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Friday, April 22, 2005



Jim: I was asleep on the couch. John was there because it was a weekend. It was about two in the morning. I sleep very soundly, as a rule. I woke up completely awake - wide awake - and I couldn't move. I was lying on the couch looking out - there are French doors in front of it. I couldn't talk but I could breathe all right and I wanted Barbara and John to get in there and turn the lights on and see it. I was forcing the air out of my larynx and making strange sounds. They could hear me but they weren't coming. And this thing was just looking at me. And I can describe it very vividly - all that was working was my eyes - I couldn't move. It was approximately seven feet tall, very skinny arms and legs, extremely skinny. It had an object on its chest - I could see the shaping of it very clearly, like a box, but it wasn't flat. It was pointed. It had like three hoses on each side; this creature had a thing over its head, like a space helmet with a plastic covering. It wasn't at all terrifying; it was more or less pathetic in appearance - almost helplessly pathetic. It was just looking at me in the same way that you would look at a patient on the table, not cruelly or indifferently, just looking. I kept making these noises and it just vanished. It just wasn't there anymore and I said, "Oh, God, I'm hallucinating - I've lost my mind." Then I decided, no, I really couldn't be.

Barbara: John and I got in there just after it had disappeared so we didn't see it The reason it took us so long was that John could not get me awake, and he was torn between running to see what was happening and trying to wake me. And we lost a few seconds that way. By the time we finally got in there, it was all over.

John has had some experiences on his own and I'll leave that to him.

Jim: I think the reason that it is all so interesting to me is that we were headed toward a more amiable relationship with them, you know, after talking with them. The disasters had stopped, the pounding on the house had stopped, the terrorism had stopped, and after talking, I kind of liked them. They were pleasant and whatever they were -- I hadn't decided they came from space and I'm still not sure of that. But then again, after that, the hostilities started up again. That was extremely disorienting. The situation got extremely tense with no apparent reason. No disasters happened after that, but from the time that I talked with whatever it was on the hill until I saw the thing at the couch, everything was running smoothly.


Jim: It was almost exciting that we could live peacefully with whatever it was from wherever they were from.

Barbara: I think this is what finally broke me because everything was going so peacefully and I thought we were going to be able to stay. And I really love that place and I thought everything was going to smooth out -- and then it didn't.

Jim: Then after whatever it was -- it obviously wasn't humanoid -- it wasn't a humanoid form at all -- it wasn't hostile -- it wasn't threatening -- it wasn't dangerous -- after that everything went back to double doses of tension. It got much worse - the tension, not necessarily the activity. It was a thing of -- we knew we were unwanted. It's a gut-level feeling that's hard to describe exactly. We knew that something wanted us out. Barbara felt the same thing, exactly. Shortly after this sighting, we had an accidental fire with paint on the porch. It had nothing to do with them, but on top of all this feeling, that was it.

Barbara: I've often read about what they call the "Fight of Flight" and I've often wondered which one I am; well, I've decided I'm definitely flight. The only reason I didn't leave right then was that the children were there and Jim was there and how can you leave someone. But it took me an instant to make that decision; it wasn't a gut-level decision. I froze, instantly, and then I very stupidly grabbed a candlestick and ran out to the porch. Naturally, what he needed was water but I didn't know that. I really thought we were being attacked. I just decided that I couldn't take that anymore because I had faced the fact that if I ran out there, I would probably die. And I figured that that I was getting far off the end of the stick when going out there to die didn't seem that important. And I thought, it's time to leave before you lose it all.


Jim: This leads us back to another incident. A friend of a friend who was in the Army came out to the ranch to visit. He knew nothing about it; this was just his trip to the country. He spent the night but he wouldn't go into the woods; he felt something was very wrong and he didn't want to go out. We didn't press him and we didn't discuss anything. The next morning when we got up, he was already up and was walking across the fields. He would walk stiltedly out and then turn around and run back; he was doing that back and forth and everyone thought that he was crazy. When we asked him what was going on, he said that every time he got near the house, something took control of him and forced him to walk back into the fields.


