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Saturday, June 25, 2005


It is June 1969. My 4 year old daughter and I take my new VW Bug on a trip to the midwest where I have family. I left about 3:00am loaded with Auto Club maps and made Flagstaff late that night staying at a Motel. Early the next morning I stopped for gas and information. The attendent said I could save time if I took the Navajo reservation 160 thru 4 corners, up to Wolf Creek Pass, and down to Denver, instead of 66. I saw on the map we would see some of the Painted Desert. It never occurred to me that I might be going into a wilderness desert, without homes, or cars. So when we came to a Indian gift shop where I bought a Zuni wedding ring (pawn), it made me feel better.

About 11:30 I came to a tiny cafe, just past the right turn to Farmington, where we ordered hamburgers and I drank 3 cups of coffee. The cook told me he had been passing thru and stopped for coffee and the Indian owner asked him if he ever wanted to own a cafe. When he said "he might" the Indian gave him the key!

We paid up and headed through lovely Kayenta Valley. About 2:00pm I nearly went off the road sound asleep. I had to stop NOW! I pulled over with no shade, rolled down the windows 2 inches, and told my daughter to take a nap and not get out of the car! Then I was out! At 3:30 I awoke with my body laying over the wheel and my arms hanging down loose. My girl was curled up on the passenger seat asleep! I looked out the windshield and approximately 200ft off to the left of the road was a huge SILVER SAUCER the size of a football field. It was hovering around 30 to 40 ft in the air, with the back tipped up so I could not see the bottom. Completely round it had a flat lip around the middle, with a streamlined dome on top! Neither a window or door showed and I sat there and stared at it for maybe 6 to 7 minutes. I was interested in aircraft before I married and I wanted to learn to fly. THIS was not from this earth! I started to realize what I was seeing and became scared! Suddenly in my MIND I heard someone tell me "DO NOT BE AFRAID"! Now mind you I have some strange memories while a child but this was in broad daylight and I was wide awake! I was ready to get out and walk towards the ship when it took off for the lower Rocky Mountains. In a flash it was gone at a speed our earth ships could never match at this point! Just before it disappeared it looked like it covered TWO of the smaller mountains! It was only then that I started my car and took off again!

I looked for the ship all the way to Cortez where we stayed that night. By the time we reached the motel both my daughter and I were violently ill. We ate nothing for 3 days and than our intake was limited for over two weeks. Both of us lost weight. We both had redness, fever and my daughter had an ugly PURPLE-red large size rash on her upper torso which stayed again for two weeks. After about a week or so, our hair started falling out. I didn't know any doctors at Cortez and I was not prepared money-wise to seek help. I had medical benefits but never thought we would be so ill and for such a long period of time.

When I stopped at my friends place in Colorado Springs he insisted we stay at his home and wanted us to stay until we felt better but I was determined to get to the mid-west and see my other children. The trip after the sighting became a nightmare trying to drive and having to stop and dry heave. At the time I just didn't connect the Saucer with our sickness. After getting to Minnesota we stayed with a kind niece and I can remember showing her my daughter's purple rash. As an afternote, both of us had ALL the childhood diseases.

I believe or rather KNOW that we are visited by other beings in the Universe. They are way ahead of humans. They could be a million years ahead of us! There could be many types of beings! For me it was the chance of a lifetime and truly MY MOMENT ON EARTH that I will never forget! The vision is burned into my mind and has changed the way I think! "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king"

I would like to add an interesting note to what happened to me. Just before I felt like I was knocked out and had to stop my car, I was enjoying the desert in the blue-sky sunshine. I also remember that when I stopped the car the desert around me was fairly FLAT. When I came too, my car was still facing the same direction (towards mountains) but it was in a totally different area of the desert. There were ten feet rocks to the left of the saucer, with an even larger one to the left of them. Because my attention was on that massive saucer (to the left and forward of my car) I don't remember much about the right side of the road but my photo memory has a print of the mothership and what was around it!

Later when my daughter and I got to Cortez and we were so sick (fever, rash-purple red, red faces, dry heaving, sick at stomach for days and later hair loss) I forgot about that fact but it came back to me later and it was only much later, that I realized the car and all might have been taken, after I read what had happened to others. It becomes the only answer to an enigma. As it is not my custom to need to pull over when driving, the other thing that was evident was when I woke up I felt DRUGGED. I felt like I was on a happy pill and that elated feeling stayed with me for about 2 hours before it seemed to wear off. Even though I was looking at something from outer space I was not excited but it felt like a "sorta interesting" feeling which just isn't me. I am the one that will drive miles to see an air show ( Blue Angels) or do anything to get a chance to fly. Another feeling I had at the time of the sighting was I felt protected. I felt they hovered there for that time period to see if I was alright and I could get the car started again. Like I say, I was given a happy shot of some kind and that has never been repeated.

