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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


We all want answers and we get them, but are they true answers? I have been reflecting on the various answers we are getting from varied sources telling us who the visitors are, where they come from, and why they are here. A book was sent to me titled "Allies of Humanity" which purports to answer these questions, and does so with some intelligence, but caution is in order as these answers were given via telepathy, a channel of communication that is imperfect for homo sapiens. This book tells us that those who land on earth represent various collectives of merchants from alliances formed among different species and that our real allies do not land here on earth. After reading several chapters I received the distinct impression that it is written with an underlying tone of fear and, at least in one place, is based on unsupported and probably erroneous information. Years ago, the answer was that all our visitors were friendly and more evolved socially and spiritually than earth humans, but were human themselves and allied themselves into "federations" or "confederations" which came to warn us of our wayward ways. After the abduction pehnomena became widely known, the aliens were said to be violating human rights and abducting people for selfish purposes that involved a program in genetic modification.

On the wilder side, as news of Reptilian aliens spread, stories turned dark in a hurry and we were now being raised for food for hungry aliens with teeth. Others are sure that our world is being gutted for its plentiful resources.(which are not so plentiful these days).

Then with Meier we have a return to the benevolent humans and their spiritual philosophies which are aimed at getting us back on track if we are to survive and not blow ourselves to smithereens.

The insiders who work inside of black programs dealing with alien technology say they do not believe in abductions and there is no briefing on them within their community, but say "our friends" donated a craft or two for us to learn their technology.

Some do not think that the aliens are from other worlds at all. Some do not think that any alien spacecraft crashed and were recovered by military teams.

In other words, we now have a great deal of confusion in the absence of first-hand knowledge, but we are still eager to have some answers instead of being hung with a mystery. There is a way to start sorting out all the ideas and start finding the actual truth, but it takes work, perserverance, and courage to move ahead in our research and investigation while parking all these answers aside to be re-evaluated after more facts are collected and analyzed.

Sincerely, Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research
"I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible." Fred Hoyle


In this same light, yesterday I ordered from Amazon a book a friend told me about by Preston Dennett titled "UFO Healings". He has gathered case histories of persons who were healed by beneficial aliens.

Jorge Martin, researcher in Puerto Rico told me that all of the contacts in Puerto Rico have been beneficial with many healings.

Dr. Valery Uvarov from St. Petersburg, Russia said that many healings take place when persons are contacted there.

Elizabeth Klarer fell in love with an alien, was taken to his planet and had his son. This planet was beautiful, peaceful and perfect. Sadly she could not stay there because of the frequency of the planet did not match the frequency of her heart.


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