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Thursday, June 16, 2005


I remained with the church for about three years and I finally had to leave as I knew that there were things that I didn't agree with and I couldn't pretend that I was a good member of the flock any longer. I still didn't give any more thought to the UFOs.

Then about two years later I became interested in Buddhism because of an article in a Buddhist newspaper about the Bodhisattvas of the Earth. The article said that the Bodhisattvas were those who had a mission to travel from developing world to developing world to help in the unfolding of enlightenment of the mortals on these worlds. I'm sure that many of you have had some sort of a sense of mission or purpose for your life, but if you are like me, you just didn't, or maybe still don't know what it is. The article went on to say that if the reader felt some recognition with this then they may be a part of this team of Bodhisattvas. That was the first time that I had the feeling that I may have discovered what my purpose was.

During the early seventies I started on my spiritual quest and for a time trained to be a Christian missionary. I left that behind as I had a problem with the concept of this angry, and vengeful God. The idea of the Rapture bothered me as well; it's not that I as sure that it wouldn't happen but I felt that if it did that I would remain behind to help those who were afraid and confused. It didn't seem to me that a God of Love would turn his back on His creation because they were confused and lost in this life.

It did seem to me that many would then become aware of the errors they had made and that they would need someone to help them. The problem was that I also felt that I was crazy for even thinking that I had a place in this because I was at least as screwed up as anyone else and how could God use a mess like me?

Actually, I figured that if there was such a thing as the Rapture that I would probably be left behind for being such a screw up. Nevertheless, I still had this sense of mission even though I tried my best to deny it. Reading about the Bodhisattvas really had a profound effect on me though, and even though I still had a deep belief n the teachings of Jesus, felt that I had to learn more.

For the next two years I immersed myself in the teachings of Buddha. I found that those who called themselves Buddhists were about as messed up as those that consider themselves "good Christians." I found that no matter what the name of the religion, they all thought they had a monopoly on "The Truth." I began to see a coming thread that runs through all the religious teachings and realized the error in making Gods out of the messengers. As I began to distance myself from the organization I read a book by Budd Hopkins called "Intruders."

This was the first time in seven years that I read anything concerning UFOs. As I read about the fear that the people were experiencing from their encounters. I felt unexplainably angry by their reactions. I had always believed that if they were out there that they must have evolved past our level of madness and have reached a level of universal brotherhood. I know now that I was somewhat naive. Anyway, when I got to the photos of the scars, particularly the scoop marks, I remembered the scooped out scar on my leg. I lifted my pants leg up to compare marks and it looked like it could have been a photo of my leg. The reason that I got so excited over these pictures was because of the circumstances surrounding the discovery of my scar.
I first noticed the scar on my leg one day while sitting down and wondered where it came from? For some reason I couldn't seem to remember anything about it. From the size and location of this scar I knew that it must have hurt and was puzzled as to why I didn't remember getting it. I know where every scar on my body came from, but for some reason I had no idea about either how or when I got this. The more I thought about it, the more confused I became. I tried different memory association games, but nothing seemed to help. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more anxiety seemed to well up inside of me. I was totally perplexed! It really was very strange. I knew that I had to be able to remember and racked my brain trying, but the more energy I put into it, the more frustrated I would become. I'm not exaggerating when I say that every day for about three months I couldn't stop thinking about the scar and why I was unable to remember anything about it. As time went on, I realized that I would just have to give up and tried to accept the fact that I couldn't remember. I told myself that one day it would come back and over time I gradually forgot about it. Once in a while I would see it and wonder, but it seemed to lose its importance.

Seeing the pictures in Hopkins' book was the catalyst that put me back onto the UFO road again. From that time on I became almost obsessed. I had to learn all that I could. I spent almost all of my free time either reading whatever I could get my hands on, or talking to anybody who was also interested. About the same time as this was going on, John Lear began speaking at the local library about his UFO research. It seemed like everyone was coming out of the closet with their stories of sightings and abductions.

It was really an exciting time, as I was meeting so may others who had experiences and I didn't feel so alone anymore.

Then I had my second encounter with another person appearing before me. This time it was even weirder than the first time. It happened when I was in the shower! That's right, in the shower. I had just finished washing my hair and tossed my head back to get the water out of my face and when I opened my eyes, there was a head floating in front of me. I almost passed out! I rubbed my eyes, looked again, and it was still there.

