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Thursday, September 29, 2005


From Contactos Extraterrestres, a UFO Magazine published in Mexico City.

FIRST CASE: I think that my reliability will be demonstrated if I tell you that I am a professional man (doctor) 45 years of age and 22 years practicing my profession.
In April of 1976 when I was coming through the state of Nayarit on the way back to Guadalajara with my wife and four children (Nayarit is northwest of Guadalajara: this route could indicate that they were returning from the Pacific resort city of Mazatlan), at about six in the afternoon, and when we passed in the vicinity of Ceboruc Volcan (10 km (6 miles) NW of Ahuacatlan), one of my children (a son) exclaimed "Daddy, look what's on the hill!" I looked there and stopped the car. It was an enormous disc, dull orange in color, which emitted a certain iridescence. We saw it for about two minutes, after which it rose gently over the hill and moved away toward the South in a dizzying manner, losing itself on the horizon in a few seconds. In addition to my family and me, there were other witnesses, several drivers who stopped to see the spectacle.

As there are people reluctant to accept the presence of UFOs, I have related this event only to my friends. I am now informing you of it for the purpose of receiving an answer that may tell me if it might have something to do with the case I will next relate.

SECOND CASE: I am a general practitioner in the city of Guadalajara. Well, then on October 28, 1976 (a Thursday), I attended to my patients as usual. At 12 noon I was ready to finish, when the last patient came in, who attracted my attention very much. It was a person about 50 years old, of very white skin, almost totally bald, grayish-blue eyes, a penetrating look, and of a genial nature.

I did not hear him when he entered the waiting room, but I saw him paging through a magazine when I opened the door to say good-bye to another patient. When I looked at him he got up and I could see he was very short, about 1.50 m, (4' 11"). With a high-pitched voice he told me, "I want you to give me a checkup"; I told him I would. I proceeded with the checkup and was baffled by his perfect health; his vital signs and his reflexes were surprisingly normal. He was hairless except for his face, where he had a very fine fuzz; on the rest of his body his skin was as smooth and delicate as that of a robust baby of six months. Upon noting this to him, he told me, "I have always led a very healthy life, without any excesses, and have cultivated mental control for a long time. I have not gone to the doctor for a long time."

I almost fainted when I learned his age: 85 years! He noticed my perplexity and told me, "I am not from here, and don't ask me where I am from, because I can't tell you. My name is Llop Zamiet. (In Spanish, the "ll," a letter of its own, is pronounced like "y," which is the more usual rendering of that sound.) There are more planets in this solar system that have not yet been discovered; several such as I are distributed throughout the world trying to enter into contact with conscientious (or reliable) people who are disposed to help us make known our presence without causing any fear. We want to help improve the general conditions of development on Earth and avoid the evils that can lead you to chaos.

"Listen carefully to the message I am going to give you, pay attention: God exists as a creative being; matter does not exist in itself; there is a single universal current from which everything else emanates from the microcosmos to the macrocosmos. This current is ELECTRICITY.
Dr. Leopoldo Diaz Martinez
We greatly appreciate your kind words. With respect to the two cases in which you found yourself involved, we consider them very interesting, which is why we are publishing them, but it is very difficult to establish a possible relationship between them.
Ariel Rosals, Editor of Contactos Extraterrestres


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