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Monday, March 28, 2005

DR ALICIA FLOWERS Part 2 - Part 3 will be next

At a conference, I met another hypnotist and traveled to Florida to meet him for further hypnosis. As we were going deeper into trance, suddenly the voice of Tayra, the 7 foot, green, amphibian creature came through. And he was crying as he spoke to me. He said he was a leader on his planet and the Captain of a star ship. He said that I was his beloved wife. As he spoke I saw a chamber with my body in it - frozen by cryonics. He would stand beside the glass doors, missing me and wishing I could return to him. He said we lived on our planet for 1,000 years and I had agreed to come to earth to help people here. He had some anger at the way I had been treated in my childhood, saying - "I want her back. I gave her to you to help you and all you could do was hurt her." He later said that at times he had stepped in to prevent my death during my childhood. I do recall bleeding at the navel for 2 or 3 days when I was 5 or 6 years old and have thought this came from a similar abduction and examination but have no recall of the event. And through hypnosis I have recovered his holding me in infancy. Coming into my room rocking me and softly crying.

Whenever I have seen him, the air around him is filled with love and compassion. The impression I get is as if a golden fluid had filled the room. There is a great warmth and feeling. In fact, his people are brilliant. They are scientists of a sort, yet they are also deeply connected with their own emotions. There is a childlike air to them, accompanying a sharp intellect as well.

For a three year period I was taken up into the ships almost every other night. At times I received treatment. Once a black box was placed at my feet and another placed at my head. A blue, lightening-like spark passed through my body. I was told I was receiving treatment for hepatitis - something I never knew I had. I got myself tested and found there were indeed antibodies to hepatitis.

Once I was taken up and shown treatment given to one of the little creatures. He was lying on a slab and an instrument was placed on his solar plexus. A chart appeared in the wall showing the flow of energy through his body as if it were a river of light. His disease state had been brought on by an incorrect flow of energy through the core of his body - like Kundalini energy. The instrument was placed in the middle and "wheels" on the sides of it, spin the Kundalini correctly.

I have since thought that colored gems were placed in the middle of the instrument depending on treatment, but I am not sure.

On that visit I was fascinated by the treatment but happened to look up. Immediately, the huge expanse of the ship took my breath away. It must have been miles long. I panicked and the Being brushed his hands over my forehead and said - "You are so fearful, my child." Immediately, the fear left me. This Being was short - about 5 feet tall, with a pointed face of a pale uniform silvery color.

On another occasion I was led by a creature in a flowing black robe to a structure seemingly made of marble - it was made of some smooth, polished stone. Like an altar; a truncated pyramid. It was black. He stretched me out, spread eagle on the surface and I do not know what happened then because he said that I would not recall the ritual in it's entirety. He said I had experienced the first initiation and there was a feeling of celebration afterwards.

On several occasions I felt like I was taken to my planet of origin for a social visit. I saw a beautiful, forested planet much like Georgia. Houses were low structures built to blend in with the forest structurally, but bright white in color. There were no roads and nothing to mar nature. Inside I noticed a golden glow in what I called the fireplace - it was explained to me that these were "crystals" which were really plant forms growing on the planet. They were translucent and seemingly filled with a gel-like or cream liquid substance. The membrane on top of the crystal was thick, yet pliable and the liquid underneath moved when the membrane was touched, they were different in size yet grew to about 10 feet. These were used as energy sources for both homes and space ships.

In order for the "crytals" in the space ship to work, there must be a mental connection with them. They are alive and a joining of consiousness with them is necessary. It was explained to me that all living things on this planet are connected to each other. There is not a hierarchy of beings from "animals" to "humans" but rather a sense of respect for all living things. Although there are leaders or captains of ships, orders are given and followed for the common good of all. Beings of lesser intelligence are treated with love and are listened to by leaders for their contributions.

On this social visit Tayra and I visited with another couple who were our closest friends. The male's name was Gel. We were outside standing around a crystal, like being near a campfire. We were relaxed and in such harmony with each other, minds and hearts joined in pure friendship. I have been told that at my death Tayra will come for my soul. He said the soul has a form, shaped like an egg. He will take me back home where I can join him again. And when I am finished with all of my lives, he and I will ascend with our souls joined together.


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