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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Another letter from Tro that holds significant information. Remember that this was 1991 so many things have changed since then. For new persons on this blog, Tro purports to be an alien and this letter was to me.


Dear Leneesa and Associates.

I will in this letter explain many things of importance. But first I must excusify the issue re sightings activity -- that which I promised. Altho (depending on the number of reportbacks which you receive) the 3 days listed may qualify as having increased sightings, what transcurred was not what I had orginally scheduled -- groups of vehicles, including mammoships, near populated areas, during the dawn, day, and dusk periods. Even allowing for the few dramatic episodes which were achieved, it still ranks in meagerparison to what I had imvisioned. Owing however to emergency circumditions (primarily the Soviet situation) and the hesitance of my superiors to do anything boldistic, this scenario has been postponed until furthnotice. We are even now unable, if the go sign were given, to do what I referred to, as most of our free-moving ships are still surveilling in the Soviet zone, keep-watching the transferral of nuclear weapons back to the Russian Republic. And several of the others are fullgaged with pesky faultline re-patch. This constantation is, as well, the reason for the delay in my lettering to you.

To explain: The Assessment Reversal which I was given listed 4 reasons for the hold-action. The first of these was that ifnwhen we do a media-active initiative, it must-should be during a period of relative geo-political quiescence. On the 4th of August, we became aware, thru direct surveilation, of what would be transpiring in the USSR. At that point it became impractical for our "wave" to be actuated (even before the Head HQ made it official) because I quickmediately alert-shifted every available craft to Probe-and-Prevent status. The reasonbe was not to prevent the coup, as we were confident of its outcome, but to watchcare the almost 30000 nuclear missiles that are deployed inside of the SU. Under cover of political upheaval, much wrongstablishing can occur.

To focustate: Approxly half of those nucleombs are of the short-range "tactical" type, and were widespersed among the republics. These are not nearly as tightly controlled as the long-range "strategic" missiles. We have become aware in the past 16 months of several schemes to "redirect" some of these tactical warheads (as well as bio-weapons and deveschemations) whenever the opportunity might present itself. Their motives were various, ranging from greed (enormous sums would be paid by certain gov'ments and terror groups); nationalism by the republics (nucleombs in their possession as a bargainchip for independence); Moslemism (some of the republics are very moslemized...some officers had been contacted who were willing to funnel weapons to such as Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and the PLO); ethnicism (a nuclear blackmail plot was discussed by 3 different separatist groups seeking autonomy from their parent republics); anti-coup militians (high-ranking officers loyal to Yeltsin/perestroika who controlled some missile sites and nuclear subs); hardliners within the military (career ColdWarriors convinced that the evil West was trying to destroy their Glorious Revolution... men who might abscond with, or smuggle major weapon systems to Cuba, orcetra). These last two were less of a possibility, but pondersidering the gravarios involved, we had to make absosure of every contingency.

As proof of the unpredictanature of the spinwheeling conditions we were facing into was the near-success of a wooly-wacky plan by the Tartars to assume control of a strategic base within Russia itself. This was very low on our optingency index, and almost escaped surveillance-check attention at all. Luckily, we were able to foil their folly without causing any permanent causalties. As with most of the other incidents of our intervention during the crisis, we derailed negcausative activity mostly thru the disfunctioning of motor vehicles and electropower. We do this at the most critical moment, leaving conspirators not only action-stymied but paralyzed by suspicions as to who among them (or not among them) is sabotaging the plan. Another thing we can needsbe do is cause temporary dizorientation/vomitation, using any of several ray techniques, some implementable from orbit.

It is a worthynote that one other method of ours, superstition triggers, is still an option in certain of the ethnic zones in that region (among the last vestiges of the white peoples with whom we still maintain that extra latitude). In those places where... better to give you an example. On the 20th of August, we caused a certain type of crow-bird to flock into the capitol city of one of the republics, onto the very block where one of the abovelisted plots was being finalized. (Note: This happened!) (This would have been a rashfoolish undertaking against the about-to-be-overturned-anyway coup and problikely would have left a large many dead, including some we highsider as potential assetuals of the northern peoples. So when the birds (to them a symbol of ill omen) strange-suddenly perched down, it gave profund pause to the participants, leaving them in a stunfrozen state of inaction for just enough meanwhile for the coup to be reversed.

