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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


In April of 2005 I received a letter from a lady in Long Island, NY It was titled "Please Help Me."
I wrote to her and asked how I could help. She wanted to be referred to someone in her area that could help her understand what was happening to herself. I referred her to Budd Hopkins since he was the only one I knew back in that area. Undoubtedly there are more but I am not aware of them living on the West Coast

From the time she was a little girl she has been abducted. She is now in her 50’s. Her health has deteriorated because of the abductions. Since Thanksgiving she has been abducted 3 times that she recalls. There could be more.


All of her life she has had what she refers to as a beauty mark (in a very private place). It has itched and burned on and off her whole life. One day she decided to squeeze it very strenuously. The next day she awoke to find the area swollen so she squeezed it again and was able to get an implant out. She says when she found it, it spoke to her telepathically. It told her to put it back in and she obliged them/it by swallowing it. She described what it looked like. At first she said, she was amazed and enthralled even when she studied it. When she turned it on its side she saw 4 tiny pyramids being built and I said oh how cute and it replied "Thank you." The tiny pyramids she couldn’t see until she moved to a darker place. It was about an inch long. On one side it had all kinds of strangeness. It was an off white color on the other side. One end had three tails to it. As she moved the implant from side to side it became transparent and she saw little specks of metallic flakes in it. She thought the itching and burning at times was a growth period for the implant. She said she was implanted with a device that communicates with the other implants on this planet. They told her they will usually leave a person alone who finds their implants but they told her that hers had "empirical" importance to them, that they needed hers to communicate with the others that were implanted on this planet, so they put another one in.
She said they were nice to her until she thought of doing something with it. When she started to think about giving the implant to someone to examine it, they threatened her by saying, "you don’t want anything to happen to Cassandra do you?" That is her granddaughter. She swallowed the implant.

She went to sleep right after that and was in shock. She couldn’t talk to anybody or even move. She went to sleep on a Thursday and was awakened by her son on Sunday. She couldn’t make sense of it because she is a light sleeper. It didn’t dawn on her until a week or so later when they came again and this time she was out from Thursday to Saturday.

After she swallowed the implant they came back after the information. (whether she meant information in it or as to what happened to it, she didn’t say) She said they drained her blood and removed all the metal flakes in it. The clear object that she swallowed she passed and flushed down the toilet.

She was not sure about the next abduction in regards to days lost but this time she woke up with scabs on her body, a circular one on her left leg with little scabs inside of it, blisters on the right side of her body.


Her son is now 30 years old. When he was an infant he used to talk in his sleep during his first year. He would talk in a language she didn’t recognize. She thought, "how cute is my boy, he must be remembering a past life or something greater." Now she believes that her son had an implant that could make him talk in a strange language. His implant was on his collarbone on the left side. One day he came into the house and said, "Hey Mom, what is this?" A little bump moving about not connected to anything. They went to the doctor and she said, have it removed. So they made an appointment to see a surgeon and mysteriously, it disappeared a week or so before the surgery was scheduled. This was 10 years back.

At the time she wrote, her son was sitting on his bed crying because he couldn’t help his mother from what she was going through at the present time. He felt helpless.


She was having flashbacks of what happened to her on the ship so this part is a little disjointed.
"I am having flashbacks right now of what was done to me. I can tell you that they put you in a decontamination chamber and freeze you. I remember waking up in a dark place, being thrown into a decontamination chamber of sorts. I heard a sound like a vacuum sealer, the noise of the air being sucked out of the room. I saw smoke coming at me and I crawled into the corner like to get away. Then I was frozen. I don’t remember if I was operated on before or after the freezing. They waved something over my head as I lay on the table. I remember the hands, "close your eyes," she said, "this won’t hurt. You won’t remember." How come I remember? I remember the holding chamber, after surgery they take you to a room with cages like a veternarians office. All the cages with animals in it. I either can’t or won’t remember their faces. I remember the physical, the hands, the claws, where they grab you by the back of your neck and throw you around like a lab rat cage to cage. I had no clothes on or anything. I remember that room, it was a recovery room. There is a big room with video screens and they can look into any place at anytime.

In the Lab room they had beautiful birds and other species in cages. That’s where I heard frogs."


