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Friday, March 25, 2005


Here is a story about linking with the memories of previously incarnated beings.

On our first trip together to Great Britain, my wife Barbara and I rented a car and, with the help of an old British Automobile Association guide book, loaned to us by a friend at work, we set out to explore some of the historical treasures of Great Britain which were apart from the normal tourist travel areas. One cool, grey, drizzly morning we were driving up a narrow country road near the village of Avebury and noticed two rows of large standing stones going up the pasture parallel to the road. Curious, we parked the car and went through a cattle gate which was at the bottom of the two rows of stones and which had a small plaque, telling us how these ancient standing stores had been re-erected as they had been many centuries before.

Barbara went to the first stone at the bottom of the first row and I walked over to the first stone at the bottom of the second row. It was a tall stone, about a foot or so taller than me, and was about four feet wide and a couple of feet deep. As I walked around the stone, admiring its ridges and crevices, I got in my mind an image of a young man dressed in warrior's garb. I also got the feeling that this was a rather sickly young man, who was distressed because he couldn't be like his renowned and respected warrior father. Fascinated with the images and feelings I was experiencing, I walked over to Barbara to tell her about them, but Barbara was obviously in a quiet , meditative state so I waited patiently until she was ready to talk with me. The stone that Barbara had chosen was not quite as tall as had been mine, and was shaped like a slightly cupped hand reaching out of the earth. I got an image of a gentle older lady, and the wonderful feeling of a grandmother's love. Without thinking, I exclaimed, "Wow, what a beautifully gentle lady!" Startled, Barbara asked why I had said that. When I told her about the image and feelings I was experiencing, she revealed that she was experiencing a similar image and set of feelings.

Then Barbara and I walked together, slowly from stone to stone, zigzagging back and forth between the two rows, sharing with each other the images and feelings which we experienced as we approached and walked around each of the stones. We discovered that each stone represented a very distinctive personality and that the row furthest from the road contained all male personalities. But we weren't just observing the images and feelings about these personalities, we were actually interacting with these people, wordlessly asking them questions as they wordlessly welcomed us as if we were long-absent members of their community. We could "see" the homes they lived in, the clothes they wore, and the beautiful, tall-treed forest which surrounded their small village. We met the father of the sickly young man I had met at the first stone, and we met a hard-working housewife and her farmer/hunter/part-time warrior husband. We met many people, all distinct personalities and all respectfully welcoming to us.

But, although the images and feelings which Barbara and I were experiencing were similar, our interpretation of them was sometimes quite different. As we approached one stone, I remarked on the image and feelings I got about a loving father of many children. Barbara inteprreted the image and feelings she was receiving as being of a priest with a great love for his parisioners. As we approached another stone I said that this was a very regal lady, and Barbara said that this was a high priestess. Although there were many more stones in the two rows past this High Priestess stone, this was as far as we went. For the High Priestess personality greeted us with brief exchange of formalities, told us that we knew what we had to do and instructed us to get on with it. I felt a bit snubbed and, as we slowly walked back down the hill between the two rows of stones, I tried to recapture the camaraderie which we had experienced with the stones on our walk up the hill. But the other personalities had become distant and, although still respectful, urged us to follow the directive of the Hgh Priestess and get on with our mission.

At no time during our visit with the personalities, who were revealed to us as we walked among the stones, did we feel that we were experiencing anything abnormal or unusual. To us at the time, it was a perfectly normal day with normal, common-place events. We had a tape recorder in the car but did not consider the experience to be significant enough to record anything about it, and that night I just wrote in my diary that today we had met some interesting people who had lived several thousand years ago. It wasn't until a week or so later, when we happened to mention our Avebuy morning to some acquaintances, that their reaction to our story made us aware that perhaps it had been an exceptional experience. Then my scientific curiosity kicked in and I wanted to find out as much as I could about the Avebury stones and the subejct and found that William Shakespeare had reportedly commented on the Avebury stones that, "These are not stones. These are people." In a castle in Northern Scotland, we found a description of the climate and environment of Great Britain in ancient days and that description coincided with the warm weather and heavily-wooded environment we had experienced with our "acquaintances" that morning in Avebury.

Our research indicated that the people we met that day may have lived about 4,000 or 5,000 years ago, long before the time of the Druids, who are credited with erecting such stones. That the thoughts, images and feelings of these ancient people can still be accessed by modern man indicates that somehow, somewhere, the energy patterns corresponding to these thoughts images and feelings are stored in perpetuity and can be accessed when one is provided with the 'signature energy pattern' of the personalities who had formed these thoughts, images and feelings. Perhaps our attitude of openness and receptivity had caused the standing stones to reveal these 'signature energy patterns' to us and enabled us to think with the thoughts feelings and images of those ancient people.

This was a form of time travel which I had not previously envisaged. There have been many stories written about people going back in time, interacting with the people of the past and thus changing their future (our present). Barbara and I did interact with these people from the past, exchanging our present day thoughts, feelings and images with their ancient ones. But we didn't go back in time - in essence we brought them forward in time, to our time, now, today. By so doing, we didn't change their history, but they did part of our modern thoughts, feelings and images. Who knows, some day, far in the future someone may access my thoughts, feelings and images of today,and thus will I travel forward in time and influence the future. As a scientist, this form of time travel is reasonable, logical and therefore acceptable within my belief systems.

My research has indicated that, in ancient days, before the prevalence of the written word, it was known that a 'signature energy pattern' or 'personality link' could be created in an object, such as a stone, by keeping the stone nearby for long periods of time. People who played an important and influential role in a community were encouraged to keep a stone, of such a size and distinction that it would not be accidentally misplaced, near them when they slept, or under their 'throne' when they were dispensing their wise management of their community. Depending on the nature and size of the stone "links," the stones would be placed by the community in circles, rows, or stacked to form small huts, so that perceptive people in the community could easily go to them to access the knowledge and wisdom of their forebears. Some communities had their notables store their "links" in round stones about the size of a human head, then stacked these stones in a pile, with a tunnel leading under the pile to its center, where a perceptive person could go to meditate and draw on the accumulated wisdom of all the forefathers whose "link stones'' were in the pile. These "link stones" were probably the origin of the modern headstones which are placed at the head of a person's grave. But, unfortunately, we neglect to have the person store in the headstone a link to his immortal personality.

Links to one's immortal personality are also stored in things like keys and pieces of jewelry and if the person is still alive, can be used by a perceptive person to link to the thoughts, images and feelings which the person is currently experiencing. These are sometimes useful to the police in locating missing persons.

When more people in our society learn to accept this form of communication, maybe we can go back to the ways of the ancients, communicating by means of the much more and efficient and effective links to our immortal personalities, instead of with the biased and interpretive words of written language.


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