Having my thusfar backplayed, I suspect that some might consider it a windylong detailing; I know that most of you are impatient for more revelatory informta ("juicy stuff") concerning our mission, our plans, and what ticks with me. (I am a male, close to 500 of your years old, from a planet nearly 70 lightys distant.) But in this new intimosphere that I am trying to evoke, I wish to create a window for you to view our processes, long shrouded in mystery and confusion (some of it deliberate on our part, which I will explain in a nearcoming contactication). My main purpose in this letter is to pull that cloak partly away, enough for you to surify more in the next few minutes than your race has truthstablished in the past 45 years, regarding our presence.
(As I dictate this letter, I peer thru my pri-chamber portview down at the beautious orb you so luckily call your homeworld. Just now, the sun is catching full on the Ural Mountains, and the clouds describe a giant pinwheel over the glittering Caspian... reminiscene to our own gorgeous galaxy when viewed, as I have had the thrillsight to do, from far above.)

The problems attendant upon contact initiation on any planet are considerangerous. Count that double-true on this your sphere, so mutli-fraught with evering emerguations -- from rampant nucliferation to the many close-brinking enviroclysms. But let it be hoped that the worscarios of your poli-military hightensives have been relegated to the history pages, and that your major nations will commence cooperation toward the rectification (redirect your resources) of the more-serious-than-you-think ecodmage. We will do what we can, and it will be plentious, but there is such a thing as "point of no return" (irrevocable damage) when it comes to nature chains and lifecycles. This is the main reason why it is being urged by some among us, selfcluding, to establistart relations in the sooncome rather than the latertime, and why grantmission is being sought to waive the usual readyness criteria. There are some ecovironmental dangerations that we must concertify to eradicate, beginning in the short future.

Despite the complaints by some among the Sector Service Corps, and other interworlders, that this planet is a troublenest and a bubblepot, I can honest-facedly say (and not only I, but manymost of those assigned here) that I have grown in love with this place -- with its valiant peoples, and many natural treasures. We've come to admire the courage, tenacity, humor, and generosity that most of you exhibiate on a daily basis. And of course to mention the music, in all its stripes and strains, long renowned among the worlds of this starsec. Most of the stationees, meclusive, have been gladhappy to takevantage of this indigenous sourcelode.

You can stand assured that while I hold this helm, it will weigh improbably that any final curtains will befall you. I think that the darkest days are now prob'ly behind us, not only the nuclear scenarios, but most of the earthquake treatuations, and a very close call with a meteor a few years ago. (There's still one more on the way, but not to be worryhensive; we have one-third of the mammoship fleet approaching it at present.) (Which is another reason why we find ourselves a bit short-shipped of lately.)

You should be confident of my having pilot-guided many worlds thru the rocky narrows of the Transition Age, including some that were nearly as problacious as this blue place. I am in fact the seniormost of my job-calling (in this region) both in terms of age and assignments resolved. The translaquivalent of my role-function is "magnifying psychsensor-situation adjudicator," from which is gotten Magnificator. A way of terming my job is that of an Empath-Arbitrator. I specialize in Planet-Member In'duction and Crisis Resolution -- your world providing ampletunity in both categories. (while it is rare that I particiattend any meetings with non-aware humans, my presence has been referred to as "a tall robed man" or a "mysterious shrouded figure standing off to the side.")

And so it is that I find myself on orbas such as yours, which are coming of age, are achieving the maturity to basicstand the responsiduties of interplanetary relations as a member of a peaceful confederation. But you will learn that all is not strictly idyllic among the member worldizations; there are frictions and disputes, some of which have even tainted our efforts here. But a majorpoint is that these are nevever settled by warmaments.

I will now attempt to dispossess you of several notions that you have concerning us. For the record, I must mention that a strong minority among my consulteam is in nonagreement as to my decision to so "de-myth" us now, but I sincerely befeel that it has come time to clean the air of some of the overconceptions concerning our powers, as well as to put-rest the sheer misinformata that has grown up around our activities here. (For me to speak to you of our splitcisioning is in itself a de-mything, as most'you picturemagine our modalities as like computer printout -- coldly analytical indices... inexorable formulae.)

