Although reticent, Fabio’s father informed us that he found it strange that the night Fabio was expecting the next morning meeting at the hospital, Fabio’s room lamps stayed lit up and he noticed that Fabio remained sleepless, walking through the room all night.

A consensus had been established as to leave Fábio alone in the middle of the soccer field while we would hide ourselves in the nearby vegetation and safe corners.

Personally, I didn’t like it. After all, we did not know with what we were dealing with. Suppose something happened to the boy? What would we say to his family? Besides, I reminded Húlvio of the case of the peasant Rivalino Mafra da Silva, who simply vanished and never was found anymore, in the presence of his son, near Diamantina, years before. Who did it? A probe-like UFO, floating over a fence of his property shot Rivalino with a blast of smoke. When the smoke was gone, Rivalino was gone forever.

It seems this argument convinced Húlvio that the schedule had to be changed for a more conventional routine.

In the morning, we (the CICOANI group and some police agents) met again. We drove to the Baleia Hospital yards. I stood close to Fábio who was VERY TENSE, but trying to stay calm. I stood close to him. In a certain moment he didn’t resist and almost crushed my hands with his hands, looking for support. Almost cried, I remember well.

After all this nothing happened. Except that we reconstituted the incident. While looking for any kind of physical traces (I wondered how a big thing could land there without any trace) I discovered some burnt pieces looking like carbonized popcorn. Later their composition was studied by the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Such composition almost fully matched with the one found, also carbonized fragments, in Vila Constitución, Argentina, where a big UFO had landed, in that same year.

After so many years, I think that in both famous CEIII cases the CICOANI investigated- Sagrada Família and Baleia- there were three aspects that we possibly ignored.

· In both cases, UFOs suddenly “vanished” in the incidents’ last moments. It might have been the same property of suddenly becoming optically invisible, as displayed by the recent “Mexican” Ufos.

· In both cases and some more, one had daring incursions in inhabited areas, but close to empty or near-wilderness areas, perhaps to guarantee an emergency retreat.

· All seemed to be planned to avoid human witnessing. In the Sagrada Família case it happened right in the time people used to be inside their houses having dinner, children starting their school tasks and the like. As to the Baleia case something similar seemed to happen as the lunch time was soon to start. An odd detail: the soccer field area should have had a security guard at that time. But that very day the guard decided to leave for lunch a bit earlier.

· In both cases something fell through: a housewife decided to wash a coffee strainer, and then delivers the task to three boys. In the other case, a young salesman decided to sell Venetian blinds and pass by a place that ought to be empty. Terrorizing the unexpected witness could have been a tough way to send him out.

If the aliens are able to control people, it seems they are not perfect. Good news. Finally, the Baleia entities were not good guys. This is clear to me.

Friday, August 19, 2005


By Clyde Lewis

UFO reports have increased in number all over South America. Is it because Extra-Terrestrials have secret hidden bases near Child and Argentina?

The people of South America are the most beautiful people you will ever meet. They are generous and kind and will offer you whatever they have no matter how poor they may be. The people have seen their share of revolutions, and civil rights violations. Yet they persevere. One of the qualities of South America is the abundance of spirituality in all forms. From the Catholic Church to smaller denominations most south Americans have a reverence for God in their own special way. Many, who live in El Campo have a reverence to ancient tribal legends as well. My belief in the world beyond this world was reinforced by the solace of the campfire the sipping of Mate, and the gazing into the night sky.

Stories were told of Angels visiting familieis. Visions of the Virgin Mary, immortals that walked the earth and Extra-terrestrials. It was in Argentina where I met my first "angel" and saw a brilliant light in the sky. There were times where you could take the train from Lujan to Buenos Aires at night and the moon seemed to fill the whole sky. It was as if it was painted on a wall and you were not far from the end of the earth. When you live in a foreign country, you learn to adapt. You realize that a lot of oyur manners, and customs need to be altered. You learn a different language and after you learn it, you run into someone that you can't understand. They are speaking Spanish of course, but you forget that in other countries, they have different dialects, and accents. Some people are there speaking Spanish as a second language so you can eventually distinguish accents from other countries as well.

The first time this happened to me is when I was at a Chinese Restaurant in Floresta Argentina. Imagine looking at someone who is obviously Asian who is speaking Spanish with a Chinese accent. It is a little confusing to say the least. You do realize that there is a difference in the Spanish speaking. You don't think that you have an English accent when speaking Spanish... but you do. People can tell. But what if you spoke with someone who didn't have a recognizable accent. We often don't think about it, because if we understand them that is all that matters. Sometimes we can tell what part of the world they are from, sometimes they can speak to us and sound as if they were born and raised in the Midwest.

