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Monday, May 02, 2005


According to the March 13, 1992, issue of Mexico’s reputable El Universal newspaper, a sudden encounter with a UFO on March 6 of that year caused an airliner to become invisible.The staff-written article provides no flight number, but the Aeromexico airliner allegedly departed from Mexico City at 11:30 p.m. en route to Monterrey. The pilot dimmed the cabin lights and passengers began falling asleep for the short flight, until they suddenly found themselves staring into the night sky and the bright stars in the heavens above, as if the entire fuselage had been lifted away. “We were flying in space, seeing the skies and stars without the barrier of cabin walls, which were still there and detectable to the touch, but completely invisible,” said a witness to this sudden phenomenon. “We could even see the pilots in the cabin, at the controls of an aircraft that none of us could see, only touch.” More surprising is that panic did not spread throughout the aircraft. The startled passengers tried to make sense of the phenomenon until they suddenly became aware of a glowing object shaped like two inverted bowls stuck together flying alongside the aircraft.The newspaper account states that the broadcast media reported the disappearance of the Aeromexico airliner from radar screens in both Monterrey and Mexico City for ten minutes, along with the corresponding gap in communications.


  • At 12:23 AM, Anonymous rune said…

    The real advanced space-people as those from ERRA and the "DAL-PEOPLE/ASKET" all seems to have the high-tech to make those things - read the semjase-contacts on my site on http://galactic.to/rune/indexsemjase3.html


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