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Sunday, June 26, 2005

El Yunque Forest

"El Yunque" is a rain forest located at the South side of the island of Puerto Rico, towards the end of the central mountain range. This rain forest has been visited for many years by tourists from different places of the world for its picturesque and beautiful mountains, natural resources, and huge old trees.

Also El Yunque is being "visited" by unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrials. Residents and neighbors of El Yunque, from all different ages, religion, beliefs, education and professions have testified seeing UFOs overflying or entering this place. As a matter of fact, this place is just one of the many places throughout Puerto Rico where people have stated seeing these strange objects. Because of the many testimonies that have been reported in relation to this strange phenomenon serious investigations are actually taking place. Scientific groups from all around the world have traveled here to observe and investigate these UFO sightings. Puerto Rico is one of the most visited places by UFOs in the world.

There are different explanations and theories seeking answers to many questions that have arisen because of these sightings. One of the many explanations given by UFOoligists is the El Yunque is a UFO base of a Geomagnetic Radiation Center. For other investigators, such sightings occur mostly at this place because El Yunque is located at the South side from the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. And finally, for parapsychology and occultism investigators, El Yunque is an excellent location for paranormal activities to take place. Meanwhile, others refer to say that this place has some certain special energy or telluric energy that these spaceships take advantage of for their specific "purposes."

The experience that I am about to narrate is just one of the most amazing UFO encounter experiences. The same took place here, in El Yunque.

In February 1988, a group of persons and neighbors, residents of this area, heard a loud strange, whistle sound. When they ran to see what it was they saw a huge UFO. The description that they gave of this UFO was that it was approximately 75 meters diameter, round and the color of its metal construction seemed to be white-grey and it emitted green, blue and white bright lights. The witnesses of such an extraordinary event keep track of the UFO and saw how it impacted and crashed against a mountain causing a great explosion. The explosion was of such great magnitude that these witnesses state that the same must have been heard miles away.
At dawn the next day there were helicopters overflying the place where the UFO incident occurred. Governmental militant personnel were rapidly stationed at the place seeing that all investigation and information was to be kept "top secret."

This incident was videotaped the next morning by a local news television station. When the moment came to transmit the videotape on the television news, there was abrupt silence: the personnel from the news station informed the public that "the videotape had mysteriously disappeared!"

During the following months curious spectators, who surround the place carefully observed that the land where the UFO had crashed was arid and the vegetation ceased growing. This incident is well known by the UFO investigators here in Puerto Rico.

More recently a governmental document, denying all information in relation to this incident, was published. The sole purpose of such article was to confuse the general public as to whether what had been reported of this UFO incident really occurred or rather was just simply "false" information. Also, its purpose was to ridicule the witnesses who testified about what they saw. But ironically, as life can sometimes be, this same document came from the "Civil Defense State Agency offices of Puerto Rico" where its Director, Colonel Jose' M. Nolla, also forwarded an official guideline to his agency with specific instructions on "how to proceed to investigate this phenomenon!!!" Also, Colonel Nolla has been known for many years to be the "connection" between Puerto Rico and the Civil Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States, which is the parallel central intelligence agency as to a militant level.

There is one truth that cannot be denied: these strange "visits" are not fantasies created by "mankind" and extraterrestrials DO LIVE AMONG ALL US
Cordially,Willie Durand Urbina.Excerpted from The Missing Link magazine, November 1992

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