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Monday, June 27, 2005

MY EXPERIENCE (By an abductee)

My best friend and I were in Kissimmee Florida in 1995.We were at another friend's house and were about to enter the car to leave. It was dusk about 7:00 P.M.at the end of summer, maybe in August.

Craft :

We saw a classic disk shaped (classic = "The Day the Earth Stood Still" UFO for example, but a little different on the underside).The craft was silver bare metal ( mill finish ), a classic saucer shape 35 feet wide with a slight green glow surrounding it (like a sci-fi shield representation or ball of light or plasma) except for the very bottom. A little ball on the bottom had a red glow surrounding it exactly like the corona from Tesla coils. The bottom of the disk wasn't all one piece; it was in 3 parts: outer rim, hollow concave open bottom, and a half ball or sphere in middle. This ball was bright, deep red and was emitting light. It hurt to look at it for very long because it would leave a blind spot in your eye like looking at sun for a second and getting a blind zone. It moved too fast for us to see with the eye , but we could follow the red glow as it trailed, like a small tail of ionized air behind and below the craft. It moved 3 times; 4 if you count it moving over us.When it moved it did not turn in the direction it went before it went there. It made a hard XYZ movement. You couldn't follow this thing; one second it's there and the next second its over there! We could follow the trail as it took a second or two to catch up to craft.That was really interesting --- at first.

Beam :

It was like a spot light or pillar of light, because of its static. I can explain it like static on a TV screen , moving dots, also like laser light with dust particles in it, but this looked different like "long dust or long spots" like "short lines" of static in the light.The light both paralyzes and lifts up "things" to ship off ground in mid air .

Cow :

What happens is the DISK hovers over the cow, then a beam of laser like white light comes down. I say laser because the light didn't fan out, it was like a spotlight or pillar of light, also because of its static. I can explain it like static on a TV screen , moving dots, also like laser light with dust particles in it, but this looked different like "long dust or long spots" like "short lines" of static in the light. -- words really escape the description but its the best I can do. The light both paralyzes and lifts up the cow half way up to ship "off " ground in mid air.( The cow looked humorous as its position was as when they save a cow or horse from a helicopter when they put that band around the animal to pull it up and gravity makes the ass end go towards ground while head goes up and the front legs hang in air in front of itself almost standing position)(The cow is mostly silent, but gives one quick moo.)

After the cow was in the air we saw a glow of white from the bottom of craft/DISK ( the bottom of disk wasn't all one piece; it was in three parts, outer rim, hollow concave open bottom, and a half ball or sphere in middle, this ball was bright deep red emitting light). The tentacle unfolds out like a bird's leg would come down and unfold. ( like this -- /\/\/\/\/ -- but vertical, it came from up inside and all around the concave hollow space I described. The tentacle would be 12-15 feet if fully extended). This robotic, metallic, glowing white ,electrified, tentacle or noodle.(looks like this)http://jlnlabs.imars.com/plasma/html/s_gdp.htm Then it wraps around the cow hovering in mid air going from under it, up and around the cow like a boa constrictor (serpent).When it tightened its grip I heard and saw the electricity coming off its tip and cutting up the cow's face !!!! I saw electricity as well, coming from the tentacle's surface itself. The cow started screaming but wasn't kicking or moving much but constant SCREEEEEEEAMING SCREEEEEEEAMING ! It was horrible!(This is where we approached the UFO to DO SOMETHING to stop this. Bad idea!)We also could hear a rushing sound and saw the tentacle kick like a vacuum hose and sucking/rushing noise like water through a hose noise. It kept moving around with precision from face to stomach area to anus! It was touching the cow in multiple areas on the tentacle but instead of suction cups it had tools on it in about three places. The whole thing was segmented like a worm and emitting light.---An alien electric straw?
We started jumping up and down in excitement as to what we were witnessing. Then, because the cow kept screaming, we walked over to it to help it by instinct not even considering what was above it. We unwittingly attracted the attention of the craft and it unleashed / loosened a tentacle, shut off the beam, and dropped the cow. A few seconds later it was over us! ( it moves so fast your eyes can't follow it) - It hovered over us and turned on the beam!The beam that was just used on the cow was now on us!

------ Now pause here and insert yourself in our shoes for a moment.------ You just saw it lift up a cow with beam and cut it up alive, and obviously the cow felt every bit of it.------ Now "YOU" are IN the beam or in other words "YOU ARE NOW THE COW" !------ That should put you in our frame of mind, at that moment. This wasn't funny or crazy anymore.

We could not look up at the disk above us as we were both paralyzed physically in this beam .We could scream. though, and both of our hands were touching the car here; if I could have got in I would have, believe me! But we could scream and we did ! As loud as we could ! In unison we screamed like people on roller-coasters; we screamed the same in response to a hill as well as in unison without trying to.The light beam looked like white laser light. You could see particles of a sort in the light , like thick light.