But, despite the fact that we were born under a different sky, we are people too. We were not spawned by a separate creation. To paraphrase one of your students of perceptuality: We exist as equal neighbors in the community of the One Creation, founded by Spirit, and unified by spiritual awareness. But that is not nearly my department. Those verities are the revelation prerogative, as on all worlds, of the ministering angelic corps and their superiors, on up thru to the Creator Son of this galactaregion, and beyonder still to the Creator of Creators, the First Force... the Oldest One. It is our opportunity to oncasion co-venture with these beings of light and love (Andreasson, Streiber) but their work is of a higher purpose, being almost exclusively concerned with non-material matters -- the guiding of souls into eternal life.

Compares to them we're the nuts and bolts of the apparatus; we're the engineers and biologists and cultural historians, the peacekeeping force and the rescue squad. We manage, coordinate, legislate, regulate, and enforce. We take care of the political, economic, educational, and social inter'lationships in this local sector (621 worlds; 1000 eventualbe). We solve disputes, supervise trade, provide logistical support for the spirit workers, maintain academies, ferry exchange students, clear asteroids, and introduce the reacyceptive to the larger family of planets to which they belong.

But we are not in any actualsense omnipotent or omniscient. Certaintrue, we have technoportation and mediciques that by your standards are farvanced, but for you to be unduly awetimidated by these-such is to not realize how close you are to the same methods. (With our helpguidance, even closer.) So I would like to repeat my stresspoint that most of the offworlder races are composed of persons not that dissimilar from you: eating and sleeping, raising families, pursuing careers. We spill our juice, we cry (especially y-truly, being an empath), we forget things, we get divorced, we argue among ourselves. On the last (having just come from a meeting where once again very little was settled by more than a 6-4 vote) I will tell you this.

Perhaps an analogy. Imagine putting 10 of your Nobel Laureates, all from different fields and representing several countries and age generations, on a committee to recommend poli-social action in a Third World nation. Do you see where I'm driving? The more hightelligent a person is, the more difvarious ways he/she can think of to have something done. And the more egoful they become as to the weight of their own opinionalysis. Morepoint: Ifstead this committee was membered by, not different nationalities, but 7 different planets, and their respective fieldeavors ranged from geo-physics to child psychiatry, and included an anthro-theologian, a social instutionist, a Trade Minister, and a politico from the local sector gov'ment. This is an accuscription of the Directorate, of which I am the Chairboard.

It's realizing on me that I am beginning to get long with this, so I will close for today and make another letter to you when my duties return to more-normal. I have much to say addcerning such subjects as the genetics program (which I have progressively shortleashed since my arrival in 12 of 86, insisting on code compliance and increased supervision), telepathic communication among our races, the new languism, some insights into your planet's many-storied past, and otherings. (I am awaiting HQ answerback on some regstriction reductions, so as to also discuss such matters as the impl-units, the astral work, and transvectoral timensionality.)

Despite all the controversing sayrounding this blue place, there are no one in the starsec who would disagree: If you survive with your biosphere primely intact, this planet is suredestined to become one of the greatest and wealthiest among our union. With your fortuitous location near the Translanes, your abundance of rare resources (water, wood-platinum, diamonds), plus manycetral, your music proceeds, your natural wonders/sacred histifigance (tourists/pilgrims) combined with the general strengthbility of your psycharacters, all but insure this as a dawncoming world of major'portance.

The one truthguide for you to remember closely is this: Altho we will be of service to you during these tenous years, defending you from the vicissitudes of geologic calamity, and advising you on matters such as international organization, you must look not so much to us as to yourselves for your successful entry into the future. So if (when) this People emerges from its long-wrought chrysalis-cocoon into the brighting day of world democracy, mutual plentitude, and nature in balance, it will be your triumph -- the shining crown of human cooperation; the many disparatisms within your onified race finally workgethering to unlockstock the potential of this mighty orb.

Peace and Protection



  • At 10:35 PM, Blogger t2toesdeb said…

    This was not a valid letter in my opinion due to the nature of the language and the scenario sounded too much like a show I once watched on the sci-fi network. Thakyou very much.

  • At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    An alien sent you a letter-right .
    Tell me, how did he know how much postage to put on ? And where did he find a mailbox on his planet that was serviced by an Earth postal service ?
    Ha, the fraud has been exposed !!

  • At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    None the less, a very succinct overview of our situation here on Earth.

  • At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    None the less, a very succinct overview of our situation here on Earth, and places nearby.

  • At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Drum said…

    I am confiedent this was written by a human being, not an alien.
    Too many made-up words.
    And I think an alien can spell "surveillance" , and not the misspelling "surveilation".

    There are aliens out there, but this is not written by one. Dear author, you're not helping.

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