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Sunday, May 29, 2005


From Dirk:

Kinda makes me wonder about the inhabitants of any "spacecraft" who would appear "on demand" by some basketball-player-turned-jahweh-freak. As if those who would pilot such craft wouldn't have anything better to do with their time. They're just waiting around to help some local yokel impress other people with his skill? Come on! I know people who can point a camera in just about any direction and get as much. They're called orbs, not 'UFOs'. Also note: His 'reason' for calling the 'UFO' - in his own (maybe not exact but close) words . . . " . . . so that people will know I'm not mentally ill . . ."

Well, if he were a true 'prophet' of some 'god' (which leads into a BIG discussion about just who the so-called god of the Old Testament 'Yahweh' - and the others who 'created/cloned' us in THEIR image were/are and is not the point of this response), then he wouldn't care that people think he's nuts. But it's a voice in his head that's telling him what to do and where to go. That's one very strong symptom of schizophrenia. That he does whatever the voice in his head bids shows his lack of discernment and calls 'UFOs' (I think it's closer to calling demons) to 'prove' to others he's not crazy shows his pride, both of which are antithetical to a true mystic.


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