We felt a slight tingle of the skin more inside and under the skin than outside and we felt lighter, "floaty", less heavy, but uncomfortable and frozen. The light did not blind us either as we looked straight at each other whole time and could see each other lift up off the ground.

Inside the Craft :

I awoke in this craft with my friend lying beside me, We were on two clear tables- two feet by five feet (sorry no probes - LOL) and were paralyzed from the neck down. We were inside a round all-white room. It had drawers or square rectangles along every part of the walls. The drawers were not uniform in appearance; there was a big one, then two little ones, etc. They looked like man-made molded plastic. There was a window all around, five inches or so at the top. The ceiling was plain and white. I don't remember the floor well, I think it was smooth and plain white also. We saw two 4.5 foot lizard-like beings, big bi-pedal, earth-like intelligent reptiles. The lighting inside was not very bright, and didn't look artificial; it looked like real sunlight at dusk even though there were no real windows. The window at the top went all around but had faded edges. The window faded into the wall; there was no defined edge.Outside the fake window we both saw tops of the pine trees so we assume we never went anywhere and if so not far from where we were originally. What is also strange is we could see tops of trees but the window was one to two feet above our heads as though a camera on the bottom of craft was showing a recreated image on a screen or fake window. The only part of the craft I did not see was directly behind me. I never thought to look the other way as I had more than enough to see and comprehend in FRONT of me! I did not see any seats, only our two beds.

Clothes :

They wore collarless one piece (tight but not skin tight) jump suits. They were like silver foil clothes, metallic and flexible, with a diamond cross pattern like a sun shield for a car or an emergency fire blanket. The suit stopped at their mid arms just like human shirts. It stopped at their upper thigh like shorts and there was a hole for their tail which went through. No shoes, no jewelry, only one device on their person. The scientist, the smoother pretty one, had what looked like a "clip board" of sorts in his left hand almost a half inch thick.As well as a doctors or scientists white coat with tails in back.

Chest Patch:

I saw a logo on their chests; I'm blurry on the exact way it was arranged, however the parts that were clear as follows: One red flying snake with bird feathers as wings (two white wings). The snake had stars in its curled tail in a triangle either black or blue, upside-down .There was a blue or black round circle around the triangle and flying serpent.

Appearance :

The scientist was pretty green like a tree snake, smooth light green and thinner than other one and slightly glossy. The soldier was rougher, darker brown, and bigger in muscle build, but shorter. Both were under five feet tall. I saw the eyes of the darker one up close; they were not big slits for pupils as you would think but more round like ours. They were slits and very pretty like a yellow starfish or star pattern as the iris surrounded by orange, then red, then browns. They did not speak nor any telepathic stuff but I could hear one of them breathe at times. They both had three foot tails, not dragging. They kept them three to five inches off ground at rest while standing. Their heads were like outdoor Florida lizards with a pointed snout, tiny teeth, and no visible hair. Their lips were like a lizard or snake.

Emotion and Conflict:

I felt like a deer that was just ran down by a helicopter who was immobilized, tagged and then released. My first feeling seeing them was to take control and be aggressive. I had no fear towards them. My impression of them felt like they were smart animals not "aliens per se" but then again the first and only aliens I've seen.

They showed emotions like us. They had the same facial expressions, mostly the same gestures, except for the lizard-like head nods and snorts.When I awoke I looked first at the soldier on my right. I say "soldier" because of his uniform and chest patch/insignia and of his stockier and darker appearance. I then looked left and saw the scientist on right. I say this as his uniform was the same but had a white overcoat like a doctor or scientist would wear with a tail on the back like a tuxedo tail, split in two. His little tail stuck through and tails of the coat went around it.
Then I looked at myself. to see if I was OK and if I were strapped down, since I was lying on a table.

Then I looked back at the soldier to see what he was looking at. He was viewing a screen like our TV screens but it was taller than wider, about 1.5 x 3 feet.Some kind of body tissue was the show, I assume it was my tissues. I was on "body TV".

Each one had a screen on either side of the room and both were focused in their work. I can also speculate that their hearing and peripheral vision was not as good as ours, because I, a human, would have seen the movement and heard me lift up my head at first for sure and it didn't have a clue. But I peeked at the screen a second too long and it sniffed the air then turned its head to me.( I speculate that it smelled me being awake somehow).

We were now locked in eye contact (the soldier and me). I got quickly off the table and proceeded to meet him halfway. It was was then the scientist saw me and looked fearful, shocked, and surprised. His eyes were wide at my approach towards their direction. (I'll speculate here that most people fear them as my friend with me did. I'm no macho man, but I had no fear of them, only a respect. I can only explain it this like this: If you see a sturdy breed of guard dog do you fear it in terror? Some do, most do not. Some can see them as pretty dogs and appreciate their appearance as pleasing to the eye, yet still have utter respect for them as they could rip your leg off at anytime they wish but they don't.You don't fear the dogs per se; you respect them. But don't you feel superior still? )

They communicated at this point to each other as I will describe: The soldier and scientist looked at each other. The soldier snorted through its nostrils twice and raised its eyebrows. The eyebrows had no hair, no hair on the body at all so I guess they are eye ridges. Then they gave an expression like "Move, do something quick now!, complete with arm movements. His expression towards me was not of fear like the other but of contempt and aggressiveness as we approached each other. (Like, "I'll take care of you, but cautious.")