I go back periodically (to the ranch). We had some guests from California and they wanted to go out and see what was happening. And I took them out and we spent the night at the ranch and were looked over again. And the reason that I think that I really wanted to bring it to someone's attention is I'm reasonably sure that they play rough. It's not big brothers from space who are interested in us as spiritual beings or whatever. I'm absolutely convinced that they couldn't care less if we live or die. We're nuisances, although I think they may be more humanitarian than we are. And I can only assume that they are watching us, watching our military potential, because I can't conceive of anything else. I have no doubts that they are mutilating the cattle -- none at all. The cattle are being lifted into the air, they are being drained of blood, they are being mutilated, and they are being lowered. If they wanted to do just biological research on cattle, they could have disposed of the remains without them being found. And they are left where they will be found. It is obviously some intent to instill fear and it has been quite successful. The people are extremely fearful. And, about the story that helicopters are doing it -- I figured out early in the game that the government is sending in helicopters in large numbers from several sources but they are doing it to cover what is really happening. I'm absolutely sure that the helicopters have nothing to do with the mutilations. They have had intensive radar nets over that area -- and the Law Officer has been kept only moderately informed. The reasons for what they are doing, I think, scare me a little. Certainly they behaved better than man would have under the same circumstances. If he wanted something, he would have taken it. But I'm not at all sure that their purposes and intents are at all favorable to us, or that there is anything we can do, but, at least knowledge for knowledge, it is valuable. I have no idea that there is any way that man could stop them or even impede them. But I know that they have no difficulty at all in immobilizing a person -- because I've been paralyzed and that's my freak-out. I'm a little bit claustrophobic and when I can't move.... With Barbara, it's her mind. I don't care about my mind -- they can go through it all they want to. But don't stop me from moving. That happened about six times to me after that.

This paralysis has happened to several people and I can't conceive of any purpose they could have out there other than to create terror -- maybe again, I think in a military way. And that doesn't go, in my thinking, with wanting to make a favorable association with man. It isn't the basis of an amiable relationship to start off instilling terror and I'm sure what they have done could serve no other purpose. They terrorized us, they terrorized others and mutilated cattle being found all over nine states, I understand. I'm not at all sympathetic toward them, frankly. The things that went on out there left few doubts that they appear extraterrestrial, and I have few doubts that they are not friendly.

If you ever found out anything, I'd love to know. I'm pretty sure that the things that happened out there are significant enough, at least, like the box. I haven't read about the box but enough people have seen it. I'm reasonably sure that there is one permanent installation that can be tracked down or at least surveyed by someone. And I'm reasonably sure that the activity is increasing, not diminishing. I have some curiosity about how often this is happening. I have read reports about the alleged kidnapping of Travis Walton in Arizona. The same type of thing -- occurred with the man on Mt. Evans who said something was after him. And it just quietly disappeared out of the news. And of course, I'm familiar with the Betty and Barney Hill thing. I have mixed feelings -- like the Hickson-Parker case in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

But when it happens to you, your skepticism goes very quickly, you know. It's a hard thing. I can't believe it happened to somebody else; but at the same time, I don't doubt that it happened to me. I think it is probably the same spot that a lot of people are in.

I think the reason that I need to give my opinion in that these creatures, whatever they are, the humanoid ones, the ones we have seen, with the exception of the two "more humanoid" ones, have always appeared to be afraid of something. They are extremely nervous, extremely jumpy, extremely terrified of something and I'm sure it isn't us. That I have no doubt of; it isn't people. I'm sure they are watching the military base for some unknown reason. I can't think of any other reason for them to be there. Whatever this other thing was that showed up; I actually feel more friendly toward this non-humanoid form than I do toward the ones that look humanoid. I'm reasonably sure the humanoids are afraid of them; again supposition. Yes, supposition, you know body language, the way it looked at me; it obviously wasn't afraid of anything, if that makes sense. It was there, it intended to be there, it was almost like a compassional thing; as if you were describing it as a religious experience, almost. You know, you come in contact with something very great. But I never felt that with the disks and whoever was on them. They had always been very nervous when anyone showed up. It was almost an extreme paranoia except for the one time I mentioned that I walked up and talked to them. They were very calm, very in control of themselves on that occasion. When I was talking to the Law Officer, he said that activity ceased when ships of this other type, like Barbara saw, showed up. She wasn't the only one to see it; other people in the community saw it too. And what he was relating to me was the fact that the activity would somehow go down because this other ship showed up. There has been a consistent pattern of the disks diminishing when this other ship shows up. He didn't know anything about the occupants. And again, supposition; I'm reasonably assured this other skinny, non-humanoid type is in the ice cream cone-shaped thing. And what they are up to or what they are doing or the rest of it is, I think, partly what I am interested in. There is something going on between them, because I know, at the ranch, they apparently weren't at all interested in us. We were just nuisances.

I think I am extremely interested in how they can get into a person's mind, because they have no difficulty controlling mind or body. Everybody has had the same feelings. Several people have seen the humanoids. Again, I was the only one who saw this skinny thing.


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