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Monday, April 18, 2005



Jim: Shortly after that, Barbara moved out there, I think, and John was commuting back and forth to his office and he wasn't there a good part of the time. We didn't have the heat on very adequately and it turned cold and we had electric heaters set up all over the place using the electricity to heat us. Steve, a friend from Boston, and Barbara and I. Well, I found that they had a large reward for the cattle mutilators. That night I was gong out tracking them. I had a large 12-gauge shotgun and I fancied myself the great hunter and I was going to go catch the cattle mutilators. Well, I laid down on the couch and I was unable to get up; it was like paralysis -- like I was drugged. It was about 8:30 at night. Now, Barbara, you tell what happened to you.

Barbara: We were watching TV, Steve and I, in the bedroom that was fixed up as a sitting room. Without any outside stimulus that I know of, my blood pressure and my heartbeat went up. I do have a high blood pressure problem. I saw spots and had difficulty breathing and thought I was having a heart attack. Steve panicked and I was trying to get Jim awake on the couch because I really thought that was what was happening. I have a perceptual problem with direction. I do not know north, south, east or west. But all of a sudden I knew exactly where I was -- a feeling I have never had before and have never had since then. My thinking pattern felt different. I don't think logically. I'm a very emotional person and things that popped into my mind were just like pearls on a string and went right down to the end. I remembered things that I had completely forgotten and that frightened me, and by that time I was screaming and Jim came to from whatever his problem was -- he couldn't seem to talk -- and I was trying to tell him what had happened. And while I was getting it all out the only thing I wanted to do was leave. Now you have to realize that I loved that place and some part of me still does. I had no place that I wanted to go but my immediate feeling was get out, get in that car and go -- anywhere. And I wasn't at the point where anyone had to hold me down, but I was having to hold myself down. I really wanted to run -- anywhere. And Jim got me calmed down and Steve was in a panic. And shortly after that, John showed up. I started to tell him what happened but I couldn't talk about it. Everytime I started to, I would stutter. Jim then started telling him what happened, and when Jim started telling him, then I was able to talk about it. That was the first strange thing that happened to me -- something like it had never happened to me before in my life. I have never lost control of my own thinking faculties. I can't bear the thought of losing control. Even drinking -- I watch very careful what I drink because I might do something wrong and someone might laugh. I was upset for days.

Jim: I'm a late night owl and I couldn't conceive of myself going to sleep at 8:30 and not being able to get up but again we had nothing to relate it to as being an eerie experience except as something strange happening and just forget it.


Jim: Shortly after that, the oldest boy, Joe, had his friends out from Denver. They were out going through the woods -- this was a Sunday morning -- and they found our first mutilated cow about 200 yards from the house up over the hill. They came back in a panic. They were both 16 years old. It was snowing heavily and we decided the first thing to do was get into town and get the Law Officer. The boys were pretty upset and we took some time to talk to them cause they felt that something was following them to get them. I assumed it was a natural paranoia. We went out and I followed the route and we found huge footprints that had followed them all the way from the cow to the horse barn and the footprints were even in the soft manure inside the horse barn. They were, I guess, 18 inches; I didn't measure them but they were quite large -- what I guess you would call a "big foot" footprint. Then immediately, I decided to go get the Law Officer. I went to the nearest phone and called the Law Officer and I explained the footprints -- he said well he couldn't make it. But there was a bad snowstorm and he didn't show up the next Wednesday. When we went out the next day, all the footprints in the snow had been removed, even our own footprints. All of them were just gone. That was pretty upsetting and I was pretty angry with the Law Office by that time. The mutilation was discovered early Sunday morning. The boys came back about 9 a.m. and the footprints were there all day Sunday, but Monday morning they were all gone. The Law Officer didn't show up which angered me. Wednesday, when he was supposed to show up, he still didn't show up and we still had a mutilated cow. The udders were removed surgically -- the sack under the udders wasn't perforated. One eye was missing. One ear was missing. And that was it. There was no blood. All the blood had been removed. And there were no tracks in the snow around the cow. It was there -- mutilated. John states that the rectum was also removed.

Barbara: There were some funny looking markings in the snow, and we found out later they were caused by owls. We found that it took two weeks after a mutilation before any of the wild animals would touch it.


Jim: Fourteen days after the first mutilation, a friend of ours from California, a forest ranger, stopped to visit. We went out walking and were showing the ranch to him and other friends including a photographer, Roger, who had been hired from Denver to take pictures of the mutilated cow. We found our second mutilation, a bull, as we were walking over the property, and the bull wasn't ours! Subsequently I went into town and called the Law Officer. He said he would like to talk to me, so we met at a restaurant in town. I asked him why I hadn't heard from him and why he wasn't trying to solve this. He explained to me that they knew what the mutilations were and they had known for some time. They only report one out of four, and in this county alone, there had been over 400 reports by that time. It was being done by extraterrestrials, and they had spoken to the FBI about it. I told him that I couldn't believe it. I said that I could believe that an intelligent race could travel across space but to do some of the things they had done to the cow and bull stretched my credulities a little too far. I told him that if he couldn't solve the ctrime, at least don't blame it on something like that. I made an enemy of the man and I frankly didn't care because we had lost two cattle.

To be continued


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