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Monday, March 14, 2005


After my experience, I had many very vivid "dreams". More like flashbacks. I recall one in which I was lying in a bed in a hospital room (small room) and everything was white. I was feeling extremely relaxed and I also felt paralyzed. There were 2 people standing at the foot of the hospital bed, and both were wearing very dark coloured uniforms with high Mandarin-like collars. Both people were about the same height. One of them then came towards me, holding what appeared to be 2 small black rectangular "cuff link" like objects, one in each hand. He slowly approached me and touched these "cuff links", one to each side of my Adams apple on my neck. At that point, I felt this extreme rush of vibration / energy like he had just touched 2 live high voltage wires to my body. My entire body vibrated intensely and had this incredible energy rush and I woke up immediately, still feeling this incredible energy flowing through my body. It took a while for it to subside.

I also had other "dreams" that were so real, but it's been many years sinceI had the last one. I would dearly like to remember what happened to me in much greater detail.


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