The reason I bring all of this up is because I need to prepare you for a remarkable story. A story that may be proof that extra-terrestrials come and go here all the time. That they left a message with a couple from Chile, and that message was recorded on tape for the world to hear.
In 1984 a group of radio enthusiasts say that they were in contact with a strange group of people who called themselves Friendship. People in the area who saw this group say that they were very peculiar, and villagers claimed that they appeared very Tall. They had blonde hair and blue eyes, and had a strange accent when they'd speak. It has also been suggested that after observing this group a lot of people claim that the group had high levels of technical knowledge. They had skills in medical and biological fields and mathematics. It was rumored that they were a religious cult. Some thought they were American scientists, but later the people would find out the truth about Friendship. Friendship was in reality a group of extraterrestrials with 7 bases on earth.

It was raining heavily on the southern coast of Chile, a thick fog hugged the ground near the Canal de Chacao. A man named Octavio, who used the handle "Lucero" on his Short-wave radio heard an emergency message coming from a mysterious island where boat captains claim strange occurrences take place. Lucero had heard these messages before. Boats that lose their way and then, the messages of strange lights, and equipment breaking down.

The Boat that was in trouble belonged to the department of Oceanography at the University of Chile. The captain of the boat, Alberto was trying to find his position. He said that he was near the area of Mtiegauay, near the southern tip of Chile when a strange light broke through the fog. The light came down and landed on the boat. It must have been radiating a lot of energy because some of the sailors hair began to fall out. Alberto, the captain of this boat was attempting communication with another small supply boat, Enquique. Enquique could not make contact. Lucero could not believe what he was hearing. He started talking with a man named Hector.

Hector the captain of the boar Black Web recalls that the same occurrence happened to him in the same general area. His radio malfunctioned. An intense radio signal was sent pegging his VU meters on the radio and then suddenly silence. The object would quickly disappear.

Lucero then said that he would relay what Alberto was trying to tell the Enquique. After the whole affair Alberta managed to find his way back to port. Alberto wanted to meet Lucero to thank him for relaying the messages.

Lucero finally met Alberto. Lucero asked Alberto what he was doing in the fog so far off course.
Alberto said that some "Americans" had hired him, and they had taken him to an island and they had he equipped his boat with strange machinery. Alberto had received his boat after he took out a huge loan from the Chilean Government. It was a debt he could not afford to pay back. So he took the boat far south and became a modern day pirate. He was underground now hauling secret cargoes for different people.

One day he met a guy named Emesto de la Fuente, a sound engineer who had just recently met some Americans... who belonged to a strange religious cult called Friendship. He recommended Alberto's services to get supplies to the uncharted islands and they in turn would pay off his bills and help him get back on track. Emesto said that they were Americans, however Alberto was not as sure about the group.

Their appearance was not typical. While they were blondes "rubios" they all looked very much alike. They were very tall and dressed strangely. They appeared like they did not know the most basic aspects of society and yet they possessed great knowledge of physics, biology and mathematics. They disguised their conversations with a spiritual tone, and they hid their own individual identities with names of angels. Their leader, Ariel claimed that they had several locations where they could go in the islands but their general headquarters was on a lost island near Archipelago of Chonos which is made up of 3800 islands. They said that they possessed an advanced technology of medicine and aeronautics.

Lucero was very impressed with Alberto's story. Many times they would discuss his travels and soon Alberto and Lucero became good friends. Alberto introduced Lucero to Hector, the other captain with the strange stories. Hector claimed that he met Ariel the leader of Friendship and asked if it would be okay to introduce him to his wife Cristina. After their meeting they kept contact with the radio. It was a few months later that Ariel had a strange confession. He told Cristina on the radio that they were not from planet earth. He claimed that while they were in our humanity, they did not belong here and were preparing for a trip to another planet. Lucero explained that when this occurred the Vu indicator had a power presence. It was as if Ariel was near by.

It was about 2:30 in the afternoon. Cristina was near the radio and she heard a call from Friendship. The following is the translated conversation between Cristina and Ariel.

Woman 1 Moving what? Come in Ariel. Please, tell me what you are going to move.Woman 2 It's moving, Mona.Woman 1 Yes, now I see it, it's moving then. Listen, Ariel hello. Ariel tell me what is happening, tell what is happening. QSL.

Friendship: Only 5 degrees, five degrees towards the mountains.
Woman 1 Now, affirmative. Yes, I see it. I see it, it move five degrees towards the mountains. But tell me please, is Alberto all right? QSL

Friendship: All is well, all is well and you can see everything. All this, you can see all this when you come here.

