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Friday, October 28, 2005


By Leneesa

In the last years we have been inundated with information pertaining to the "negative Greys." It is my contention that this information has been purposefully slanted. There have been many instances of healings that have never been revealed to the public. In this article I will tell you a few.

The most famous case we have in our files was related in a previous blog, The Helene Charbonneau case. Helene was healed of advanced pancreatic cancer as an adult by the "visitors."

Before that, as a little girl she was healed of tuberculosis of the spine. That took place in a Catholic shrine in Quebec. Who can really say who the perpetrator was. At the time she was 9 years old and walked with the aid of braces.

When she was healed a bolt of electricity went through her from head to toe causing her to jump up out of her seat. She knew she was completely well at that moment.

In 1985 Helene was in a car wreck where she broke some vertebrae in her back. The doctors inserted metal rods in her back. A chip of bone rested on her spine resulting in excruciating pain which could only be lessened by huge doses of pain killers. The pain killers caused another adverse condition. In 1989 Helene was again healed by her contacts. They also removed the bone chip.

Paris Colorado became very ill in 1984. X-rays could not determine the cause but the symptoms all pointed toward Gallstones. Finally the doctor decided to take his gallbladder out. When they took X-rays they found the scars from an operation on his stomach for ulcers! The doctor asked him when he was operated on and he said never! (that he remembered!)

His eyes were examined and they found scar tissue from an injury, one he was not aware of!

One of the Associate Directors in the UFOCCI in New Jersey was asked when she had her ear operated on. She never had.

A regular member of our group suffered from acute arthritis. During a contact experience a rod of "light" was shoved through her shoulder. Since that day the arthritis in her shoulder has disappeared.

In South America in the 50's a young girl was dying of cancer. The family were gathered around the bed waiting the final moment. All of a sudden several aliens came right through the window. They carried a strange instrument which they placed on the girls abdomen. When they did a light came on and you could see everything on the inside of the girl. One of the aliens gave five pills to the father and instructed him to give the girl one a day. The father followed the instructions and the girl was totally healed.

In Italy a few years ago a healing took place in a hospital which was observed on the monitor in the nurses station. A tape was made of three aliens coming into the hospital carrying an instrument. They wore light blue iridescent suits that looked like "fish scales." Light emitted from beneath their arms and between their legs.

They entered the room of a dying man who also had cancer. They ran the instrument up and down his body and he was completely healed.

This is probably the only case where a picture was taken of the aliens. This case was being written up by Wendelle Stevens. Perhaps he will tell us more about this case.

One of our abductees in Seattle had a huge lump in the hollow of her collarbone. It appeared to make her shoulder and arm go numb. Finally in desperation she submitted to a die test. Just going through this test resulted in convulsions, abnormal low temperature, then abnormally high temperature. As the instrument snaked through her arteries they found her artery was completely abnormal and went around her liver and curled back and around it where the doctor had never seen one before. In the artery was a solid object! All of the doctors in the hospital came rushing to observe this abnormality. At this point she felt she was going to die if she didn't get out of there. She demanded they remove the instrument stating she was leaving. They said no way can you get up off this table and leave. She did!

Who knows the reason for the object being placed in her artery and by whom? This case had so many physical anomalies.

Another person in our Seattle group had blood clots which broke off and entered the heart and lungs resulting in a near death experience. This was the fourth hospitalization. The percipient found himself above his body. The room filled with a blue light. He said, "I am not ready to go back." At that point he was back in his body. He was completely healed and all the blood clots were gone.

This was the second time the blue light came to him. The first time was when he decided there was nothing more to live for. He had started to go out the door to his car to end it all and the light appeared. After that he had a complete turn around in his thinking.

A lady that lives in Los Angeles told about an experience she had when she was 12 years old. She was born with a congenital heart defect. One side of her heart was huge and the other small. Her brother had died from the same condition. The doctors insisted she have an open heart surgery to correct the condition.

One night she had a dream that a man had came to her and did something to her chest to the point she felt like he was crushing her. The next morning she woke up with such pain she was rushed to the hospital. When she was X-rayed the heart was healed and totally normal.

Later when she was an adult she went to a chiropractor for an adjustment. He took X-rays and could see where surgery had been performed on her discs. He asked her when she had the surgery done and she said never! There was also a small scar on her lower spine she was not aware of until that time.

Viktor Kostrykin in Russia had a very bad heart which had given him problems over the years. When he was contacted and taken aboard a UFO one of the aliens came to him with black gloves on. He reached through his clothes and into his chest cavity and massaged his heart. Viktor screamed but when the alien withdrew his hand his heart was completely healed.

Another past member in our group had scars behind each ear. They are in the crease of the ear and look like her ears have been surgically removed. Now she wonders what caused the scars because on contemplating when she was 18 months old she had severe respiratory infections. The doctor decided to take tonsils out. She had an immediate recovery, no more infections. The location of the scars for biological engineering does not make sense. Now she wonders if the ETs did something to rectify her condition because there is no visible reason for the scars.

The above cases are just a few of the overall picture. I think we do not realize, nor can we understand, what the total picture about the Greys or aliens involve. Will we ever?


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