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Saturday, March 26, 2005

WHO AM I? from a friend in Canada

When I was a little tyke, I had a recurring nightmare which threw me into stark terror and my mother would hold and rock me for ages as my sobbing gradually subsided. When I learned to speak a little, and was still having the nightmare, my mother asked me what it was that was frightening me so badly. At first I could only say that there was something white floating in the air. Then, as I grew older, I was able to describe it as a string of white beads floating in the air. The description could not explain the terror which the nightmare gave me. Then, as I grew even older, the nightmare still scared me badly, but I stopped waking up screaming and began to become objective about the nightmare, wondering what it was that was so frightening to me. The years passed and the nightmare still recurred and still scared me, until one day I took my eldest son to a movie which showed a person in a white spacesuit, floating by himself in the vastness of outer space. I identified with that movie scene and saw myself as a very young boy in a white space suit, strung to a number of other people in space suits, including my mother right beside me. But in the space suit I felt terribly alone, without access to the comfort of my mother's arms and soothing energies. And the vastness of outer space terrified me, and I screamed and cried. After that identification with the movie scene, I never had the dream again. Over forty years of recurring terror had been put to rest.


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