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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Hi Brian,

I have been compelled to write you after reading some of the abduction stories on your site. The story "Unusual Markings Show Up On Israeli UFO Investigator" struck a chord with me, as well as a few others. A month ago, I had the same type of marks show up on my left elbow. They were almost in the exact same place as shown in the picture of the Israeli UFO Investigator. There were three small raised dots that formed an isosceles triangle.

They lasted for about a month. In the mean time, I've had plenty of mosquito, ant and chigger bites come and go. (I spend a lot of time outdoors.) All but one of the dots has healed, but there are little freckles where the other dots had been. I would probably just brush this off as coincidence if it wasn't for the fact that I've had several abduction dreams over the last few years. One occurred last month around the time these marks appeared.

Let me give you some background on the dreams. These dreams I've had involving aliens are very vivid. Unlike most dreams I have, the normal ones which quickly fade away as the day goes by, I can remember these "alien encounter" dreams as if they were actual real life events. One happened years ago but I can recall it as if it "happened" yesterday. I guess what I am getting at is these dreams don't seem like dreams at all. They are almost more vivid than things that "really" happened a few days ago.

Dream #1 (2 years ago, 6/02)

I was at a beach house with several people. It was dark out, the night was clear. While looking at the waves from a screened porch I saw a golden orb the size of a car fly into my field of view. It came from out in the darkness of the ocean to my left, maybe 500 feet over the water. It came about 100 yards from shore, swooping down about 10 feet above the waves. I remember seeing the golden light reflecting on the water. It took off to my right, back out into the darkness without a sound. I remember thinking how graceful an arc the craft had just taken and how it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

Next, I heard the sound of someone excited/surprised coming from outside. I opened the screen door and stepped down three wooden steps. I saw a friend (not sure who) and a "tall blonde", 5 feet tall, skinny, possibly silver clothes, whitish skin with big black eyes. I felt the need to communicate. I had my hands down by my side, palms facing forward in the least threatening posture, showing my hands were empty. I didn't want them to harm my friend and wanted them to know we were friendly and curious. Next thing I know, I was laying on my back in the grass. I don't know how I went from standing to laying down. I couldn't move but I wasn't scared. I remember the alien looking over me, his face was only about a foot from mine. He looked peaceful and interested. When I awoke, I was amazed. I wasn't scared, it was more like a WOW! feeling, butterflies in my stomach etc... It has been two years and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I just wrote this quickly off the top of my head.

(One thing I've noticed from this and other dreams is that aliens smell very strange. It is hard to put a smell into words, but I'll try... repulsive, acidic, musky, overwhelming. I did not like it at all. It is nothing like I have ever smelled, so it is hard to compare it to something else. Why do I remember smells from a "dream"?)

Dream #2 (6 months ago, 1/04)

I was outside next to my apartment. I looked up in the sky to see a geometric craft, roughly triangular, with the top of the craft having strange "stealth bomber" geometry. The craft was mostly white, maybe a silver underside. The skin of the craft was very detailed. It descended to 10 feet over me. It then proceeded to beam a bright light down onto the top of my head. It got very hot, but not a burning sensation, more electrical. I was starting to panic when something calmed me down and reassured me I would not be harmed. Everything became pure white and I woke up. My alarm had gone off but I slept through it. Very unusual for me. The next day I went outside to the spot were the event happened. I'd never stood in that spot before but the view was exactly what I'd seen in my dream. I got a little freaked.

Dream #3 & #4 (6 months ago, 12/03)

Twice within a few weeks I had choking dreams. The first woke me up in the middle of the night a little panicked. It felt like I'd had something down my throat. After a glass of water I was back in bed and didn't think much of it. A week later I woke up choking. Again I felt like I'd had tubes down my throat. My throat was raw and it was hard to swallow. My heart was beating out of my chest. I was scared to death of something in my apartment, more scared than I can ever remember being. (I'm not the type of person who scares easily.) It took a good 10 minutes to get the courage to get out of bed. I finally went into the bathroom to get some water. I could barely bring myself to turn on the light, in fear that something would be looking over my shoulder. After I got the bathroom light on, I started to calm down, but was still quite shaken. I am not sure what I was so scared of, all I can remember is a quick flash of a weird blank face. (I just got chills when I typed that.)

Dream #5 (last month about the time the mark appeared, 5/04)

Me, my mother and grandmother were on a dock that was on a small lake. It was almost totally dark outside, but clear with stars. I looked up and saw a redish/whitish UFO a few hundred feet above. It was morphing, changing shape but would always return to being a round sphere inside a circular ring. We made some comments about it, like "Is that what I think it is?", etc... Then I noticed two or three creatures coming towards us down the dock. They were three feet tall, almost as wide as they were high, with dark robe-like clothes and dark mask-like faces. They were trying to grab us with stubby fingers. I kicked a few into the lake. They didn't seem to like the water. I felt bad, but they shouldn't scare people like that. Everything else after this is unclear, but we were possibly taken somewhere by these creeps. When I awoke, I had slept through my alarm and was almost late for work.

Dream #6 (last week 6/04)

This one is a little vague, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I had been taken somewhere (a white foggy room?) and many people or beings were teaching me things. They were telling me I was on some kind of mission or assignment. It was important and a little creepy, as if I didn't totally agree with their purpose, but understood that it was necessary. There was something else that was to be revealed to me at a later date. I had many questions, I wanted to know more, but they only told me what they wanted me to know. Like I said, all this is kind of vague. This wasn't nearly as vivid as the other dreams, but I did wake intensely curious as to what I was told. I am frustrated that I can't remember more.

One last thing I'd like to add...

I have seen a UFO outside of my dreams. I was driving my car to work one morning about 9 months ago. I looked up to see a silver orb moving slowly over the top of a thunderhead. It was not a plane, as I saw about five planes that morning. It was silver, oval shaped, and not moving fast enough to be a winged craft. It was about at 15,000 feet and was bigger than a DC-10. It was heading slowly north then changed and headed slowly south. The sighting lasted about 30 seconds before it vanished behind the clouds. Since the sighting didn't last long, I can't say for sure what I had seen, but it wasn't a plane or a balloon.

I don't know if all this amounts to anything or if I just have an over-active imagination. Thanks for listening. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

Thank you to the person for the report.
Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research


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