"There was one on the ship that took pity on me, and for communication and reference I will call her Joy. Joy took pity on me, she petted me like I pet my cat. Joy was good to me, told me I was special and was petting me like a kitten. She still will come to me. She came back and forth to check up on me. When I was on the table she said close your eyes, this won’t hurt. She told me that they have new and better technology so I wouldn’t be hurt or sick and she was trying to reassure me.

"Joy did show me around a bit, but I don’t know if it was to get me to trust them or whatever. I saw a cryogenic chamber. I was told that when I die I have another body up there with them to go to. Why would I want to do that?

"When I was growing up, in fact all my life I thought I had an angel. I could talk to her and she would answer me. I named her Glory cause she would answer to that word.... it was my implant! She is gone now. That is what is triggering the memory, I am searching for her and I can’t get her back. Can’t hear her voice anymore and I am horrified that I thought I had an angel, but I had an alien! And they study us..."


"They are communicating through me to others. They told me that your story is incredible. You went through all this before it was fashionable, before the X-Files or anything else. My implant promised me I would be greatly rewarded but I don’t know about that.

"They told me that it would take 2 to 3 days to get to me. They weren’t in the neighborhood. Said the implant would self destruct if I left it out of my body. They told me to swallow it, and like a good little lab rat I did. I did ask them why, and they said they study different planets.
"They said they are studying all God’s creatures. They are super smart. They said they are evolving us, not by injecting their DNA into ours, but by manipulating our DNA.

"Our scientists will never find the so-called missing link, and somehow that made sense to me as I have a rare blood type - AB Negative which has appeared just in these last 55 years so that made sense to me and I agreed with it. As long as I was nice to them, they were nice to me.
"They play leapfrog through the universe and time. I asked how they can travel like that and all sorts of stuff. They can move about from place to place through time, space and anything, kind of like, when your watching a video, on your DVD, you can go from scene to scene. They have brilliant technology.

She said she feels violated. Her left eye still hurts and she was sore from every hole in her body this last time. I asked her if they had sexually manipulated her. She replied, "We are repulsive to them. They won’t have sex with us. The best way I can describe that is to say it would be like having sex with a dog. That is what they think we are, lowly animals. They take our eggs and do cloning and experiments with cross breeding.

"They like our features and appearance, but we are still Lab rats, lowly creatures to them. They combine different species from other planets, even animals with our eggs."


I saw my half-breed son. I saw him, they let him introduce himself and meet me. He said "Hi Mom." He was loving and kind. He was humanoid in physical appearance, his face. He had the long skinny body of the "greys" but a human face. Like our features and appearance.


She feels she is not going to live through what is happening. All of a sudden she has started having flashbacks. She is in a state of shock to where she vomits remembering what happened. It is too hard to live through. She thinks she wants to commit suicide.

She calls them "frogs". She doesn’t know what else to call them yet. She says she can’t remember seeing them - that she remembers. She just remembers the hands, the claws, the way she was handled and the physical. She is too weak to recall it all and needs a doctor. She medicates herself. She bought tranquilizers off the internet. She is taking Ativan. She says she lives in hell now. She fights as hard as she can but she feels she is cracking up. She feels she has to go to a doctor that she can’t go on.

Her medical condition is Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and it is flaring up and she can’t move about. She can’t eat or sleep. She says she is a fat person and she is losing too much weight too rapidly and having all sorts of problems.

She doesn’t want to force any false memories and she tries not to remember. Her cat is even traumatized. Her son can’t handle the pressure of seeing her so upset. When she remembers she goes into shock. The chills, the throwing up got to him. I can’t even walk or get out of bed yet. I remember when they did it to me as a child and everything is coming back now.

What fools we are. We haven’t been able to put this together till just now. It doesn’t dawn on you.

They have a "mindvice". It gets a grip on your mind and blocks your thoughts.
I fear death, that they will come right now and kill me or I will have a heart attack. I am old, in my 50’s afraid of getting stroked out, heart attacks....

I can’t get my phone to work or do anything right. I just want a referral to a group and people in my area.

She said she did live through it. One huge part of me is relieved to know what has been going on inside myself all my life. I am for real, I think you can tell.

Maybe they want our humanity and ability to love. I think sometimes that was part of it for me.
I have to be cautious of the phonies and crazies, they enjoy this sort of rot, I am not having fun right now but if I could get help, maybe I could get over it, or understand it. I haven’t done any research just yet... afraid my heart is gonna go out. I am still very afraid. I just don’t know anything Leneesa. You could give me a lie detector test or hypnosis, I will pass the test.


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