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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


By Roman Storch

Sunday was beautiful weather over the Rokytnice town. Sunday, July 17, 1956 at 9:00 am in the morning. I walked past the garrison's back gate to the nearby forest to collect mushrooms. I took along with me a sack from the kitchen. The boys talked a lot about it, that there are plenty of them in the nearby forest.

The forest smelled of fresh resin; wild thyme and wild strawberries. I walked down the hill through the forest to the large meadow surrounded by high pine trees and at the end rose a tall rock. Suddenly I had a strong feeling that I was being observed by someone. I checked the time and it was 9:35 am - long time nothing - then it is 3:50 pm in the afternoon and I am slicing mushrooms in my garrison unit room on the table by the window. Beautiful looking Boletuses. I am slicing them in strips and spreading them on newspapers. Charlie Paroubek came to me watching what I was doing. "You idiot, those are not just any Boletuses, those mushrooms are poisonous "Satan" mushrooms and if you don't believe me, try to bite one." Charlie said it very seriously. "Where were you Roman? I put aside a dinner for you?"

I bit into a slice of "Satan," and I felt on my tongue immediately the sharp bitter and sour touch. Typical for poisonous mushrooms. I tried to remember where I collected them, and for "God's sake" I couldn't remember how I came to the garrison; to my barracks and where I was for more than six hours. I talked to my spirit, that I was not drunk. I had normal coffee for breakfast. I know absolutely nothing, only that I had a beautiful feeling for nature, about the rustling of the trees, a cold and gorgeous odor of the summer forest. I tried so hard to remember that I had a headache, but only with zero results. Caput.

Almost thirty years passed and under hypnosis I received back my "lost" memory and returned to the long "lost time." Exactly, six hours and fifteen minutes. Some of us are not so fortunate. Long enough time to realize that everything was absolutely different.

At the end of the meadow, close to the rock, which raised up to the sky, stood a shining object of an unbelievable shape in all colors of the rainbow. Around the object moved a group of little beings in silver green like uniforms. I tried to run out, but I couldn't make any move. On the contrary; they waved their hands and they invited me inside the object. And I in "free will" walked into an absolutely (to my knowledge) unknown object, which was activated in all the colors of the rainbow. Gently there droned some aggregate. Never in my life had I seen even something similar. They set me in what looked like a medical chair, something like ambulant chair. They moved me to a half-lying down position. Then the little beings left this environment quickly, which was absolutely empty. I felt a lot a lot of peace in the weak fizzing noise.

Suddenly before me appeared a tall, like a giant, Being in the gray blue purple silver suit or uniform with a huge golden chain lacing around the neck with some big medal like material shining with two bluegreen like buttons or dots on it. His big grayblue eyes, like chrome steel "sucked" into me. I recognized what it meant; absolute physical power for the first time in my life, far beyond my simple imaginations. His big eyes were concentrating on me, radiating the energy, and the power, as I had never experienced. His little mouth was closed without any motion, but "he talked' to me. I absolutely and perfectly understood him. I attempted to "return" my humble earthly "psychical power," I felt a mad powerlessness, as my teacher told me (Prof. K.), who was metaphysicist and also parapsychologist; a passionate follower of Steiner.
The Being gave me a little smile as I frantically attempted to return the power and then he began to question me.

I was in my military walking-dress uniform with the clean "black facings". Their distinctions and rank, marks, are just the opposite of ours, top rank chiefs have a clear golden purple facing, very simple. That's why he possibly mistook me as a high ranking officer by his own logic, as I recollect the situation. They didn't "believe" me, when I told the truth, that I was a simple PTP (military camp for forced labor) soldier. When they couldn't break my simple truth I suddenly, for sure, received from them "higher credibility" and with all possibility it is, what then saved my life.

I looked around my environment and there stood other beings. They touched my legs, hands, and head. They put to my nose a light on a cord from the unknown material inside me. I had no pain.

The being continued to ask me the details from Adam and Hanicka (huge military bunkers). What I did in this fortress in the Eagle Mountains under the earth. In a very short time, they knew absolutely everything. I couldn't even talk; there wasn't any need. They read my thoughts like the "Bible." What do I know, about rockets? What I did in Stribro town (near to Germany's border)? This is what I experienced in those unusual six magnificent hours of missing time. It was S.C.R.E. which means by the evaluation of the MJ-12, the REAL EXPERIENCE. I received S.C.D.M. or the Distinctive mark. As such, I was ball-marked (or branded like cattle) in the end of my life and therefore they could contact me when they wished, and all that without my permission and without my full knowledge. I wished to know if we would meet again. The being told me that I don't need to worry, if they would like to do that, then I shall meet with them. After all, when they "read" me from the "A" to "Z", I received instructions, which I didn't know how to fulfill. In any case, I didn't feel myself to be under their "Command" like some ordinary "spy." All that was done against my "free will" and without my personal permission and against my understandable knowledge." As a gift they somewhat cured my two big scars on my face; both of which I had from a teenager. With the instructions, that it could show up to me when I will be older. Against the E.I.P.P. which means The Extraterrestrial Immeasurable Psychical Power there is absolutely none for the normal mortal beings, any defense.

Exactly how I, without my own free will and knowledge, but still freely (but compulsory) I entered the object or I.F.O. so I left the same object in the company of the little silvergreen Beings. I was "returned" to my garrison. Today I only know, how lucky I was. How many soldiers and officers of all kind of the weapons in that time "deserted" to the West behind the "Iron Curtain" from the whole Eastern Block. I am certain, that the same happened from the West to the East. This is the undisputed mystery and secrecy of the Cold War.

So I sliced the poisonous "Satans" mushrooms and my best friend Charlie Paroubek called all boys around the house if they come to see, how many "Satanist" mushrooms that the "expert" from Prague collected. Next day afternoon, in the Order of the Day was written: "that Soldiers are strictly prohibited to collect any type of the mushrooms under the punishment of the Exempt Confinement."

The first account of the abduction, or of the contact, I described in my book "The Silent Counterrevolution" in the form of the recollection of these events on the daily basis of simple military life. It was a miracle that I was not observed by somebody from my garrison. The contraversions of diversity of that event make me always in a disbelief of what really happend and of what "happened." It took me a lot of time (30) years of self meditation and repeated recollection to separate the truth of what happened to me in the action to separate this from other contacts later after the five years and so on. The circumstances are different, but what I can recollect in my "missing time" is for me personally a blessing. Otherwise the "blackened memory" drives people crazy. Unless there is an answer in the proper true way the focus is on the survial from this situation. As a military service man, if I told my encounter account to any officer in 1955, I would be interrogated by the military counter intelligence and with all reality shipped to the Soviet Union and later killed. In socialist military vocabulary any contact with the "enemy of the people" made me instantly a spy or a traitor.

I can conclude, that what happened to me was based on the psychical power of E.B.E.s and with no possiblity for my physical and spiritual coordination. My reactions was very primitive if none. I was out of "control" and out of my paralyzed memory for a long period of time. I was not physically ill. I was without therapy and without medical treatment and medication. I do not need any such "second hand touch" without the professional understanding, because there was not any treatment seriously recorded, described and defined.


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