My sighting in 1969 changed not only my life, but revived old deep memories. When married I saw a tiny big eyed bald man looking at me through the back picture window. We lived in the woods and I rarely closed the drapes. I woke my husband and he went out back to check and said there were no footprints in the new snow! It was 1956, (Jan) and my daughter was born in March! Aliens float! I knew what I saw because I was wide awake at 10 PM.

Married, I would lay in bed and look at the ceiling waiting for ?? to come and get me! I knew! I went to Hesperia CA in 1967 and felt the need to go out in the desert. My car wouldn’t start at one point (it stalled) and I lost time! That’s just a few things that happened before the Mothership.

In 1978, I was living in my house in Lakeside, CA. At 2 AM, (I sleep badly), I wanted a glass of water. I walked out of my bedroom and into the hallway. Looking down the hall, toward the kitchen on the left and the living room on the right, I saw that the living room was lit up like Christmas! There was a 4 ft being floating down the hall about a foot off the floor. It was moving its long slender arms up and down as it moved away from me. The head was very large and it had a lighted band around it. The glowing body turned towards the wall that adjoined the bathroom and it stuck its elbow into the wall. When the thin body made contact, blue, than red SPARKS flew! Then it disappeared into the wall!

The funny thing is I can not remember if or what I did next? The next morning I told my kids I had seen a Ghost?!!! Because of the lighted band, I had thought it was a Indian spirit! In 1989, I saw the cover of Communion and nearly had a heart attack! I realized only than that it was a GRAY Alien! The reading of that book made me VERY SICK but I waded through! After reading everything I could lay my hands on I looked for ships everywhere! I saw a 50 ft saucer at 3 PM (daytime) over the Indian reservation I played Bingo at and a 4th of the ship was covered with a very WHITE fuzz that was too white to be a real cloud. And I saw a rust colored saucer about 5 PM on the ground near San Diego but I was on a bus and unable to stop!.

On Jan 1st, 1990 at 11 PM near Alpine a ship came down over my car. It was foggy and I could see that the bottom of the ship was bright orange, like FIRE! It looked to be 50 feet in diameter and the thought of possible radiation scared me!!! I took off like mad and raced home to San Diego. I have had the marks and bruises and grass on my feet. (I do not walk in my sleep!) I have seen 4 ships in Minnesota. I saw one over Lake Almo at 11am, one over White Bear Lake that had CHERRY red lights that brightened than dimmed, and going out to Treasure Island there was one over Hastings at 6pm. The last sighting was on my birthday, Jan 27, 1997, over Bloomington. All have been different. I no longer am scared but I do not choose for this to happen.

Now a true story about Arcwood Toni Award and her possible Abduction!!!! Toni was born in 1980 to Baby a top quality registered DOBERMAN from a Champion father. She was my choice pup from the 12 that sold quickly. Because of losing a couple of my Show Shelties I decided never to breed or show her and I guarded her with my life. Toni was my beloved friend, and trusted protecter, that went everywhere with me. I spent thousands for special fencing, as well as babysitters when I needed to be gone. Her loving disposition made her everyones sweetheart! Around 1985 I noticed her breast were dropped and surmised she was getting older so that caused it. Then in 1987 I took her to a vet in Spring Valley, CA to have a lump looked at that was on her side. He said it was benign but asked how many pups did she have? I told him she had never been bred but he said she showed definite signs of carrying young. Now dogs can have false pregnancies but he said he did not believe that was the case. Then in 1989 I saw the cover of Communion and that picture of the gray which caused me to read about human and animal abductions. Because I had possible experience in my own background I suddenly understood that my Doberman may have been taken too! Toni died in 1996 and life will never be same without her but hopefully the aliens have her babies somewhere out there on another planet!

That could be the whole idea of Alien abduction-that our genes are never lost. They could clone her from a tissue sample. We as a species are insignificant in a Universe teaming with life, but our unique DNA is important. The Alien ability to travel inter-deminsionally by the folding of space may well afford humans the same ability someday and I wish I could be there to see Toni's pups. We certainly cannot assidiously ignore what is happening to Humans worldwide, the Alien Abduction!

Yours Patricia


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