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Saturday, March 26, 2005

A "BARTENDER" WARNING - from the Phenomena blog

A WARNING for what it is worth. (Since I don't know who posted this I can't ask for permission to print, sorry and it doesn't have anything to do with UFOs but is highly interesting!)

I have to be as brief as possible and I won't stay on this computer more than an hour, as I'm sure it's monitored, and they will be watching the net for this news.

Anyway, I was a bartender in a Tennessee town in a local dive. There was this regular guy that came in frequently, and over time, I learned a LOT about him, other than the fact that he seemed to be drinking away bad thoughts. I soon understood why.

The guy told me once, while drunk, that he was an ex-CIA agent that "knew things no one needs to know." I laughed at first, thinking it was the rantings of a drunk. Well, he frequently stayed until closing time, entertaining me with his tall tales.

After a few months, we kind of became friends, and he invited me over for dinner, saying he wanted to "show me some things."

Well, I went to dinner, he showed me pix of him in the military as well as his medals for various operations he said he did, confirming some of his stories. Then, he showed me some documents that kind of confirmed many fears that many have been having for years, that SOMETHING is about to happen to shake the fabric of our society to a point that will send us all back to the dark ages. I can't be specific, as I'm not sure I understood it completely, but it is environmental in nature, and it is a phenomenon that is affecting our entire solar system. He then showed me a picture of something in space, coming from the direction of the south, that frightens me to the core. It looked like a dark mass with fire inside it. Not bright, but smoldering. Very large, and with much debris around it, like a cloud. It didn't look like a planet to me, but I'm not sure what it could be. I'm no scientist. But, HE KNEW WHAT IT WOULD DO AS IT GOT CLOSER. And that is why he drank so much, because he said nothing mattered anymore.

I'm sorry, this is taking longer than I thought it would, but to get to the point, he said a time would come very shortly and there would be a sign. When the sign came, it would be time to hunker down and try to deal with it as best he can. He talked about his "escape route" and "bunker in the hills." It was all surreal, like telling ghost stories around the camp fire.

Anyway, I think the sign came, as the other day when I went to see him at his house, it was totally empty. The door was open just a little so I walked in and on his kitchen counter, where we shared drinks and talked about these things to come, he left me a note... it said simply "SIX WEEKS."

Well, that's about it, for what it's worth. Don't do anything silly as I don't think there is anything any of us can do about it, just say your prayers and make peace and be happy. Love each other and hopefully, this will turn out to be the rantings of an old drunk. Just thought you all should know.

(Posted by K.B. on March 24, 2005)


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