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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


My brother was about 20 or 21 when he saw a UFO. What happened was he was on his way to pick up our mother from Bingo. It was around 10 at night.

He saw a cigar-shaped UFO and since he was a little early to get Mom he decided to follow it or at least try to get closer to the area it was in the sky. He went down several back roads and his last memory is following it.

Mom picked up the story later. She said she waited for him but when he didn't show up she walked home and he wasn' t there. Two hours later (around 12:30 a.m.) he came in and he was disoriented and talking erratically. She thought he was drunk, but he wasn't. All he remembers is seeing the UFO and then being in the kitchen at home! He has never been regressed although we have talked about it. Both of us are kind of afraid to know a lot more.

The "creature" I saw started when I was around 6 years old. I would be playing outside and I would see it on a roof or in a shed, many places I played near. Then I would always see it in one room at my home. It was always crouched down in a corner of the room, its hands folded in front of its knees. I remember it was gray in color all over and had protrusions behind its shoulder blades (like wings). Its face was hollow in the cheek area and it had huge black eyes. Its finger joints were very long and it was pretty bony looking body wise. It used to gesture towards me with its index finger and I could hear it talk but it didn't make a sound. It would gesture for me to come to it. I would shake my head no and run out of the room.

I remember two incidents in particular. My sister was in the room with me and it was summer time. Mom had a screen in the window. This creature gestured to me and I could hear it saying "come to me." I refused and I heard it (in my mind) say "I will smash your sister's hand in the window if you don't." I still refused and sure enough the window smashed down on my sister's fingers. I remember her cries and Mom running into the room. I was terrified and ran away into another room.

The second time my brother was in the room and he was near a dresser playing and this "thing" said if I didn't come to it the dresser would fall on my brother and it did!

Many years later when I was around 28 we were at Mom's home and the movie "The Exorcist" had just come out. My brothers were discussing it. I was just listening and my Mom made the statement that she knew someone she thought was being possessed. We asked who and she said "Nancy." I was shocked so I asked her why she felt that way and she said "because when you were little you used to run from something you said you saw." I said "what did you do?" and she said, "I took you to church and had you baptized."

To this day I am still afraid I will see it again and I never want to! I refer to it as "the creature in the corner." I have read about the chupacabra but this thing seemed pretty tall to me, even though it was stooping whenever I saw it. Any ideas??


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