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Thursday, May 05, 2005


By Star Traveler

The author of this article has had his name legally changed to "Star Traveler." We have added his explanation of this to the article. He feels that the fact that two different head injuries are involved in his story is merely a coincidence, and that the injuries did not cause his experience.

If you are curious about the name change to "Star Traveler," this name was given to me telepathically on October 24, 1994, at 4:30 p.m. I was cleaning windows, when a bright flash squiggled down from a low altitude like an electrical discharge or falling star. (There were no wires in the area.) Then I heard, in my mind, "Since you have problems with your personal name, here is a name you can use (to describe the "inner you") that is socially acceptable."

Often one reads of adverse contact with extraterrestrials. I, on the other hand, have had many informative, pleasant and even (pathetically) funny experiences.

My story begins when I was a youngster, growing up in the country. One day, my sister was practicing softball batting in front of our house. Not aware that I was standing behind her, she gave a home-run swing. The bat struck my skull just above my eyebrow and the flesh peeled back like the lid of a sardine tin.

At the emergency room, a doctor stopped the bleeding and applied a butterfly bandage. He said I had a hard head and that I would probably need stitches, but advised we wait to see if the wound would close without them.

A few days later, I returned to the hospital. The physician was shocked to see that the injury was healing at an amazing rate -- and that I would need no stitches.

Recently I used a self-regression audio cassette to explore that part of my life.
I saw myself as a seven-year-old. It was a fall night. A skeleton mask on the bedpost indicated that it must have been around Halloween. I was lying in bed. Stars were shining, and one seemed brighter and closer than the others. I thought nothing of it. "It's just a star," I thought. I apparently fell asleep.

I awoke full of fear and panic. I realized that two presences were in the room with me. They appeared to be less than five feet in height. They had chalk-white skin and large, black, almond-shaped eyes that seemed like peaceful, glistening pools of water. They were skinny, and had large heads, thin necks and very long arms. One being was above my head. Another appeared to be scanning me by passing a rod back and forth from east to west to east.

Initially I was extremely frightened. Then I realized that they were there to heal me, and I couldn't apologize enough! They told me (telepathically) that they routinely heal "volunteers" (those who volunteer to be of service to others before they incarnate) and insure their health. It was their job to "make the rounds."

I wanted them to stay, but they couldn't. I asked to go with them. They told me "after you complete the mission." I believe the "mission" they referred to had to do with a geomagnetic (pole) shift.

I have come to realize that these beings were Zeta Reticulans, and that I have some of their genetic (DNA) traits. I consider them friends. I asked them why I do not have the experiences that others have reported. They instantly replied, "We do not abduct our own people." In other words... the essence (soul spirit) that came into this form at birth (or that exchanged place with the original essence as a "walk-in") is Zeta.

The Zetas are borrowing individuals to blend the DNA of Earthlings with the DNA of Zetas to create a hybrid species called Essassani ("The People"). The Essassani and the Zetas are linear time travelers. They can travel from their own 23rd-century space time continuum to any point in linear time (including our present, of course). To them, time is essentially nonexistent, since the past, present and future are all one.

I am sure that I have been watched over by Zeta-Terran friends ever since I was young. I consider them family.

Let me relate one example. When I was in junior high school, I had an excess of energy. I pretended I was a giant frog. I leapt all over the house. One day I jumped into a plaster archway. When I came down, I was stunned. I felt as if a truck had struck me and then backed up over me. I did not visit a doctor; rather I let the wound heal by itself.

Since then, fluctuations in barometric pressure have tended to make me feel dazed, sleepy, overtired. I have even found it necessary to leave work at times because I was unable to stay awake.

On the night of November 1, 1993, between 7:30 and 9:30 pm. I was "visited." In a dreamlike state, I saw my head being opened exactly as if it were a Spam can (with a little metal key circumscribing it and collecting a coiled metal strip, then my skull opening as if hinged). I realized that I was looking down upon my brain from above, as if seeing through another's eyes. I saw a black area in the location of the "psychic center." I was told (telepathically) that the black area was an injury I had caused by leap-frogging into the archway. "You didn't damage anything essential to your daily life," I was told, "but you sure wrecked your psychic area!"
The next day, the pressure was gone -- and it has never returned. I later found out that they had "opened me up and vacuumed out the 'dust bunnies.'"

I did not see my Zeta-Terran hybrid benefactors; I heard them speak telepathically in my mind. They have effected many other healings for me, including healings of an impact injury to my feet and pleurisy in my lungs. I have come to regard these interventions as a "Zeta-Terran medical plan" that comes as a bonus for being a "Volunteer."

Since the Zeta-Terrans come across to me (during the healings) in a clown-like fashion, they instruct me in a like manner.

Imagine lying in bed in a meditative state. Your mind is clear. Suddenly, in your mind's eye, you see a short cartoon sequence of Bullwinkle the moose dressed as a swami and Rocky the squirrel as a psychic customer, waiting to obtain answers.

Bullwinkle gives his crystal ball the mystic passes, saying "Eanie meanie chili beanie, the spirits are about to speak!"

Rocky says, "Are they friendly spirits?"

Bullwinkle says, "Friendly? Just listen!"

Then I hear (in my mind) laughter! And following that (when they compose themselves), the message is transmitted.

How anyone could stay serious when they see and hear these comical cutups is beyond me -- but I love every minute of it! It's my type of humor.

And there is a serious message. First you know it is definitely them. Then information is given when your "barriers to learning" are down (when your "shields are dropped").

Once, in a grocery store, I asked my benefactors, "Where do you come from?" The answer: "Reticulum....Re-tickle-um...Really tickle 'em... that's where all the clowns come from!"
You know the song, "Send in the clowns." In this case, you might say, "Send in the clones."

Excerpted from the Contact Forum


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