He and I met in the middle. The scientist was to my left front side. We both assumed the fighting position with both arms and hands upward guarding the face and spreading apart of legs slightly. The hands were open for him, closed in a fist for me.We then stared at each other locked in eye contact for about 4 seconds. ( like you would size up an opponent)

I felt I could handle the guy and felt I had time to look over at my friend and wake him for assistance which I did. It only took a second to call his name and look over. Bad idea; as I was looking back at the soldier it swept me, taking my legs out from under me with its tail, knocking me down. For all intents and purposes it "suckered me", or "sucker punched" me with its tail as I saw it out of the corner of my eye looking back at him. I also saw its expression of glee or a feeling of pride. It seemed pleased that it got one over on me. It did not knock me out when I fell; the tail didn't even hurt, nor did the fall.

I went to get up fast and that's when the scientist came in from the side quickly and that's where I blacked out. My friend has told me what happened from this point as he woke up right as I was falling down. He said he woke up and saw the scientist doing something like touching me with something at which point I was immediately unconscious. He made no mention of needles, just a hand held device.

We never saw them leave; they just left us two humans standing near the original spot they took us from, but 12 to 15 feet away from where we were. The car doors that were open were now closed and we did not close them.

Communication :

They never spoke but one did make a breathing sound once like it smelled me, then a snort or a quick exhale/inhale as to me being awake. No telepathy or verbal communication, not even an attempt was made by myself or my friend or either of them to communicate. Just instinct , body language and al lot of eye contact (eye talking ?). These guys are very clever, intelligent, and prideful beings. They should not be taken lightly; they are armed and dangerous in my opinion.(For more detail see Emotion and Conflict)

End Result:

We went to the car and had no recollection of why we were standing there and why it was dark and why the car's doors were shut and why we were so far from the car. Then I remembered the UFO and asked my friend if he did. He said, "Yes", then he asked me if my leg was OK. I felt the back of my right leg and lifted up the pant leg: no pain, a little redness there. Then we remembered the lizards and the cow and all.. We looked over the fence where the cow was and, lo and behold, a dead cow! Then, this is strange to me but also funny, we both then remembered needing cigarettes, which is why we left the house in the first place. Soooooo we went right to the convenience store to get our nicotine fix. Please note we hadn't had a cigarette for a while, so we looked at the time and it had been nearly 2 hours since we left the house! When we got back our other friends, about six people, were there waiting for us as we apparently FORGOT THEIR CIGARETTES . They said "Where the have you been? We've been waiting for you for two hours! We slowly told them what we saw; they at first refused to believe us. When I said, " I've decided to call police to report it!" They then believed we were not joking around with them, but didn't want us to ruin the party.....And once they said "OK we believe you." they, my own friends, said, "This scares us. Let's talk about something else"......They totally wanted nothing to do with it...

We needless to say left in disgust and of shock from the lizards and our own friends' so-called support....

We did not report it to the police. We both feared a quarantine law, jail , or worse, not to mention the padded wall scenario.

Besides, what would I say to the police, "I saw a glowing beam-throwing UFO brutally kill a cow in mid air with a robotic electric tentacle of bovine death"?That I went toe to toe with a lizard dude with a white, silver suit and emblems on it? I will pass on that ...At the very least if I told my parents I would be in for some psychiatry or therapy whether I needed it or not .

The next few days went by and I found a triangular shape that looked like a burn mark on my back and inner thigh. My friend had marks too but in different places, I forget where..The next time I went to that house was the following weekend, as I went every weekend to spend the night at his house in Kissimmee.(That's 10 minutes from "Disney World" here in Florida). The sister said " Hey, my neighbors want to ask you some questions and so does the sheriff; they found a dead mutilated cow that night; you were right. I said, " I know I was right. I saw it that night before and after ! Now do you believe me!?!"She said, "Yes", then asked "Well, should I give them your number?" and I said "Hell no, uh uh, no way!" And that was the last time we EVER talked about it...Nobody else from then on knew this, not even my mother or father or family friends.

I ran into my friend with whom I had been abducted a few years later and we roomed together for three months till he could find his own place. This is when we decided to talk about it again and we really talked this time.Which has led me here.....

If you think I'm crazy, I don't blame you. I'm not writing this to convince anybody but I would like anyone with a REAL similar experience to share info with, I don't mind questions or critique, however and if you want to know more just ask - flying_serpents@yahoo.com

To skeptics I say this:I will gladly take a lie detector test or whatever if you pay for it if I pass!I will NOW gladly help to gather proof of cows death from farmers and sheriff.I do not wish to "go public" in the media.I have never been hypnotized.I DO want an MRI or CAT SCAN done to see if implants are true and present. (this really scares me)


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