Woman 1 Ah, ha, ha Ariel, in the summer, in the summer. QSLWoman 2 Tell him to invite me too. I am fascinated. RogerWoman 1 Listen, do you know what? Oh my God... listen I don't know what is happening really, I am shaking all over.Woman 2 Listen...??? Let's see Ariel if you copy me. RogerWoman 3 Cristina? Cristina?Woman 3 Listen what do you see?Woman 1 Listen, how terrific! Look.. I don't know how to explain it to you, but wait, please wait a minute?? Just look north, north towards the sky. Hello, come in Ariel, come in Friendship, hello Friendship, do you copy?Woman 3 Cristina?Woman 1 What?Woman 3 Tell him to take me, that I play the guitar well.Woman 1 Ah, h, ha... Hello come in Friendship, Friendship do you copy?

Friendship Check apocalypse, apocalypse (interference)Voice 1 Hello, Friendship for Lucero.. Hello, we are going to see the South, come in Friendship Island.. this is Lucero. QSL
Friendship Don't let that helicopter come near, make sure it doesn't approach.Voice 1 Yes, affirmative Friendship. Tell me exactly where in the south of Chile you are located, friend.
Friendship Don't let that plane come near, make sure it doesn't approach.Voice 1 No one can warn him, listenVoice 2 There is a plane flying around close byVoice 3 I have a plane pretty close, friend

Friendship (in English) Don't get so close.Voice 4 Listen friendVoices ????
Woman 1 Listen, come in friendship, hello Friendship. Hello Ariel, hello Ariel, do you copy?
Friendship Be careful of the magnetic field, the magnetic field, do not approach.
Woman 1 He has a magnetic center, don't go near. He says... the plane...Voices ???Voice 1 Affirmative and he is the one informing us. Felipe, and he tells us when he is moving, when he is going to move the craft, he told us just a short while ago that he was going to move 5 degrees and it moved just like that and he told us to remember.Voice 2 YesIntruder the south of Chile....fool
Friendship We are going to a lower altitude, lower altitude in front of Farallon's... interference
Ariel told Cristina to go outside. She looked up and saw a brilliant object. She was very excited. She contacted Ariel and suggested certain movements that the object carried out. Either the craft was being piloted by Ariel or it was being flown by remote control.

Thousands of citizens reported the presence of the object including national television stations which filmed it with telephoto lenses. One of the witnesses felt she wanted to cry. She felt overwhelmed by what was passing over her house.

Gustavo Rodrigues, who is the director of air traffic control also saw the spectacle and says it was a light about the size of an orange that gave the impression of spinning on its own axis and it was in space without really moving. They monitored the movements of the craft for most of the afternoon. As the sun was setting Rodriguez says that situated to the left of the orange ball was a dark sphere which followed the orange ball toward the mountains.

This strange craft was also seen in Argentina. It was also reported in the Argentine press. Representatives of the weather bureau say they saw the mysterious object as well and as far as they were concerned they could not produce a meteorological explanation for the phenomena. Amateur astronomers were saying that the object had a brilliant ring and some sort of antennae.
There was one final message sent from Friendship. A farewell, as the light disappeared into space. The message was from someone who called himself Marte Uno. Here is another translation from the radio communication:

MARTE UNO: This Marte. This is Marte. Precisely... (garbled)... signal of the last communication for the polar friends that contained interference. Now I want to answer because I promised to. We Marte..(beep).. I want to answer a question since the answer will not be a surprise. Polar friends (indefinido)... We want to see you. We want to see you. This is the question that all of our friends will certainly answer. Here is the quest... the answer, the answer to the question. Polar friends, friends of the North, Mercury friends.. (garbled) we cannot hear. We are already among you. We are already among you. We are already among you.
The light was gone.

The story is remarkable and chilling because of what I witnessed when I attended a Seminar with Richard Hoagland. Hoagland showed footage from the Space Shuttle. The cameras positioned themselves over Santiago Chile. It was if they were waiting for something to happen. What happened was a bright light shoots out towards the camera and then the cameras move to show the light meeting up with several disc shaped objects. The strange spaceship leaves Santiago and moves south to another area, maybe the area near. They also move eastward to Argentina. I am not suggesting that the audio tape that I have has any connection to the Hoagland Footage. However, the Hoagland footage could validate the possibility that a UFO base exists in the southern end of Chile and in the southern part o Argentina.

EarthMail has reported this in great detail. It has been posted on the S4 data base if you want more information. This will remain one of the most enigmatic Ground Zero stories on record. Other factors to consider that are being investigated are:

Can communication from a remote area like Archipelago of Chonos be heard on these radios?
Was Ariel aboard the ship that was in the sky?

Did airplanes see the object as well?

Did it show up on radar?

What does the Richard Hoagland video show us? When will he release it to the public?

Do the communications continue?

Were there any military in the area?

Why did the pilots of Friendship speak in a non-discernable dialect?

This investigation will continue when more reports come in.

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