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Thursday, July 06, 2006


May 31, 1974

Peter and Frances MacNorman, who were driving from Salisbury, Rhodesia to South Africa, about 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of Umvuma. Peter thought he saw a man on the side of the road. The entity vanished. Then, "at 2:30 in the morning, Frances saw a light off to the left side of the vehicle apparently keeping pace with them. The car lights began to fade. Other electrical equipment, such as the radio, was unaffected; all around them there was a light bright enough to cast shadows. Both Peter and Frances felt remarkably cold and wrapped in coats and blankets while they were driving."

"Peter was again driving fast, between 87 - 93 miles per hour (140-150 kmh) and he eased his foot off the accelerator. Nothing happened! The car continued to move at full speed, without headlights and completely out of Peter's control. He could not stop, brake, steer or in any way control the car."

Just north of Port Victoria, Peter regained control of the Peugeot 404 and stopped at a gas station at 4:30 a.m. After topping off the tank, they resumed their journey, heading for the Beit Bridge over the Limpopo River.

"During this next leg of the drive, the couple thought they might be off course because of the strange landscape around them, low bushes, high grasses, marshes and swamps... Yet again, Peter completely lost control of the car now at a speed of something like 125 miles per hour (200 kmh)... The road from Fort Victoria to Beit Bridge is very curved and twisted, but that night it was absolutely straight!"

Reaching the South African border, Peter and Frances were stunned to learn that it was 8:30 a.m. Their watches and the Peugeot's dashboard clock both read 7:30 a.m. They had experienced an hour of "missing time." The drive from Fort Victora to the South African border station at Beit Bridge is 228 kilometers. After a drive like that, the Peugeot's gas tank should have been nearly empty. Peter was stunned to find it still full. Even more amazing were the tires. Back in Salisbuy (Harare), Peter had mounted four worn retread Michelins on the car, figuring to buy four new tires at a bargain price in South Africa. When he checked the tires at Beit Bridge, the retreads were gone, replaced by four brand-new Michelin steel-belted radial tires. Peter had no recollection of stopping and changing the tires along the way.

Later the couple underwent hypnotic regression and told an incredible story of an alien "beaming into" the Peugeot's back seat, and then the car being levitated into a large silver-gray saucer. Under hypnosis, Peter claimed that he was "taken to Sickbay" aboard the saucer "for a medical exam" and saw his wife and several other humans, both black and white, who appeared to be in a trance. As we was led out of Sickbay, he saw the Peugeot in the saucer's "on-board hangar," parked between two small silver discs. The car's hood was up, and three or four large-headed occupans were giving the engine a tune-up!

(See "World Atlas of UFOs" by John Spencer, Smithmark Publishers Inc., New York, N.Y. 1991, pages 149-150.)


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