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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Excerpted from "Contact with Beings of Light" by Peter Guttilla

As Dorothy tells it:

There was one particular incident that was very strange, even for me, partly because it happened while Duncan was in the room, and partly because of how it took place. (Duncan was her husband.) I've only told this experience to a few people because it was one of those times that I didn't have a chance to film, even though I believe I did film the same craft at another time years later.

We were visiting relatives in Australia, in fact, we'd just arrived earlier that day, and Duncan and I were sleeping in the downstairs bedroom. It was very late and, as I recall, a stormy night with thunder, lightning, and gusts of wind. So there I was, and for some reason I woke up rather suddenly and noticed a greenish light in the room and two beings standing there, looking at me. Duncan was sound asleep and didn't move. The two beings, or entities, I don't know what to call them, I'm sure they were androids or some other artificial types, were standing there at the foot of the bed, holding rods in their hands. They were only about four feet tall, and this is what was so weird, they had very gentle-looking cow-like or calf-like faces. Their eyes were big and wide-set, and they had little muzzles or snouts, but their bodies were human in shape with two arms and legs. They were wearing what I can only describe is a sort of scuba diving suit, or that kind of one-piece style of outfit. Their clothing looked green, but that could have been because of the green glow in the room. Later on, when I could see the clothing more clearly, it did seem to be a light green in color. As strange as it was, there was nothing frightening about it. They had very mild expressions and didn't seem at all threatening. I was surprised but felt calm, I could tell they were friendly and that they were there for a reason.

Afraid that I might wake Duncan, I pushed off the bedcovers and got out of bed slowly. I was never sure how my husband would react to something like this because he'd made it clear to me many times that he preferred not knowing too much about these things. He didn't move and continued to sleep soundly as I got up and put on my robe and stood facing the two little entities. It was such a weird scene; there was thunder, there were flashes of lightning, the wind was blowing, and the two entities just stood there in this faint green light with serene expressions.

Then one of them came over and handed me one of the rods. It was a shiny silvery white color, very light in weight, and I'd say about a foot long and maybe two inches in diameter. There were two buttons on one end of it. I said, "What do you ant me to do with this?" The one standing closest to me said they wanted me to go with them so they could show me something. At first I spoke, but they didn't, instead they used their thoughts. I looked at Duncan, thinking that all this was going to wake him up. At that point the one standing near me told me not to worry, that my husband wouldn't waken because one of them would stay behind in the room. I guess that meant as long as one of them was there, he could keep watch and be sure Duncan didn't waken. I remember feeling very relieved. As weird as it sounds to some people, and it even sounds kooky to me sometimes, I'd gotten so familiar with these types of things that it didn't bother me anymore. Knowing Duncan would stay asleep was a relief, not only because of how he might react to these strange looking entities if he woke up and found them there, but can you imagine his concern if he got up and found me gone?

One of the entities went to the window and pressed a button on the rod he was holding and, boom, just like that he passed through the window. I was so amazed; how could he do that? Mind you, these were security-type windows because we were on the ground floor of the house. My relatives had those metal bars on the windows for protection. But this little entity went right through as if it wasn't even there.

As he went through, he told me to follow him. How can I do that, I said, I can't go through the wall and the window? He said, "Push the button." So I pushed one of the buttons and nothing happened, although I did feel suddenly lighter because I was levitating a bit. It's an odd feeling because my body felt weightless, making me feel a bit out of control for a moment. He said, "Now push the other button." I pushed the other little button, and suddenly I moved toward the window and was outside. It was truly something like they do on the television program Star Trek, that's all I can think of to compare it to. But there was no twinkling or crackling or any of that; it just happened instantly.

So it was like that, and I pressed the button on the rod and I was through the wall and the window. I think there was some kind of force field set up, too, because I didn't feel the rain or wind, and yet it was blowing hard all around us. Once I was outside, I could see an enormous round cylinder shaped craft hovering above; the entity flew up toward it and I followed him. We went through an opening underneath the craft. The opening was like a big doorway with a ramp of some kind in it, or it seemed to me that a ramp would come from it. There were windows above it, extending on either side.

When we arrived inside the craft, I could see that there were two levels to it. The upper level was shaped like a huge dome. I remember being very nervous because I was gliding through the air. I felt terribly wobbly, and when we got to the craft, we moved around the interior in the same way, but by then I was getting along a little better. There didn't seem to be a speed control with it, I just moved at a pace identical to the little entity in front of me, and where he went, I went as well.

The craft was extremely big. Later, I tried to estimate its size and all I could think to compare it to was maybe a football field. I'd say it was almost the size of a football field. The interior was immense and airy and very clean smelling. I noticed that around the dome was a catwalk or a walkway with a railing that people were walking on, going here and there and to other parts of the craft. There were a lot of human beings there, or people that looked like human beings, but I don't know if they were from earth, or from somewhere else. There was also another ordinary looking man who seemed to be a leader. He was dressed in a blue or indigo-colored uniform of some kind and wore a cloak-like garment with gold trimming along the edges, on the cuffs, and at the spot where a gold clip held the cloak on. His hair and eyes were dark, possibly brown. As he walked passed by me, I noticed a brownish, parchment-like paper rolled into a scroll in his hand. He was walking and looking at us flying around. He smiled, and I assumed he knew I was getting a tour of the place.

He walked away and went into a room down from where I was. I followed the little entity who brought me here, and we moved around a bit, looking at this and that, eventually coming near the room the man had entered. Looking in, I saw a raised platform that looked like a big table to me. The man in the blue uniform was standing there at the table, and the paper he'd been carrying earlier was laid out flat on the table where he, and several others, were looking it over. That's when I noticed that some of the other people at the table were different in appearance. They all looked human, not like those crazy-looking characters you see in the movies or anything, but they were slightly different from one another. Each wore a different uniform, though the one-piece styles were somewhat alike. Some of them were quite slim, others shorter and broader, while others had slightly larger eyes. Except for these slight differences, they all looked like human beings. I couldn't see too much detail because I was some distance away, but I watched this scene for a while, and from there we continued to look around a bit. It seemed quite busy everywhere I looked. I just couldn't get over the size of the craft; even though it almost felt like an arena, it still somehow seemed very light at the same time.

After this I was taken back to my room just as quickly as I'd left it. I gave the rod to the other little entity and the two of them left. I just stood quietly at the window for a while, thinking about how truly amazing this universe of ours really is. Duncan was still asleep and breathing deeply. He turned over a little, looking very comfortable, so obviously nothing had bothered him while I was away. When he got up later, I told him about it, and he just nodded as he always did. He was such a dear; I'm sure he knew by then that something was going on with all this, but he liked knowing as little about it as possible. The feeling of flying around with that little stick in my hand never left me. It was truly remarkable. I'm sure there will be people who will think I only dreamed I passed through walls and flew around but it was very real. I could feel and smell the air, touch my clothing, and hear sounds. It always amuses me when people suggest this sort of thing, because most people know the difference between a dream and a real experience... and so do I. Besides, many examples of these sorts of experiences can be seen in my films, and no one can say that my films are dreams. My camera lens has been my best friend in all this, and nobody can deny what they see in my pictures.


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