I remembered the first time something like this happened and started thinking that every time I would get into UFOs, I'd start seeing things. I was really beginning to panic because it wouldn't disappear, and I really wanted it to.

Then he said, "Don't make me leave. I won't be able to come back." All I could think of though was "PLEASE GO," and he did. In the same fashion as my first visitor, the face slowly faded away.

That's it, I thought, here I am involved with this UFO business again and this happens to me again. I knew that I had to get out of it and told myself that this was the last time I would dabble in anything that even hinted at being a little weird. Guess what? It was too late. There was no way I could pretend that it hadn't happened.

I had been invited to a small, private lecture that Ed Slade was giving and even though I was freaked out and told myself that I wasn't going, I just HAD to. Ed talked about Billy Meiers, Bashar, and a few other cases that he had investigated. During the break he passed around his photo album which contained a picture of Asket, one of the female UFOnauts that Meiers had contact with. On the same page, right below the picture of Asket, there was a drawing of a man. I just kind of glanced at the drawing, as if it wasn't as exciting as a real photograph but I did take a real fast double take because this drawing looked exactly like the guy who was in my living room seven years earlier. I started wondering if it was just my imagination; after all, when it happened I said that it could have been Jesus. As I kept looking at this drawing, it became clear that this was the same person that I had seen earlier. I sat back for a moment, took a couple of deep breaths and asked myself if this could actually be for real. As if in answer, a voice inside my head said to me, "Yes, this is real." At that point, I kind of melted in my chair, my mind literally spinning and said to myself, "My God, this IS for real."

From that day on, things began to return to me. I knew that in some way I was connected to these Beings and their ships. I started having lucid dreams. Since that day in early 1988 I have seen well over two dozen craft. I saw 'well over' because I stopped counting at 15 and some of these sightings were of multiple craft. Most of them were night time sightings, and I wondered why I had never seen a ship during daylight.

It was shortly after that I had a daytime sighting right in front of my house. My two daughters and I were going to visit a friend. While we were walking to my car I noticed a jet taking off from Nellis AFB. At the time, we only lived three miles away. Something made me look at the airplane. I had seen an AWAC a couple of days before and it has always amazed me how something like that could fly, so I checked out this plane that was taking off to see if it was another AWAC. It was plain to see that it wasn't, but something said to look again. I did, but it still wasn't, it was a KC135 (aerial tanker). Again, I was compelled to look again. As I did, I noticed something glimmering just a little behind and below the plane. As I was watching this shining object which seemed to be fluttering back and forth in a rocking motion, I asked myself what could have fallen out of the airplane? Even if something had of fallen out of the plane, it would drop like a stone rather than gently rock back and forth in what has become to be known as a "falling leaf motion."

"What are you looking at, Dad?", my daughter asked me."I'm not sure," I told her.
She then asked me if it was a UFO? I told her that I didn't think so, because it was so close to the base. As we were discussing the possibilities of this being a UFO, it stopped getting lower and hovered in one spot for about 30 seconds, then it rose straight up, went straight down, straight up again, and again straight down. It then moved at a 45 degree angle up and hovered there when something caught my eye on the right. When I turned my attention to that direction, three more discs came out of a cloud. They were in an inverted triangle formation and these three, along with the first one, all went straight down, stopped and rose straight up. Then two of the discs flew off right over the airbase.

My daughter went, "Whoa!", and when I looked at her, she was looking right over our heads. When I looked up, there was nothing there, but she said that i flew right over us and went over Sunrise Mountain.

Exactly one week later, the whole family was getting ready to leave the house when my girls started yelling for us to come outside quickly to see a UFO. I didn't take them seriously, but they kept on yelling for us to come quick. I still thought they were joking, and told them to be quiet, as I didn't want the neighbors to think that my whole family was as crazy as they thought I was. When my wife and I got outside we saw a very large cylindrical craft moving directly over our condo. This thing must have passed right over Nellis AFB and then continued it's course directly over town. This was my second daylight sighting.

Since that time I have had just as many daytime sightings as nighttime.

I also felt as thought I was receiving telepathic messages again. This time though I paid close attention to what was being said. I never did receive any long or really detailed messages like some others I have heard of. They were actually fairly concise. I did take them to heart. The gist of these messages was that the time was here to prepare and to form a conscious network of groups of Light Workers.

