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Saturday, April 16, 2005


NOTE: The following is a condensed transcript of the initial interview with the Business Partner (Jim) and the Wife (Barbara) -- not their real names. Some information from subsequent interviews with the Photographer (Roger) and one of the frequent guests (Harry) has been inserted as if said by Jim. Jim and Barbara have reviewed this entire manuscript and approved it for release, in this anonymous form.


Jim: The first unusual occurrence, after we moved onto the ranch, was a strange hum. We went out and disconnected all the electrical wires. And at first we just thought it was an unusual occurrence -- we had done the wiring ourselves. But the house hummed most particularly during a wind storm and for some time afterwards. I found out later that the ranch may be undermined with a large amount of coal mines. It was one of the largest coal areas in early Colorado history. And supposedly one of the largest is on our ranch, but we've never found any traces of it at all. And I've really looked; I've walked every inch of the land. I still believe that there are some kind of pumps underground that pump the water out due to the barometric changes that raise the water level after a windstorm. It is almost invariable associated with the wind, it is quite loud and distinct; and on the occasions that we have seen UFOs, the hum usually comes along and it is quite similar. I don't think aircraft would go up every time the wind came but the house does hum almost with every major windstorm.

I'll play you a tape of the hum that we recorded. The house does this continuously during a windstorm and usually for an hour or two afterwards, depending on the length and intensity of the storm. It was humming the last time we were there -- about six months ago -- and I'm sure if you go there and could spend in excess of 8 hours there, you would hear it. The most practical time to hear it is about 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning -- almost religiously, it is like an alarm clock. It does come on at other times during the day but it is easier to hear it at night. There is a particular area that it emanates from stronger and that is where we put the microphone to record it. If you want to make a tape of this and can do anything with it to analyze it, feel free to do it but I don't want to give up the tape.

Barbara: It sounds almost like a turbine of some kind. The tape doesn't give a clear sound of it. It would come on sometimes louder and sometimes softer. Once, the first year, at Christmas, it came on so loud we had difficulty talking and hearing each other. That is the only time it came on that loudly. It never again came on quite that loudly. My husband was the first one that heard it. We had just finished moving the last few loads in and Jim and I were still in town picking up some more things. John had gotten to the ranch first. The children were at a friends. The minute we walked in, John said there was something wrong with the wiring and there is this terrific hum in here. And we had put all the wiring in ourselves. We worked on the house for tree months before we could even move in. There was dirt all over it cause doors had blown open and it was just terrible. Jim had put most of the wiring in and we thought that maybe we had done something wrong so we shut off all the breakers we could find. And that didn't stop it so we went out and turned it off at the pole so there was no electricity at all coming in from the pole which is in the center of the corral.


Jim: I moved to the ranch in October of 1975. When we first moved out there, we had cattle on the ranch and I was watching the cattle and remodeling. And on approximately October 16 -- we have a dam on the Northwest corner of the property and the cattle were braying very heavily that night and I went out to see what was disturbing them. We have a large coon hound that was watching the property and the dog was extremely afraid of something. He was on the porch and wanted in and I grabbed a gun and went out. The cattle -- range cattle do not usually come close to you; they usually give you a wide berth -- were packing me so tight that I couldn't hardly get through the middle of the herd. I walked about halfway to the dam and above the dam was a large lighted object. It was orange and trapezoidal shaped, and looked much like the top of a lighthouse. I was going to see what it was, and I got about halfway there when I realized that the cattle were upset, the dog was upset and that whatever it was I didn't need to know! That was during the cattle mutilation days and I had a small caliber rifle and I decided to leave well enough alone. So I went back to the house and just filed it away as something interesting that happened -- and tried to forget it.

Shortly after that we had several cases of where the dog wouldn't go outside. The dog is not afraid of anything except, we found out later, he's afraid of bears. We have mountain lion on the property which he aggresses very rapidly so we couldn't figure out why the dog was afraid.

To be continued

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