A small group of contactees had gotten together here when John Lear was presenting his series of lectures. We all felt as though we were drawn together for a purpose. None of us knew at the time just what we were to do but we were open to exploring different ideas and usually started our meetings with a prayer for guidance. We would then have a group discussion, and end with a meditation. Since we all considered ourselves seekers, we named our group SOUL, for Seekers of Universal Light.

As time passed we found that we had fewer and fewer new things to share. As a result, we had fewer meetings. Now we get together about once a month.

One day I received a phone call from a girl that was visiting Las Vegas from Bora Bora. She had gotten my number from a friend of mine who moved back to the islands. It turned out that she was living with a group of contactees in a cooperative community on Bora Bora. They had originally formed their group 20 years ago in France with the intent of forming a model community dedicated to spiritual growth. As a result of this, they began having not only extraterrestrial but also intra and ultra dimensional contacts. These contacts continue to this day. Francois and I felt, and formed, an immediate bond.

I introduced Francois to our group and we shared and compared notes. She told us that the group in Bora Bora was growing and that they were also told to form a network of Light Centers around the world. The name of their organization is Galacteus. My meeting with Francois was the confirmation that I needed in that it served to awaken me to my forgotten mission.

Since that time, I have shared the idea of building a Light Center with everyone I know that is into spiritual development, UFOs, or both. A lot of people have expressed interest and two even said that they knew of land that would or could be made available to us for this purpose. The major stumbling block has been the funding. Not only would we need a substantial sum for the initial building but there was also the additional problem of how to become a self sustaining, self sufficient community. I certainly didn't have the money. It has been a major task just keeping the roof over my familieis heads since I was injured on the job. I have felt a sense of urgency but have been at an impasse for two years now.

One day while I was talking to Leneesa, the Director of the UFOCCI, I told her of this vision and she got excited about the idea. She came up with the same obstacles, like how to support this community once we were there. Leneesa offered to donate her land in Colorado for the center but the funding was still missing.

As most of you are aware, one of the primary messages from our space friends is to AWAKEN. This means to awaken to the reality of who we really are and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. We are, each and every one of us, individual expressions of the ONE. There is really only One and that is the I AM. As individual fragments of the I AM, we are CO-creators with the I AM and each other. We need to awaken to the reality that as Co-creators it is within our power to create an alternative to this system of madness that prevails upon our planet.

Many of us have come here for this purpose. Because of the overwhelming amount of confusion among men, in their thought as well as actions, there is a field of static in the mass consciousness or the collective unconscious, which prevents mankind from receiving direct communication from the higher vibratory planes. The signals have always, and are still, being sent. Because of the static interference only those who specifically practiced a discipline such as meditation were able to pick up these transmissions.

There have been a few through the ages that focused transmissions have been directed to for specific purposes but most of mankind have been unable to receive these vibrations. Because more and more of us are awakening to these unseen realms we are decreasing the amount of interference in the mass consciousness by adding another degree of clarity for each one of us who becomes awakened. This operates on the same principle as demonstrated in the Hundredth Monkey Theory.

In the early fifties, on a group of islands off the coast of Japan, there was a research project taking place with the monkeys that lived on these islands. It was actually in 1952 that a group of scientists began their study. These scientists would drop off supplies of sweet potatoes for the monkeys. On one of the islands named Koshima, an 18 month old female named Imo, discovered that by washing the sweet potatoes in a stream which was nearby that she could remove most of the sand which would stick to the potatoes. She then taught the new trick to her mother and soon almost all of the young monkeys on Koshima had learned to wash their potatoes. Something strange happened. On the other islands that the researchers were monitoring, the other monkeys began to wash their potatoes as well. This demonstrated the existence of what Ruppert Shelldrake termed the "Morphogenic Field."

This indicates that up to a given number, as they become increasingly more aware, add to this field. At an unknown point, just one more, upon their awakening will be the one that raises the strength of this new level of awareness to a critical mass. Then an explosion of new knowledge spreads simultaneously like wildfire throughout the planet. One of us is that 100th Monkey.


  • At 3:41 PM, Blogger Michelle Bogges said…

    This message is to whomever posted this story. This was written by my father. I don't know what possessed me to google my dad's name, but for whatever the reason, I found his story. I am very grateful for getting to read this. My dad passed when I was 13 years old, but now as an adult, I understand his story and feel like I had the chance to hear from my dad again. I want to thank you for posting this, and if you have anything else related to my father, I would love to hear from you.



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